Virginia Golf Club

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Situated on the north side of Brisbane, Virginia Golf Club features one of Brisbane’s most challenging golf courses. It is regarded by members as “The Course Of Champions” and previous Club Champions include major winners Greg Norman and Wayne Grady.

The Club’s rich history is set to continue in 2009 with Virginia being selected by Golf Australia to co-host the 2009 Australian Amateur Championship.

Aside from the championship course, the Club also has a separate 9 hole course which is a little easier and an ideal track for beginners.

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  • Name: Virginia Golf Club
  • Region: Brisbane, QLD
  • Address:
  • Directions: View Aerial Map »
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  • Proshop: (07) 3267 7057
  • Holes: 18
  • Metres: 6231m
  • Par: 72
1. pronebres | Rated | 21 May 2015 | Add A Review

Disappointed. I remember it being much better but yesterday we had sandy greens, patchy greens and GUR on fairways and greens. It’s also fairly boring, up and down holes beside each other. For the uninspired – not the course to play.

2. MadRazz | Rated | 12 Dec 2014 | Add A Review

Average layout with average fairways, greens had been cored recently but greens were very firm which made it tough. Very scorable short layout that is quite poor considering the amount of land available.


  • good club


  • layout

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3. HoInWan | Rated | 02 Feb 2014 | Add A Review

Good course with great greens! They same to be very consistent with their green maitenence….always smooth and quickish.

Dinky layout, some holes quite simple looking but back tees, pins and seabreeze can make this course a nightmare!

Overall, worth a game if in Brissy!


  • Greens
  • Pro Shop Staff


  • Simple layout
4. d_homersimpson | Rated | 01 Nov 2013 | Add A Review

Played Sunday 27th October and this course really is suffering from the current lack of rain. The fairway watering has kept the fairways in good condition but the rest of the course is looking very barren (this is not a criticism, just an observation).

Not an overly difficult course, very straight, wide fairways, not a lot of trouble. Almost hard to lose a ball. Very reminiscent of a country course, tall timber, if you spray a drive over to the adjacent fairway it’s very easy to make a recovery back.

Members can be a bit rude when they’re playing a comp, but I’ve found the majority of comptetion players think they God’s Gift to the golfing world.

A good hit for a lazy Sunday

5. dibratrat | Rated | 04 Oct 2013 | Add A Review

Played after 2pm for $25 and fit 18 in, fairways have vastly improved from when I last played here about 10 months ago, greens were smooth and fast.

6. winksie | Rated | 27 Aug 2013 | Add A Review

Played here last Sun morning and had a great time. The course was in very good condition and staff friendly. A course map on the scorecard would be handy as we took a few wrong turns getting from hole to hole. We played 1-18 but from what I saw of the back 9 (19 – 27) I don’t think it would be worth playing for a few dollars less. Will def be back to play again.

7. mjgail | Rated | 13 Aug 2013 | Add A Review

Virginia Golf Club yesterday was an exceptionally pleasant experience. When we rocked up to pay, the guy in the Pro Shop was very friendly and helpful (something Nudgee Golf Club could learn from), and we really felt like we were wanted out there. The course was then in fantastic condition. Wish my golf matched the rest of my experience, but when I am ready to become a member again, I can guarantee Virginia will be top of my list given my experience yesterday.


  • Friendly staff.
  • Great Course Condition.
  • Very reasonable price.

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8. Bigalf | Rated | 18 May 2013 | Add A Review

Played here yesterday for 2nd time this year. Course looking a treat. Greens just perfect. Broke 80 for the first time, just a perfect day!!!! No hold ups. Drinks cart girl and Pro Shop 10/10 for helpful service.

9. dibratrat | Rated | 14 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

Played today at a good price of 25 dollars for 18 after 12pm, pro shop was polite curteous and made you feel welcome.

Greens: Excellent condition some of the best I have played.
Fairways: Bare in some areas but due to be expected as it has been dry of recent times.

Will be back.


  • Greens A

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10. Bigalf | Rated | 03 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

Played Virginia Monday after nearby Nudgee couldn’t provide the carts we booked. Pro shop guy very accomodating despite it being a busy day. Greens are the best on the north side of bris. Fairways had a few bare spots, but otherwise course was great. Had a group claiming to be members push in in front of us midway through our back nine, wtf!!! Pretty disappointing seeing we paid full rate to play

11. thospisle | Rated | 28 Dec 2012 | Add A Review

Played again for 2nd time this month. Greens excellent, fairways good.Interesting but not inspiring. TOO SLOW. 5 hours 15 today, 5 hours 10 last time , they need to book less people or get a course marshall.

