Yarra Bend Golf Course

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The Yarra Bend Golf Course is situated in Yarra Bend Park, only 4 kms from the Melbourne CBD. The majestic Yarra River hugs the edges of this scenic course, providing picturesque views of the river and rocky cliffs.

Well known as one of Melbourne’s premier public courses for years, Yarra Bend features the highest quality greens and sculptured fairways. The course provides different levels of challenge to satisfy the avid golfer, whilst providing an enjoyable game for beginners.

A feature of the course are the par 3 holes. These holes provide an opportunity for you to quest for the perfect tee shot straight to the elevated greens. If you are short from the tee, an exciting up-and-down approach is needed to hit the green.

On the par 4 holes (2nd, 6th 12th and 15th), your drive will be over a small crest. Follow your ball down and see the hole open up to a sunken green, with a backdrop of steep escarpments, the river and bushland.

A fully stocked On-Course Pro Shop is located at Yarra Bend and offers a range of clubs, bags, clothing and other accessories for all golfers. At the Cafe you will find cappucinos, hot food, sandwiches, cold drinks and other snacks.


  • Name: Yarra Bend Golf Course
  • Region: Melbourne, VIC
  • Address: Yarra Bend Road
    Melbourne, 3078, Victoria, Australia
  • Directions: View Aerial Map »
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  • General: (03) 9481 3729
  • Holes: 18
  • Metres: 5538m
  • Par: 70
1. Richman3000 | Rated | 16 Jan 2015 | Add A Review

Public Course practically located.
Not the hardest course one could play. Bunkers need work.
Now for the experience…
3hrs 15mins for 9 holes before we walked off, no staff at the tee off, or out encouraging speed of play. When we brought it to their attention, they actually wanted to argue with us! They then went back to watching cricket.
I will never play this course again due to the obnoxious staff, whom hopefully soon recognise that they WORK IN A PRO SHOP!! It’s only a couple of dollars and KM more for a better round of golf on all accounts. Management hopefully to sort.

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2. Lukos87 | Rated | 13 Jan 2015 | Add A Review

Slow and bumpy greens, all bunkers gur, $$32 green fees for a pig of a course which is alway busy… Spend some money on getting the bunkers and greens up to scratch. I vowed to never play here again but the course discount book with 2 for one tricked me into it. I don’t really see a reason to go back here. Royal park is kept in better condition than this joke.

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3. BigGlenn | Rated | 06 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

Always a pleasure to play. Greens are in good nick. Tight fairways. slowish play. bunkers not so good. love location.

4. McFuzzlebutt | Rated | 06 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

Course plays really well now that the changes are complete and things have settled. Tee boxes are lumpy, divots & pitch-marks rarely repaired and the holes are rarely cut cleanly (prob due to high number of beginners & yahoo’s that play).

A good, fun course. Always enough to keep you entertained, but not what I would call challenging. I steered away from here for about 3 years given the pace of play (which would see me at 5-5.5 hrs!) and the drawn-out renovation. But the last couple of times I’ve played (admittedly toward the end of the day) have been fast-moving (around 4 hrs).

Unlike a previous post – I like that there’s a proper mini-golf being built. The training facilities are excellent and I can see how mini-golf will really help the kids get into the game. I personally will be bringing my 2 little-ones down often for some putt-putt!

Only downside is the staff. Rarely are they anything but dour, sour or blunt. It sets you off with the wrong mindset to your round which could explain some of the abuse the course gets – if the staff don’t care, why should you?


  • Pretty
  • Good variation
  • Great facilities
  • Great for beginners & juniors


  • Grumpy staff
  • Uneven tee-boxes
  • Players rarely repair divots & pitch-marks
5. Clintos | Rated | 11 Sep 2013 | Add A Review

Played Yarra Bend for the first time yesterday, a beautiful course with a great layout. A few of the par fours are a little short but there are a good number of doglegs and bunkers to keep you honest.

