Freeway Golf Course (Camberwell)

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The Freeway Golf Course offers a challenging 18 hole layout for all level golfers from beginner to advanced golfers. The course is located in picturesque parkland along the Yarra River with undulating couch grass fairways and small challenging greens.


  • Name: Freeway Golf Course (Camberwell)
  • Region: Melbourne, VIC
  • Address: Columba Street
    Melbourne, 3104, Victoria, Australia
  • Directions: View Aerial Map »
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  • General: (03) 9859 9000
  • Holes: 18
  • Metres: 4773m
  • Par: 67
1. Lukos87 | Rated | 12 Nov 2014 | Add A Review

Played here yesterday and was amazed at the condition.
For $17.50 after 1 this is one of of the best public tracks close to the city.
Reasonably short in length but there is alot of danger lurking if you take driver off the tee on the shorter par 4’s a few of the greens are mounds which will punish you if you miss your spot.
Fairways are pristine at the moment and the greens are in stunning condition.

If your near the city forget the crowds at yarrabend and albert park and treat yourself to this 18 hole track!


  • Course condition
  • quite for a city course
  • layout
2. freewaygolf | Rated | 23 Sep 2012 | Add A Review

Returned to Freeway for the first time in a few months during the week (17-21 Sept.) and was reminded of what a gem this course is. Nice and challlenging, good length, interesting Par 3s and good condition.

The reason I’d stayed away is that over the past year or so playing on weekend has been a shambles. It has been so busy, and they’ve let so mnay groups on we were always met with multiple groups waiting on the first tee, a big backlog after the 4th waiting to play up the hill for the 6th, and on one occasion on a Sunday we were met with 4 (!) groups waiting ahead of us on the 10th.

It is a lovely golf course, as I was reminded by an exceptionally pleasant round on a quiet weekday, but the management has driven me away from spending my weekend $ there.

3. Andyrock | Rated | 05 Apr 2012 | Add A Review

Played the front 9 today on the way home from work, had heard a few good things so thought I would check it out. Fairways were really consistent and the layou rewarded smart golf, some pretty short par 4’s that require good placement for a good approach. It was fun and good value, would be interested in coming back for 18 and maybe play in a comp. greens were a bit slow and patchy on some holes.


  • Fairways
  • Pleasant staff

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4. Malky | Rated | 30 Sep 2011 | Add A Review

Played Freeway on 18/09/2011 for the first time in many years with a tee off time of 7:00am – recommended by the Pro Shop guys booking me in as a group of 2, rather than an hour later where we would have been behind many groups of 4. Worked a treat – despite a group of four hitting off before us, seemingly jumping the queue, we flew around the course in just on 3.5 hours – a record, surely for a public course!

The course has benefited from plenty of rain with lush fairways, even if there are plenty of divots around. Despite a wet week prior to us playing, the course was in top nick – for a public course – with only a few patches that you might define as "muddy".

Nothing much has changed recently on the front 9 – it’s the back 9 where there are major changes.
14, 15 and 16 have had complete make overs – it’s a pity that there aren’t any signs on the 14th to let returning players know that it’s now 120m longer than it originally was. Also, the walk between 13 and 14 seems abnormal, all the way back down the 14th fairway and along a practice area designated for groups – I imagine there will be some changes in the future to 12 and 13 to link up to the 14th.

The small, domed greens haven’t changed – a better coverage of grass than in years previous – but the pace was varied from hole to hole, making it extremely difficult to read.

Highly recommend this for the weekend happy hacker and social groups – plenty of variety for everyone from the short Par 3’s (3 / 16), pleasurable Par 4’s (6 / 9 / 15) to the Par 5’s (1 / 11)

5. q-tip | Rated | 27 Nov 2010 | Add A Review

Freeway GC will measure 5037m Par 69 once the renovations are complete. Now with the 14th hole closed and a few length changes it measures 4904m Par 68 with five par 3s ranging from 115-180m, twelve par 4s ranging from 257-387m and the opening 511m Par 5 with its elevated tee, sweeping dogleg right with a green guarded by a bunker on the right.

Freeway is a short course with some good bunkering, but hardly any sand in the traps. Fairways are a little bare in places, teebeds are good and flat and the greens aren’t quick but aren’t very slow either.

Be careful off the tee here on the back nine as most of the shorter par 4s have doglegs and if you overshoot the fairway you end up in a water hazard. Driver is not the club for the longer hitters on some of the par 4s here. Having said that the front nine is a little less boring the back nine.

Highlights here include 359m 5th which plays slightly uphill to a 2 tiered green sloping to the front guarded by leftside and rightside bunkers. The 304m 6th with its elevated tee is picturesque with a dam on the left from 150m off the tee to the green, also there is a fairway bunker 60m short right and the green is guarded by 3 bunkers on the left. The 387m 15th gently doglegs left with a green guarded on the left by a large bunker and a gully with a water hazard 50-80m out from the green on the right which is not visible from the fairway crest on your second shot.