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12. Pistol | Rated | 10 Sep 2012 | Add A Review

Played the main course here yesterday, course was in excellent condition couple of bare patches on the fairways due to dry conditions recently, greens were very quick. Very flat, but has some interesting holes definitely worth playing.


  • Nice greens
  • Good fairways

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13. Ztroy | Rated | 11 Apr 2012 | Add A Review

The main course is in excellent condition. Provides some interesting holes but not enough to get to 4 stars.

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14. UrbanLegend | Rated | 12 Jan 2012 | Add A Review

Well I am biased here because I love the course.

I always try and get a round in at Virginia every school holidays.

Every time I have played the people I have played with have been fantastic. Whether they be older guys in their 60s and guys my age (in my 30s) they have been a pleasure to share of round of golf with and if I could justify it (can only play on school holidays) this is where I would become a member.

People in the pro shop are brilliant. Always take me out to show me who I am playing with (seeing I am a visitor) and helpful with any questions I have in regards to their stock.

The course I enjoy because you can spray a couple and not be penalised heavily by straying 5m off the fairway.

Greens, Fairways & bunkers always in great nick and I enjoy the course layout and the fact that Driver isn’t needed on every hole.

The walk is easy as the course is mainly flat but this doesn’t take away from the charm of the place.

I recommend this to all golfers as a course they should play at to check it out for themselves.

15. TIC | Rated | 17 Nov 2011 | Add A Review

Recently played for the first time and was very impressed. Nice course with lush fairways and greens. Played on a Sunday afternoon and did not have to wait in any capacity for people to play through.

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16. Hollympx | Rated | 19 Sep 2011 | Add A Review

This course is in great shape. Greens are excellent and a little fast. Fairways provide a fair bit of run. Very difficult to lose a ball. I would play here again anytime.

17. trsba | Rated | 26 Jun 2010 | Add A Review

Great Ambrose on a Friday. We shot 8 under and still lost by a few shots. Course of Champions in great nick. Green slightly fast. Trees spaced. Not a lot of OOB which is fair. Some water. Not a great number of bunkerss. Still a champion course similar to Indooroopilly Social course. Par 71


  • Nice layout, lots of par 4s.
  • Green great nick and large
  • U can't lose ur ball, unless u go water.
  • Nice fairways, club house and teeblocks, amenities


  • Par 71 is always odd.
18. MarcusCarcus | Rated | 18 May 2010 | Add A Review

good course, soft sand in bunkers,actually there is only one thing stopping me from returning to this course…mosquitos.
I have never been attacked by so many blood sucking insects anywhere ever before in my life. I almost needed a blood transfusion by the end of my round. There were so many you could kill 3 mosquitos with one slap. It was dissapointing that such a good course be tainted by such an annoying insect. They would be hovering around and biting as you would take your shot.
One of our group mentioned the mosquito problem to the bar staff and was curtly told to take it up with the local council.
Another member of our group said he applied insect repellant twice and it had no effect as the insects were seemingly tolerant of the repellant.

19. Rampage82 | Rated | 15 Jan 2010 | Add A Review

Played at Virginia Golf Club today,

Course was in Great condition, the greens where fast and true. The fairway are prefect, best on the northside of Brisbane, and the rough was deep, Must be around members comp cause pin positions where hard which made the game better (behind deep lip bunkers etc.) Will be playing there again very soon. Pro shop helper where great and the grounds men and women out there do a great job!

Must play course

20. brisbanedrive | Rated | 11 Jan 2010 | Add A Review

Played the course today and the course is in great condition. The fairways are green and fully grassed, whilst the greens are consistent, fast and in great condition. The course is a bit of a challenge, without being really difficult. It has doglegs in both directions and has some short par 4’s as well as long par 4’s. It has variations within the par 3’s and also has par 5’s which are reachable, as well as par 5’s that would not be reachable by the majority of golfers. The variations in holes is a feature.

Will definitely play here again.


  • variation of holes
  • condition of fairways
  • condition of greens
  • friendliness of staff

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21. Josh_Mars | Rated | 05 Jan 2010 | Add A Review

Loved this course.
Heaps of room in the car park even for a busy day. Golf pro was very helpful and friendly. From walking along the first fairway I could tell the course ( 1 – 18 ) is well maintained. The greens looked great and were fast. Im going to join for sure. Club house staff was friendly. I would rate it a 4 out of 5.