Course is in fairly good condition, was a little disappointed with condition of some of the greens but this is to be expected at a public course and especially on so busy (people fix your pitch marks!)

All in all a great day out and look forward to more rounds here in the future.

6. CrazyHawk | Rated | 04 Sep 2013 | Add A Review

Played mid week, so no worries about weekend waits, we had a dream run. Big changes to the layout since my last round there, really enjoyed it. The course was in good condition and has some beautiful holes and views, especially for a course so close to the city.

The course was in good condition, some bunkers a bit rough, but overall a very enjoyable round on a tricky course, really enjoyed it.


  • Beautiful views
  • Course in great condition
  • Some very challenging holes in the layout


  • Some bunkers a bit rough
7. abcrunk | Rated | 29 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

would have to agree with the last two posts.

heaps of learners and hacks, so you get groups leaving bags at the front of the green, slow play, bunkers not raked, divots not replaced.
they really jam you in. slow and frustrating on a weekend. they need a course marshall doing the rounds.

greens are littered with pitch marks and leaves.
most tee boxes are uneven and generally bad condition. bunkers are a joke: if you cant look after your bunkers dont put them in.

it has so much potential to be a really nice tricky little track.

i would expect a hell of a lot more for the price… wayyyyy to expensive.

i think the fact that they are putting in a mini putt next to the driving range speaks volumes.

8. bombers08 | Rated | 22 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

Course isn’t bad but the proshop needs to work a few things out.
Don’t even attempt to play on a weekend unless you have 6 hours free, can be dreadfully slow for a combination of reasons.
They usually have 4 or 5 people working at once, I’d suggest they make one of them stand on the first tee with a copy of the booking sheet, to ensure people tee off on time. Rather than stand around, having a chat. I’ve often been behind a group that basically waits until the group in front has putted out before teeing off.

That said, tee off times too tight and compounds the issue above.

Proshop also has little presence on the course, was behind a group a few weeks ago that had a two hole gap to the group in front.

Has some nice holes
2, 3, 7, 13, 13, 15, 16
But you can bomb away and make bogey at worst from most spots.

9. sbeier | Rated | 06 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

Played at Yarra bend on Saturday. If you have some 5 1/2 hours time to play a relatively "short" golf course, feel free to line up. If you like to wait on every hole some 15 minutes, then that’s your course. Honest, by far too many people on the course. The time between tee off’s should be at least 12 minutes. It’s a public golf course…..means a lot off learners, which is not the problem. The time between tee off’s is!!
The course is currently in a bad condition, very dry……too many leaves on the greens. Ones it was a nice little golf course. Hope one day it will be a nice golf course again.

10. FrontBunker | Rated | 03 Jan 2012 | Add A Review

Played here for the first time in almost 12 months on Thursday 29/12/2011. I have to say I was looking forward to playing here as I really enjoyed the course in the past but stopped playing it because last time I played, it took far too long. I had some serious concerns about how long it would take, and the condition of course following the Xmas Day deluge and hail storms.

I booked a foursome for a 7am tee off and was told it was back to back tee offs all morning and to please ensure we were on time or we’d lose our spot. This filled me with dread and I warned the Missus that I might not be back until well after lunch.

Well, I was really happy when I turned up at 6.45 and there was only about 10 cars in the car park. Walked into the pro shop and the guy said fire away whenever we’re ready.

It’s the first time in years that I’ve seen the course flow seamlessly. The group in front of us were moving at a good pace so we never had to wait more than a minute or so to hit our next shots, and the wait was rarely that long. It was great.

Course condition was fantastic with the exception of the bunkers which were pretty sketchy- the sand cover was inconsistent and what little sand there was, was rock hard. But I would say that was because of the recent rain. Definitely not bad enough to tarnish the day.

I enjoyed the fact that first thing in the morning the ground staff were doing little things like using a high powered leaf blower to move leafs off the fairways (had the added bonus of getting the dew off too), and trying to fix up the bunkers between players.