Played here 15/11/2010 and weekday green fees are $16. Little too short and not really challenging for me. Good course to introduce new players.

6. freewaygolf | Rated | 15 Nov 2010 | Add A Review

Played Freeway today. Fairways are very green, two have been re-surfaced so are pretty bare. One or two greens were patchy but it the main they are good, especially on the back 9. They are doing extensive work on the tee box of the 5th and the 14th is closed for redevelopment. There is a new par-3 16th at the back being played in the meantime.(regulars would have looked at this green many times when crossing the bridge from the 16th to 17th).

Despite these disruptions it was an enjoyable round (as always). Freeway is a good value and somewhat challenging public course.

$16 on Mondays too.

7. FairwayBomber | Rated | 02 Aug 2010 | Add A Review

I enjoy every time I play at Freeway Golf. It’s has some nice interesting holes and can test your ability to shape your shots off the tee. Some holes are very short but enjoyable nonetheless.
The course looks a bit worse for wear during winter/wet months. The fairway grass seem to struggle with the rain and seem to die off in parts. In spring/summer, this course really picks up.


  • Nice layout
  • Unpretentious
  • Value
  • Good greens


  • Muddy during winter months
  • Play can be a bit slow at times.

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8. TigerforPM | Rated | 27 Jul 2010 | Add A Review

Strange that you have a problem with the management at Freeway. I have always found them very courteous and professional. If you have any problems I strongly suggest you speak to Sean who is one of the managers there.

9. RD77 | Rated | 08 Jul 2010 | Add A Review

I quite like the layout of this course, many of the holes are interesting and can be a challenge. However………

My problem is the way this course is managed. I have played there 4 times recently and each time there have been very, very,long delays. They seem to have no concept of booking tee times that allow for enjoyable golf. Each time there have been many groups at the first tee. We spoke to the other groups and we were all booked at the same time.

There is no one to assist slow moving traffic. It took an 1 and 3/4 hours to get through the first holes (!!!!!) during winter a short while ago. Whenever you bring this up with the staff they are very rude and defensive. I can only assume that they are struggling, so they are forced to accept as many people as possible at any given time. But then dont have the staff to support the numbers.

It is a good price. The condition wavers, as with all public courses, but the holes are interesting enough. I just look forward to a change of management.

10. puttfordough | Rated | 29 May 2010 | Add A Review

Goat track!

Not sure what course the last poster played, but the fairways were average at best. Tee boxes are the worst i have ever played on. Huge bare patches everywhere, 3 or 4 GUR on every hole.

Only saving grace was that the greens were in good nick.

Overall very disappointed. Won’t ever go back…

11. TigerforPM | Rated | 24 May 2010 | Add A Review

There has been a heap of money spent at Freeway recently. The fairways are as good as you will get anywhere!! New management have taken over a couple of years ago and have lifted the standard unbelievably. If you want value this place has it. Unlimited golf all day Mondays for $15 as well $15 after 1pm during the week. The junior program looks to be popular also with a heap of kids having clinics there.

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12. bongoey | Rated | 14 Jan 2010 | Add A Review

Played the front 9 on 13th Jan around 4pm and was lucky to have a go since I didn’t book. Not surprising since it’s $15 unlimited after 2pm midweek. I ended up tagging along with two other players.

Course condition was okay, but given the extremely hot week preceding followed by rain, wasn’t sure what to expect. Fairway wasn’t too bad, a little dry but greens were mighty slow.

Design was interesting, given it’s a public. As other users described, lots of par 4’s and dog-legs. Cons were that there are no maps at the tee or distance markers.

Would definitely come back, $15 unlimited is worth it, course isn’t too bad.


  • Price


  • No maps of holes at tees
  • No distance markers
13. looking4myball | Rated | 19 Mar 2009 | Add A Review

Played the course 18/March in the afternoon – the course itself is a good challenge and is beautiful and green, with most holes quite short par 4’s and dog legged which provides a challenge for ball placement off the tee.

The only problem is slow play, which is part the clubhouse marshall and part other players just messing around up ahead and not calling other though.

Will be back for a afterwork hit again

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14. seagull38 | Rated | 09 Feb 2009 | Add A Review

Played here before Xmas as was really surprise. Course was in good condition and quite challenging.

Well worth the effort. Extremely friendly pro shop staff added to the positive experience. WILL BE BACK

15. Russssssssssssssssss | Rated | 14 Oct 2008 | Add A Review

Played Freeway on Sunday for the first time. Found it to be quiet interesting, the front nine was very dry but the layout is good. I loved the back nine, nice challenge especially if you have never played before. Lots of bendy holes where you can’t see the green or how far away it is. Course needs some proper distance markers and a better map.

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16. tealeaf | Rated | 24 Sep 2008 | Add A Review

Freeway Golf Course (also known as Camberwell Golf Club) is a good value for $ course to play on. The highlights being Hole 1 (a quality Par 5) and Hole 6 (a picturesque Par 4). The front 9 matches up pretty well against the other top public courses whilst the back 9 is a bit short and lacking maintenance. The cons of the course being lack of obstacles, especially that of the sand variety. Overall its a course worth visiting once in a while and the location is convenient as its right next to the eastern freeway.