22. Basil_Brush | Rated | 07 Dec 2009 | Add A Review

Wow, huge difference between the 18 hole course (1 – 18, $40) and the 9 hole one (19 – 27, $18 /9 $30/18). Played the 19 – 27 and what a rip off. Course was incredibly dry and under challenging, greens were lumpy and poorly maintained. No course marshall for the slow groups walking in front while we had a cart of 2 players. I think this back 9 holes is used to help subsidise the main 18 course. On the ninth hole there is a practice hole to the right, where 3 beginners were learning, while I am looking for my ball on the right side of the fairway balls are landing within 10 feet of me from the beginners. Very poor form. I wont be going back, to an unchallenging and poorly managed course for that price.

The 18 might be a lot better and I cannot comment on that as have not played it yet. But if you are thinking about that back 9 (19 – 27) save your money.

23. mjgail | Rated | 02 May 2009 | Add A Review

Five stars all around – fairways, greens, rough, bunkers…you name it, the course was in wonderful shape. It was an absolute pleasure to play there yesterday. Not super challenging when you have a 460cc driver in your hands, but one of the better tests of golf I’ve had in Brisbane. Would love to play here every day of the week!!


  • Perfect Fairways
  • Smooth, Slick and Beautiful Greens
  • Lush rough

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24. fitto | Rated | 12 Dec 2008 | Add A Review

Played here this morning it is in really good condition and as someone has already said greens where perfect. Guessing the storms lately had no effect on the course, as there was no damage to see. Am looking to join a club i really think this will be the one, Great prices, Great staff what more do we all ask for in a course.


  • Staff where great
  • Greens in great condition
  • No storm damage or flooding
25. Golf4life | Rated | 06 Dec 2008 | Add A Review

virginia is a nice golf course which requires accurate shots to score well. The most difficult aspect of the course is probaly the winds that generate in the afternoon. As the course is quite longish, a 400m hole into the wind can be very difficult just to reach in 2 (17th). I have played at every golf in Brisbane expect for Indoorapilly, and i honestly believe the greens are the best or one of the best in brisbane. They run with consistency and good pace and are a pleasure to putt on them. I would probaly say the back 9 is a little easier to score, although only marginally. Practice facilities are also very good and provide a good start before you even reach the first tee. The greenstaff were very welcoming as I was looking for a new club in my bag. Bunkers are in normal conditions and fairway condition is standard. Some greens offer undulations and some significant slopes to overcome. Pace becomes a key role in making putts are virginia, as jamming putts into the back of the hole may sometimes levae you with a tricky 6 foot coming back. It is very flat, and very easy to walk. Some reviews have suggested each hole offers the same challenge. However is feel this is wrong, as the winds change direction every hole and can easily change each holes character.

26. Golf4life | Rated | 02 Aug 2008 | Add A Review

good course, fairways have large landing areas, although many holes require accurate iron play as not “perfect” shots may find trouble in some very tricky greenside bunkers. greens and not slow and roll extremly true. Pro shop are always very nice and welcoming. All in all very nice day

27. E2EK1EL | Rated | 13 Jul 2008 | Add A Review

Overpriced and boring course. $36.00 for 18holes, quiet a rip for what you get. Too confusing, so confusing in fact that you recieve a course map, and even that is difficult to understand. Didnt help either the booking was messed up so got to play the first hole. Then wait 20mins so a two competition groups could play on through, and cause of that didnt get to finish the course due to poor light.

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28. MDK | Rated | 12 Apr 2008 | Add A Review

pretty good course, the greens were consistent and green, probably some of the best as far as public courses go. it is a very flat course which makes some holes seem similar and repetitive; a flat lie is almost always found on the fairway which means the course doesn’t really offer any challenges unless hazards come into play. when i played, which was a while ago now, the course looked very dry, this is understandable though because it was during a drought. overall a good golfing experience, if a little uninteresting at times. would give it a 3.5 out of 5

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29. icestorm_77 | Rated | 18 Mar 2008 | Add A Review

I’ve been a member of this club for a while now and think it’s a solid test. The best part are the greens which are usually in great condition. They were lightening fast during last year’s pro-am. Most holes are fairly straight and the driving areas are forgiving but the course is made tougher by its length (6231m) and winds (which always seem to pop up around lunch time). The club has a relaxed atmosphere and most members are friendly and easy-going. The clubhouse had a recent refurbishment and there’s a nice terrace which overlooks the 18th green. All in all, it’s a great club and not bad value in terms of its membership and social player fees.