First time I’ve played the new 10th and nearly got an ace. One of the ground staff was working up near the green and when I walked up to knock my one foot putt in, he told me that it actually lipped out. Broke my heart!

Not sure that I’ll rush to play it on a weekend, but it seems to be a good option for a week day and has definitely improved on 12 months ago!

11. nuffert | Rated | 14 Oct 2011 | Add A Review

I’ll put a review here because it’s the start of the sunny season.

Played here a few times over the past few weeks and the course is continuing to improve. The new 10th is open, which means the shitty 13th has returned to a full length (par 4?) hole.
The fairways are starting to dry out from what it was like during winter (absolute bog). The greens are in very good nic, albeit slow.

The only gripe I have is that it can be very, very slow here. It wouldn’t be uncommon to take 5 hours on the weekend.

In addition the green fees have gone up to $34 on weekends and they require pre-payment.

12. Dan_Geroos | Rated | 19 Jun 2011 | Add A Review

First time at Yarra Bend today. Pleasant course in pretty good condition although very wet underfoot.


  • Near city
  • Good value for $20


  • Course under reconstruction s v muddy in places
13. Gezza123 | Rated | 07 Mar 2011 | Add A Review

I agree with many of the recent comments on Yarra Bend.
Here is a summary:
1. The original first hole was a great start now its just sitting there doing nothing. What a waste.
2. Why switch the order of holes? That is, make the front nine the back nine.
3. AGHHHH temporary greens in play. No effort to cut them fine enough to have any reasonable attempt to actually putt.
4. Odd routing of holes due to the upgrade where you need to cross other tees to get to the next hole.
5. Are the greens getting even smaller? They were never big to begin with but now its just getting silly.
6. Some fairways are patchy others really good.
7. Its REALLY slow on the front nine. Don’t be greedy guys – space out tee times!!!!
8. The time it has taken to get this redevelopment up has been excessive and I’m not sure if the "improvements" will do the trick.

I really loved Yarra Bend and in time it may become a gem again. However, it is best avoided until the new layout is completed. End of the year I hope!!!!

14. BeKaza | Rated | 06 Mar 2011 | Add A Review

Played here yesterday, little bit disappointed overall. The front 9 were great very well maintained etc but the back 9 were very ordinary. Some of the holes were previous holes just cut in half, and the fairways were very patchy. There were also a lot of players booked in and you were constantly waiting for groups in front and then you would feel pressured by the groups waiting for you so not a great experience. I wouldn’t play there again unless I hear of big changes in the condition of the back 9 or it was an extremely quiet day.


  • Great front 9


  • Back 9
  • constantly waiting for groups in front
15. FrontBunker | Rated | 19 Jan 2011 | Add A Review

Played here on Jan 3. The revised layout didn’t really bother me too much, although I think it was much better before the changes. First hole was a beauty, now its sitting there dormant.
My major beef is that the course just runs SO slowly. It took us over 6 hours to play 18. They just seem to pack way too many groups onto the course and we were forever waiting to hit. Really frustrating.
Course condition for established holes was good, new and temporary holes were sketchy.
Unless I hear that it gets a lot quicker I won’t go back

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16. DB55 | Rated | 17 Jan 2011 | Add A Review

DB-55 Guys spoke to Steven Bann(Great Guy)at the Titleist demo day at Yarra Bend In December who gave me a very informative overview of the new course (current layout is temporary, there is now a detailed layout near the old first tee.Points to note they had to remove blind shots from layout,improve drainage .Back nine will be new front nine ,here are the changes as that I can remember.
Existing front nine 1st Hole gone =2nd hole tee to be moved back converted to a 450 mt par 5 will be great hole , 3rd and 4th hole no change ,5 hole tee moved back ,6th ,7th -8th -9th no change
Old back nine -10th no change -11th shortened to 335 mt par 4 with new green ,12th increased by approx 70 mts great change, 13th no change ,14th 15th no change ,16th shorten by about 30 mts new green to be added ,17th removed ,18th no change.
A New Par 3 10th hole will be created ,running a right angles to the old first about 100 mts from current tee remember nines will be reversed ) the current 5th hole will become 11th hole.
There will be a new pRO shop ,cafe will become a wellness center , and there will a 18 hole of mini golf , fairways will be resown will new grasses and 5 new greens will be implemented.
So lets wait till new course is up and running ,so pleased there will be no changes to 2nd green and 12th green,