17. WLDTRX | Rated | 28 May 2008 | Add A Review

I played here Monday 26th May Got through 18 holes in four hours which was good, although back nine was slowler due to 2 idiots in front of us. Fairways were pretty good, greens were quick. Plays short with only one par 5. Alot of challenging par 4’s with some nice dog legs which mean you have to weigh up the option of trying to drive greens or lay up. The back nine has some extreamly unforgiving dome shaped greens which really test your short game. Not a bad public course

18. jaygolfer | Rated | 21 Nov 2006 | Add A Review

The fairways and greens on this course were in surprisingly good condition, considering the lack of rain and the hot temperatures. You barely need the driver on this course...maybe twice for the round. For those who are good with the 5 wood and pitch, you should have a field day.

19. rarebirdie | Rated | 29 Jan 2006 | Add A Review

This course is rather short -- a number of par 4s are drivable or a drive and chip. However, you'll need to think twice about pulling out the driver on holes such as the, 6th, 10th and 13th. A number of greens are quite tricky and dome shaped so a good short game is needed to ensure that balls that land on the green stay on the green. Greens can be rock hard in summer too!

In summary, the course requires you to be imaginative and you'll get good scores if you manage your game here.

20. wgf | Rated | 27 Feb 2005 | Add A Review

after reading some decent reviews i thought id give it a go yesterday..fairways were in terrible condition and most of the greens hadnt been well maintained..some seemed to be extra fast whilst others seemed like they hadnt been cut in a while whilst on some holes the grass on the edge of the green had died and dried out...very slow to get around the course aswell...took 2.5 hours to get around for 9 yourself a favour and give this course a miss..there are much better public courses within a 10-20km distance.

21. murphy | Rated | 11 Jan 2005 | Add A Review

Freeway Golf is a course which has undergone some significant changes (and improvements) in recent years.

Four of the first six holes have been substantially altered. The ordinary par3 1st is now a quality par5, while the 6th hole, formerly an easy par3 over water, is now an even better par4, with the water still in play if you go slightly left. Quality bunkers have been added to a few holes, further improving the strategic layout of the course.

I played Freeway as a youngster and until my recent visit had not been back for many years. While I was impressed with the recent changes to the layout of the course, I was disappointed with the maintenance on some of the holes. A number of the fairways are extremely patchy - while this might be expected on the newly laid fairways, it was dissapointing that it also occurred on a number of established holes, slightly detracting from my game. I also found the number of small dome shaped greens (on the back nine) a little frustrating, with the ball often rolling off the green on even the most well placed shots.

Freeway is a short course and many of the par4s can be reached with a good drive and a (very) short wedge. A long hitter could reach at least 3 of the greens in one shot if accurate off the tee. Yet despite it's short length, the often narrow fairways and numerous doglegs make Freeway an entertaining place to play. Good shots are rewarded and bad ones are penalised, with water in play on a number of holes.

With it's recent changes, Freeway could become (if the the course maintenance is improved) one of the best public courses in Melbourne. It is also good value for money and usually moves pretty quickly. If you only have time for nine, I suggest the front, which is now vastly superior to the back which can be a little repetitive.

22. appa16 | Rated | 18 Dec 2004 | Add A Review

This course is now one of melbournes best public courses. The course is really good for the price of green fees. The first hole a par five cracker serves as a great challenge of the tee. The course is not too long with a good drive of the tees the greens on two or three par fours are reachable in one, on many of the other holes a good drive then a short to mid iron can be used, so start practicing your mid irons and I garante a low score in the high 70s and 80s for a 10-20 handicapper. For the people who want a challenge two par fourse measuring around 400-500 yards will test your driving up narrow fairways and up hills. Getting onto the fairway is the first challenge then ripping a 3 or 5 fairway wood to the green is not so easy as the greens are raised with valleys of sin measuirng around metres high on 5 or six holes will test you. So good luck it's a great course for 10-20 handicappers and begginers.

23. ronrat | Rated | 08 Nov 2004 | Add A Review

We played after it had been raining for a week and there was water everywhere. The water hazards were under water so couldn;t find the hazard markers. That said the course was in remarkable nick. Not long but in the wet long enough. A good drive off most tees will give you a mid/small iron in. Which is not a problem as that is what the pros do on championship courses. Will play this again for sure. Under 20 bucks on a sunday and they take social groups.

24. sverma | Rated | 24 Jun 2004 | Add A Review

An interesting course to play on. Seems short but deceptive. Though the course is undergoing some redevelopment (the 1st hole an existing Par 3 is going to be a cracker of a Par 5).

Good mix of narrow as well as wide fairways allows you to mix your shots off the tee. The greens, so as flat as a plate and the other - a dome, makes putting challenging.

Reasonable dose of water around the course (not a lot actually).

For the long hitters, some of the par 4s can be a pleasure to play.

Get there early in the morning to be in & out in less than 3.5 hrs.

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