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30. barnsey7 | Rated | 06 Mar 2008 | Add A Review

played here few weeks ago.upon arrival we were told they had just cored the greens that week.understanding that this has 2 be done we decided 2 play on.end of the round we all agreed that the greens weren’t in 2 bad a shape.a bit bumpy but overall ok.can’t wait 2 go back in afew weeks and have another hit there.

31. realisticgolfer | Rated | 18 Feb 2008 | Add A Review

Went to the expo yesterday at virginia. Course looked in good condition. A bit flat like other reviews have said but I see the mounds and bunkers added for variety. Spoke to the staff on the putting green and they were very welcoming and helpful. Tried some clubs and had a good day. Will be back in the near future.

32. dmcla4 | Rated | 17 Feb 2008 | Add A Review

great greens, fairways in good nick, reasonable prices

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33. groomy | Rated | 19 Sep 2007 | Add A Review

Played here yesterday. i have to agree its a very forgiving, dullish course.I would say the greens were in very good condition though.You might get bored getting to the greens but you’ll enjoy putting on them.

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34. algolf | Rated | 16 Apr 2007 | Add A Review

I’m a member at another course in Brisbane, and wanted to play Virginia as I was considering moving to a different club. However, after only a few holes I wanted my $22.00 back (nine holes). First up, the staff in the pro-shop weren’t very welcoming. I walk to the tee and while I’m warming up, another group comes along and tee’s off without saying a word to me. I then played the 3 most boring golf holes I’ve ever played (10, 11 & 12). I get to the 13 tee only to find an additional group teeing off that hadn’t played the previous 3 holes. So, rude golfers, unwelcoming staff, & very boring golf. I certainly won’t be back, and now have a new appreciation for my current course.

35. DrDrift | Rated | 18 Jan 2007 | Add A Review

Played late last year with my social club.

Course is very flat with some boring scenery. Not a difficult course to play.

Overall experience 3/5...

36. terryyoungw | Rated | 20 Nov 2006 | Add A Review

Most times in good condition. Is a bit flat and uninteresting. The social 9 (19-27) is a 2 star.

37. motorola10 | Rated | 11 Nov 2006 | Add A Review

quite a flat course. suits the accurate iron player.

38. catchspencer | Rated | 24 Apr 2006 | Add A Review

Whilst a very nice course to play, I found it a little boring. A lot of the holes seem very much alike.

I am a very average golfer and I found it compartively easy to other courses due the lack of rough and no hills. In saying this, the par 3s are great as the sand traps surrounding the greens spell trouble for someone of my standard.

Fairways are in great shape, especially given the lack of rain and the greens are superb. A high quality course that is a easy walk due to there being no hills.

Frankly, other courses are more interesting, but I still enjoyed my round.

39. bpgolf | Rated | 07 Nov 2005 | Add A Review

This course is very green and lush and is suroiunded by beutiful trees and is a very long, tough track. I would recommend this course to any one.

40. parko23 | Rated | 12 Sep 2005 | Add A Review

Im just an average player and dont spend big to play so virgina is great only $20 for student to do the nine twice not sure about the full 18 as i dident play due to alot of players starting when i got there its a well designed course tho on the 9 hole course they need better direction to the tee off because there can be a bit of a walk in between holes more than other course i noticed other than that its a great course tho i felt wierd it is a rich yuppi joint tho i enjoyed it

41. bennyboi | Rated | 20 May 2005 | Add A Review

I have played this course many times and i think it is a great is long, it looks so green and greens are fast it has many large sand traps and water hazards adorn alot of the holes...even the proshop was a even has a b-e-au-t-ful clubhouse which was a pleasure to have a nice cold beer in. you have 2 play this one

42. thechief | Rated | 12 May 2004 | Add A Review

A good tough par 71 challenge. No one hole is the same and it offers a challenging decision on almost every tee. Must be straight off the tee to succeed around here.

43. golfermaniac | Rated | 09 Jun 2003 | Add A Review

Virginia G.C. is a 27 hole complex. It is the course where Greg Norman developed his love of the game by caddying for his mum. All 27 holes are of a parkland style with water coming into play on quite a few of them. The 18 hole course is a reasonable test for all handicaps and is well worth playing if you're in this neck of the woods. For those with less golfing skill, the 9 hole layout might be for you, for it is much shorter(2414m par34) than it's 18 hole counterpart and the beauty about it is, no bookings are required to play, just turn up any day of the week and you'll get a game.

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