17. slim56 | Rated | 06 Jan 2011 | Add A Review

My mates and I have been playing Yarra Bend for many years and its sad to see what is being done to the course in recent months, since the new owners have taken over. The old front 9 is now the back nine and what a mess they have made of it. Its now a dinky mixture of half-baked par 3’s and 4’s. Why they got rid of the old first hole is beyond me. The story they give about conditions of the lease forbidding blind tee shots just doesn’t cut it. So the old second hole-one of the best on the course-has now been made into two holes; a par three to the corner of the dogleg and a dinky par 4 down the hill.

I fear commercialism and the $$$ now over-rides all other considerations. Fixing up the leaking pipes throughout the course etc is to be welcomed along with other course improvements, but the wholesale change to the layout has now seriously compromised the integrity of the course. The good old days are gone forever we fear as more changes are mooted for the new front nine.

18. stinger81 | Rated | 22 Dec 2010 | Add A Review

Played here a couple of days ago and I have mixed feelings about the course. The front 9 holes are well set out, with the standouts being the par 4 3rd hole and the 8th par 3. The third bends around to the left a little and then your approch shot is aimed at a green that is about 20 metres down the bottom of the hill. This looks fantastic when you are at the top.
It is a fantastic location for a golf course, with the calling of the flying foxes and trees everywhere you can hardly tell you are in the heart of Melbourne.
But then you get to the back 9 and this is where the course falls away drastically. The 10th hole has been removed and the next few holes are all over the shop. I think its the 13th where they have split a par 5 into a par 3 and par 4. The par 3 would be about 80m, and with the rain had a flood of water that made almost a river half way down the hole. All this to be topped of with a green that had parts of it with grass almost a thick as the rough.
I wont be coming back here until about a month after all of this rain because the wet almost muddy parts of the course was annoying, however I do realise this is not the managements fault. The same cannot be said about the appaling back 9, its a shame because it really lets the course down. The other disappointment about this course was that it was a par 68 with 5 par 3’s and only one par 5. The par 4’s aren’t exactly demons either.


  • Great location and scenery
  • Front 9 were of a high quality


  • The back 9 were disappointing

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19. TJAY | Rated | 06 Dec 2010 | Add A Review

Hmmmm not sure about the way they’ve wacked a hole in the middle of a fairway around the 14th. Not sure what the answer is, but don’t think that’s it.

That said, it’s a great course, even with a ton of rain it’s in good nick.

20. acebuy1980 | Rated | 24 Nov 2010 | Add A Review

Very dissapointed in the course. Management have ruined a beatiful looking par 70 in a scrappy little par 67. There are now more Par 3’s then there are Par 4 holes. I dont understand why they would get rid of the 1st hole and turn it into a driving range. The most disspointing thing is that I was never notified over the phone AND we had to pay full price. Not going to go back until they get themselves sorted!!!!

21. Russssssssssssssssss | Rated | 06 Jun 2010 | Add A Review

Played here on Friday and Sunday. Course if looking in pretty good nick. The new management must have instructured the Greens Keepers to mow the place properly, as the whole course is looking much better. Fairways are pretty good except for a few mud patches. Grass is a lot shorter than the last time I placed, they have also begun to make the Rough look a little more defined.

Placed on Friday and the greens were super fast, even the spots where the minibikes tore up the greens a few months ago have come back pretty well. There are a couple of greens that have a bit of damage which I am guessing is diseased grass. Played on sunday after about 400mm of rain over the weekend and the greens were a tad slower. Mainly due to the puddles that had formed in some of the greens. They really need to fix the drainage.

