Gainsborough Greens

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Gainsborough Greens Golf Club, on the northern edge of Queensland’s Gold Coast, may not be listed amongst the high-end golf courses in the South East Queensland golfing mecca but there is little doubt it offers some of the best value for money.

Course Reviews

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    Hunter Valley Golf
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 29 Jan 2007 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    First impressions are everything aren't they? And after playing the first two or three holes at the new Hunter Valley Golf & Country Club, your first impressions would be of... Read more »

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    Magenta Shores
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 07 Dec 2006 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    Is there anything worse than the sound of rain on a Sunday morning? Especially when you've lined up golf at one of NSW's most eagerly awaited new private courses? The... Read more »

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    Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 10 Jul 2006 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    Bunkers. If ever one word summed up your initial memories of a golf club, for Troon's new development at Twin Creeks, "bunkers" is that word. From your first view of... Read more »

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    Kooindah Waters Golf Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 29 May 2006 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    For the nomadic golfer, getting a decent game of golf in Sydney at weekends these days can be a real struggle. The best courses are awash with members fighting out... Read more »

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    St. Michael's Golf Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 15 May 2006 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    There are two things you need to know if you've never visited St. Michael's golf club in Little Bay, in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Firstly, it really is "less than a... Read more »

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    Kennedy Bay Golf Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 20 Mar 2006 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    The Golf Club, Kennedy Bay was a bold project undertaken by Golf Club Properties Limited many years ago. A collaborative design effort from Ian Baker-Finch, Michael Coate and the late... Read more »

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    Kingston SE Golf Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 20 Feb 2006 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    Away from the leased BMW's and over equipped bank-owned fishing boats of Robe, lies the more restrained southern port town of Kingston SE. The suffix is to separate it from... Read more »

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    Hidden Valley Golf Course
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 22 Dec 2005 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    Hidden Valley is part of a sprawling regional estate between Wallan and Kilmore just off the Hume Highway near Melbourne, and no doubt looks to the example of the US... Read more »

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    The Cut Golf Course
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 25 Oct 2005 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    The last few years have provided a plethora of new courses for golfers throughout Australia to enjoy. It seems these things come in waves. The much-celebrated golden age of design... Read more »

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    Sandhurst Golf Club (North)
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 18 Sep 2005 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    In a long line of new courses built on the outer edge of suburban Melbourne, the Sandhurst Club, located approximately 35 kilometres south-east of the Melbourne CBD, is another creation... Read more »

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    Sanctuary Lakes Resort
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 14 Mar 2005 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    Real estate has long been a feature of golf course development with one of the most perfect golf estates being the Wentworth Club just south of London. Beautiful houses lie... Read more »

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    Kingston Heath Golf Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 10 Dec 2004 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    Kingston Heath is almost universally regarded as the second best course in the country but the smaller and flatter property demanded it would be a much different proposition than Royal... Read more »

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    Barnbougle Dunes
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 25 Oct 2004 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    There have been a number of highly touted courses open in Australia in the past decade but none have threatened the pre-eminence of our leading courses Royal Melbourne, Kingston Heath,... Read more »

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    Royal Adelaide Golf Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 28 Sep 2004 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    For a course so famous and highly rated the first impression of Royal Adelaide is usually one of bemusement. How could such a seemingly flat piece of ground with a... Read more »

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    North Lakes Resort Golf Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 06 Sep 2004 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    Looking back now, it is hard to believe that it took some convincing for the original developers of the North Lakes project, north of Brisbane, that a golf course would... Read more »

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    New South Wales Golf Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 20 Aug 2004 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    If exhilaration is what you want then there is no better course in Australia to satisfy a yearning for golfing thrills than The New South Wales Golf Club at La... Read more »

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    Royal Melbourne Golf Club (West)
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 17 Nov 2003 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    The West Course at Royal Melbourne is the one truly great course in Australia. It is a course to rival the best in the world and it owes its position... Read more »

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    The Vintage Golf Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 15 Mar 2003 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    Every once in a while you get to play a golf course that lives up to its reputation. Most of the time, at least from my experience, courses have a... Read more »

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    The Vines Resort & Country Club (Ellenbrook)
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 24 Jun 2002 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    So named, because of its relationship with the adjacent wine growing region of the Swan Valley, the Vines Resort has positioned itself as one of the leading golf and residential... Read more »

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    Brookwater Golf & Country Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 10 May 2002 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    It has been nearly thirty years since the Brisbane region has had a new high-end golf course, but if what I experienced the first time I played eighteen holes at... Read more »

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    Clearwater Golf Resort
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 03 Apr 2002 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    Situated only five minutes from the Christchurch airport and twenty minutes from the CBD of Christchurch Clearwater Resort has opened to a blaze of publicity due in no small way... Read more »

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    Millbrook Golf Resort
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 03 Apr 2002 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    It is difficult to imagine a more idyllic setting for a golfing resort. If there is such a thing as a golfing paradise then the Millbrook Golf Resort in the... Read more »

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    Pelican Waters
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 11 Mar 2002 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    I arrived at Pelican Waters on Queensland's Sunshine Coast to play the course with preconceived ideas and thoughts. I agree one should not do that but hearsay and others opinions... Read more »

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    Bonville Golf Resort
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 29 Jan 2002 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    Far from the madding crowd is probably the best way to sum up Bonville International Golf Resort (BIGR). In actual fact you are not all that far from anywhere but... Read more »

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    Links Hope Island
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 18 Dec 2001 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    The Links at Hope Island was the first attempt in Queensland to create a golf course based on many of the features of the British links courses on a site... Read more »

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    Lakelands Golf Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 10 Nov 2001 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    One of several courses built during the Japanese golf course development frenzy on the Gold Coast in the late eighties and early nineties Lakelands has emerged as one of the... Read more »

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    The Glades Golf Club
    IN: Reviews | DATE: 01 Oct 2001 | RATED: Rate-5(5.0)

    The Glades Golf Course on Queensland's Gold Coast has already, in just nine short months since its opening, established itself as one of, if not the premiere golf course in... Read more »

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