Being winter there is not that many people around. On Sunday it look us 4 hours and 20 mins to play 18.


  • greens


  • a little slow at times

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22. DB55 | Rated | 10 Mar 2010 | Add A Review

First played Yarra Bend in 1967 was heaven on earth for a 13 year old,the course was originaly built in 1932 and second 9 finished in 1934 and it is exactly the same layout as when it opened.
I played Saturday 6th march teed off at 8.30am finished at 12.50pm no hold ups.Course was in amazing condition -flat well maintined tees ,pegs were as far back as I have ever seen them , fairways in pristine condition with graduated rough which give great definition to the fairways.
The most pleasing feature was the greens which were fast ,tue and consistent for a long time they were soft and slow.
The course is a joy to play particularly from the back tees ,2nd ,3rd 4th and 6th holses are the best on the front nine.
The back nine is by far the superior 9 a briliant river setting with a great finish 14 the toughest hole on the course ,16 one of the best par4 s you will ever play ,17 a tough par 3 and 18 is a great par 5 finishing hole.
The trees come into play on all holes and although not a lot of bunkers they will punish errant 2nd shots to the green. The undulations of the course add to the beauty of the course without having to play from hanging lies.
$26.00 green fee along with Centenary Park Frankston makes Yarra Bend th best under $30 course in Melbourne

23. FairwayBomber | Rated | 20 Feb 2010 | Add A Review

Very good public course. Its quite a longish course, with some challenging holes which incorporates blind corners. Make sure you have the course map/GPS on your first time. I found having the iphone sureshot app on hand to be very useful here!
Fairways were generally good, though some sections are in real need of attention. All in all, a good course to try out!


  • Close proximity to Melbourne
  • Reasonably priced
  • Challenging course
  • Fast greens!


  • Fast greens! :)
  • Some sections need attention (hard to play off hard dirt...)
24. lefty_tiges | Rated | 21 Jan 2010 | Add A Review

play here once a week with some workmates before work. Great public course. Fairways are in good condition, greens are true and fast. Some picturesque holes, good rough, all in all most impressive, keeps us going back weekly. Oh and pro shop staff are always good to deal with

25. nickbradfield | Rated | 15 Jan 2010 | Add A Review

I love it here. Definitely one of the best public courses around town. It’s right on the river so remains lush even in the summer.

26. seano24 | Rated | 28 Nov 2009 | Add A Review

One of the best public courses in Melbourne. A lefty’s wet dream. the course in in great condition and is very well maintained. greens are true fairways great and most of the rough is rough which is rare in drought. Gets it’s water from the Yarra which keeps the course nice and green all year round.

27. Sturmmann | Rated | 08 Nov 2009 | Add A Review

Enjoyed the course, had no problems with waiting to tee off between holes. 18 holes took the two of us around 4 hours, with plenty of breaks.

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28. ilovelamp | Rated | 27 Oct 2009 | Add A Review

just moved down from the Gold Coast and this was the first course my friend and i played. such a fantastic course we couldn’t believe we’d only paid $25, in absolute gorgeous condition, every hole is unique and fun! although i played terribly, i will definitely be back!

29. dannuzzio | Rated | 12 Oct 2009 | Add A Review

played here on saturday for the first time in 6 months,best condition i have ever seen the course in, the fairways were green and cut and the greens quick,get down there and play it

30. Truefanofthegame | Rated | 28 May 2009 | Add A Review

Yarra Bend Golf Course is only 5 minutes from the CBD. It is in great condition all year round with friendly staff happy to assist your needs. Lessons are avaliable 7 days with Junior clinics and Ladies Beginner lessons running all year round. Website will be avalible on 1st JUNE 2009. yarrabendgolfcourse.com.au

31. bozely | Rated | 17 May 2009 | Add A Review

Played for only the 2nd time ever on 15th May 2009. After suffering through a deplorable experience at Elsternwick the day before, I was hesitant about re-visiting the bend as on my only other visit I seemed to encounter the water logging problems that have been listed. That hesitation was soon overcome with some superb service in the pro shop, where I was offered the use of the brilliant FT-IQ driver for my round, a sound judgement call on the staffs behalf as I’ll now soon be $700 lighter in the pocket, what a club. At $20 for 18 holes I was too impressed, thats tremendous value.
The course condition erased all of my bad memories, superb fairway conditions, true if a little slow greens, and excellent bunker conditions for a public track. The Par 3s are memorable, and I’ll now forever remember this round after snagging a 1 on the 7th.
Thanks Yarra Bend for an unexpectedly good experience, and we’ll be back in the short term future.

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32. happytoshoot90 | Rated | 03 May 2009 | Add A Review

Have this played this course 4 times in the last couple of weeks as it is my old faithful. Nothing but good things to say about the bend, gotta be the best close to the city public there is, the holes are varied and interesting – my highlights are the 2nd and the 16th, and the condition is always exceptional especially in this drought. given its price – $24 mon-fri and its location for those who don’t have time to go up country or down the coast for a hit, you can’t ask for anything more.

33. Smergen | Rated | 07 Apr 2009 | Add A Review

Well, I’ll add to the long list of reviewers here that rave about Yarra Bend. For a public access course you couldn’t fault it. The only gripe I had was that in some areas the course was muddy and water logged (I couldn’t believe it in this drought!) but these were few and far between and never really where your ball should be.
The pace of play had me worried given its reputation, but we had 7 of us in two groups go around on a Sunday in a tick over 4.5hrs, with a solid half time break. Can’t argue with that. The course was packed, and I do wonder if the test of accuracy (which I love) is a bit too much of a test for the average hacker. Not that I should whinge, I spent my share of time on the wrong fairway.
For $25 it is exceptional value. Highly recommended.

34. balnce | Rated | 02 Feb 2009 | Add A Review

The best true public access course in melbourne. Fantastic challenging layout that is in fantastic condition with great fairways and greens for such a busy course. Has some of my favourite holes in melbourne with the 12th 14th 16th and 17th holes being standouts. Has the feel of a country course even though its only 5 minutes from the cbd.
Not an overly long course with premium bein on accuracy. Only problem with this course being the slow play as it is one of the busiest courses in melbourne.

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35. looking4myball | Rated | 23 Nov 2008 | Add A Review

Fantastic !! just finished 18 holes and for my first time there it was a pleasure even if my score said otherwise. The course is in great nick, and the greens are looking beautiful – the best public course I have played on.

36. dsa4139 | Rated | 04 Nov 2008 | Add A Review

Always in good condition. Staff always friendly. Course is short but is a nice mix of short risk/reward holes, doglegs as well as quite a variation of par-3 holes. No wind to speak of (probably due to tall trees blocking the it) but the course does have a natural undulation to the land which means that upwill/downhill shots are necessary part of your playing arsenal. Biggest issue is slow play. 5 hour rounds can be possible especially with less experienced players in groups in front.

37. Breathegolf | Rated | 31 Oct 2008 | Add A Review

The best quality public course for miles around! Just make sure you book to avoid inconvenience. Staff seem to have alot of fun with the customers which gives the place a good vibe. Scored a great driving tip off the pro which really helped. Didn’t know they conducted lessons there either. The course is always well watered. Good mix of hole designs. Never bored playing golf at Yarra Bend.

38. DANCUMMANE | Rated | 11 Oct 2008 | Add A Review

played Yarra Bend today with a mate and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Both 10 handicappers, found the course to be in excellent nick. Very plush, well bunkered and the greens were hard were true. Very far from a boring course playingwise and one hole was skirted by trees with hundred of bats. Fantastic. Recommend it to any one. The one negative was the bunkers- found three of them, two were just hard pans with token sand and one had deep lush sand…..Why the inconsistency??? made one bunker impossible to play a shot onto the green but hey nothings perfect and for $25 a bargin.

39. puttfordough | Rated | 26 Sep 2008 | Add A Review

Being a once every 2-3 weeks type of golfer, with a handicap of 18-20, Yarra Bend is only the 4th course I have played since moving to Melbourne 6 months ago.

It is supremely better than both Elsternwick and Burnley and much more appealing in terms of the challenge/scenery than Albert Park. It is a proper 18 hole golf course with ups and downs, rolling fairways, slopping greens, large trees and plenty of areas out of bounds to avoid.

There is plenty of scope to use all the clubs in the bag and a few long holes where you can really belt your drive!

Like any public course, the tees/fairways/greens are not perfect, but you’re not playing at Royal Melbourne. At $25 a round, it is well priced and a solid test!

40. tealeaf | Rated | 21 Sep 2008 | Add A Review

Easily in the top 3 public golf courses in Melbourne. The pro-shop is very well stocked and the pros were very helpful. The course has a great layout with many obstacles especially some decent sand traps. Generally found the back 9 was in better condition (fairways and greens) than the front 9. Definitely worth playing there on a regular basis (fortnightly-monthly).

41. melilli10 | Rated | 27 Aug 2008 | Add A Review

A great course. Fairways and greens are in top condition. The bats hanging of the trees look fantastic. Some of the par 3s can be deceiving as they look shorter than they really are. Stay clear of the right on the 17th hole or you’ll end up with at least a double bogey. Overall a great course that i would recommend.

42. colebatchd | Rated | 12 Jul 2008 | Add A Review

I have played this course a number of times, most recently last weekend (6/07/08) and have always found the same thing – lovely layout, pity about the condition of the tees and greens. On many teebeds I couldn’t find any solid ground, and the greens were far from true.

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43. TheSpecialOne | Rated | 30 Jun 2008 | Add A Review

Player Yarra Bend for the first time on 29.06.2008, The course has a great layout and alot of the holes will make you think. But at present the tees and greens are under repair and that really takes the shine of the course. Its still playable but some of the hole are as much as 50 meters shorter and some par 3’s can be played with a PW, putting on the greens is like putting on the beach so be prepared for a few extra putts. Overall once all the repairs are completed this course will be joy to play.

44. Fields07 | Rated | 03 Apr 2008 | Add A Review

Played over the Easter period and was looking forward to reconnecting with this course that I remembered from many years previously as a good layout and challenging course. Regrettably the drought has really impacted upon this course and it was in a terrible state with fairways only dustbowls. I learned there is a change of management happening and there are plans to remodel the course. I would hope this doesn’t happen – the layout is great. It just needs to be maintained and refreshed. Notwithstanding my negative comment it is a course worth a visit.

45. Squidboy | Rated | 08 Feb 2008 | Add A Review

Fifteen Holes Fri 8 Feb 2008. Starting around 2:00pm. HCP n/a.

My first attempt at 18 holes after “graduating” from Burnley… Really enjoyed the first nine, especially the second hole where the fairway drops off so you can’t see the flag – there are some posts to indicate the centre of the green and for me they were a pretty good point to aim for…

The tee markers were all set right at the back of the tee-off area and the flags were all at the back of the greens so some of the Par 4s felt pretty long for a beginner such as myself.

Started the back nine and immediatley ran into congestion. As a result didn’t enjoy the course so much and had to cut 15, 16, 17 as I a deadline when I had to leave by (which didn’t help my game either…). Did really enjoy hole 14 (another blind flag). However 18 seems very long for a beginner (445m par 5) it’s going to be a while before I get good enough to be confident with this one :)

All up will be back again…

46. Lowdown | Rated | 23 Oct 2007 | Add A Review

Played Yarra Bend last weekend. Course was in great condition – with both fairways and greens looking very good.

Was not too crowded either, as I was expecting a lot more traffic than what we got.

All in all – a top inner-Melbourne course, at a good price.

47. reaperboy | Rated | 15 Jun 2007 | Add A Review

Quite simply one of the best public courses I have played. The layout is quite challenging especially the par 3 17th which has an enormous gully on the right, trust me you don’t want to go down there. The only drawbacks was the play was a little slow, not that I really minded, and the greens had just been cored. All in all a must play as the green fees are cheap too.

48. joshuas | Rated | 29 Jan 2007 | Add A Review

Yarra Bend is a challenging layout, the par 4's are somewhat repetitive but you're game will be tested. With doglegs in both directions, undulating fairways and a few different holes that will genuinely test your ability its an enjoyable course.

Allow at leat 6 hour from tee off to the 19th. Lots of hackers and slow paced play. the course is green because its on the yarra but the greens are slightly inconsistant.

49. petertran | Rated | 15 Jan 2007 | Add A Review

Probably the best public course around with two flaws:

1. It's difficult to get a booking (probably not worth calling up unless you are an afternoon golfer).

2. Extremely slow between holes due to the amount of hackers there.

Allow at least 6 hours to play 18.

Apart from that, it's quite a satisfying course to play on.

50. jaygolfer | Rated | 30 Nov 2006 | Add A Review

This is a very nice public course. The course layout provides constant challenges throughout the round. The fairways are always nice. The greens however are a little all over the place. More so at this time of year, as I suppose they are trying to keep them from burning out!

Fantastic surrounds. While walking down the fairways, you have a lot there to keep you entertained.

Definitely worth the relatively cheap green fees.

51. grnis200 | Rated | 08 Nov 2006 | Add A Review

Truly one of Melbourne's great public courses.

Always is great condition, Yarra bend is one of the better layouts of the public courses within Melbourne.

The Par 3s always seem the highlight, particurly the 17th where there is little room for error.

A very hilly course, playing Yarra Bend reguarly will keep you fit.(The walk between the 16th and 17th is the hardest)

52. chookbilly | Rated | 29 Dec 2005 | Add A Review

This course will have you thinking all day! Enjoyed every minute of my 4 and a half hour round. The course was in beautiful condition, the only letdown was my tee shot on the par 3 17th (choke!) I wouldn't recommend going right off the tee,... ended up taking 7 shots!!! ughh.

But seriously, if you havn't played this course, do yourself a favour, you won't regret it.

53. anrgw5458 | Rated | 15 Dec 2004 | Add A Review

Begining with the first tee Yarra Bend golf course eases all players into a challenging round. From that point on players will hit balls where fairways drop out of view towards the Yarra river and meet thin fairways where accuracy is demanded. The only break from creative thinking on this course comes at the fifth and thirteenth holes which all players should easily par. Every other hole attempts to goad players into using all their skills which makes for an excellent round of golf. That is until players reach sixteen, seventeen and eighteen which are unforgiving if mistakes are made. The finishing three holes won't let any player off easy, as the course tries to get a players game to reach a higher level. These final holes are there to challenge golfers to return and beat them. All things considered the finishing holes are not frightening, they just enhance Yarra Bends reputation as the best metropolitan course in Melbourne.

54. chickens | Rated | 14 Dec 2004 | Add A Review

I've played this course a couple of times this year, and it is indeed a very nice layout. There are some very good holes which far surpass typical public course standard (if it wasn't for the waful surrounds on the first - footy ovals left, and a big ugly blank spot behind the green backed by someone's back fence - this would be a good quality 18 holes, instead of 17).

One problem though - played a round in June, and the fairways were particularly boggy, especially through the back half.

Still, a good course, especially good for value.

55. ronrat | Rated | 13 Apr 2004 | Add A Review

Hard to get on but lovely course and a bat gallery that makes hooking a conservationist nightmare. Every hole is uniquely different and overseas visitors have raved at it's value for money. Must play if you are in Melbourne and can't wangle an invite to a famous sandbelt course.

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