Helensvale Golf Club

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Ideally located just 15 mins from Southport and 45 mins from Brisbane, Helensvale Golf Club welcomes all levels of golfer. Beginner and experienced golfers will enjoy our challenging par 70 course. Our 18 hole course boasts narrow fairways and doglegs that force you to think about your shot with every hole skirted by water at some point. A great layout, in great condition with some fantastic holes, especially the first, a terrific par 5, not for the faint-hearted.

Helensvale Golf Club offers a friendly and relaxed environment with a fully licenced clubhouse, restaurant and pro shop. Offering a practice fairway, practice putting and chipping greens we have everything you need from great membership packages, cheap green fees, super restaurant specials and affordable function facilities.

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  • Name: Helensvale Golf Club
  • Region: Gold Coast, QLD
  • Address: 16 Wandilla Drive
    Helensvale, 4210, Queensland, Australia
  • Directions: View Aerial Map »
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  • Bookings:
  • Proshop: (07) 5573 1278
  • General: (07) 5573 1329
  • Holes: 18
  • Metres: 5249m
  • Par: 70
1. jopresloj | Rated | 06 Oct 2015 | Add A Review

On Monday Oct 5 we booked a round of golf at Helensvale. We were both very pleased with our choice. The course is really interesting and makes you think about ball placement. Water comes into play on most holes but this adds to the interest.Course is well set out. Was really dry on some tee blocks but this was our only negative. Staff were very friendly and courteous and we played behind a vets mens comp but this was no problem. We will be booking this club when we are down that way next time. All in all a very good course and excellent value !

2. rustyirons | Rated | 28 Sep 2015 | Add A Review

Its been a while since I played here and they have moved the markers back on most holes making the course longer and in my opinion, more interesting and challenging. I’ve always liked Helensvale for its value for money, and although it was a little more expensive than last time, it is still good value and fun to play. It was very busy yesterday which resulted in delays at most tees, but unless you had an important meeting or a plane flight to catch, I don’t see the point in stressing about it.
Course condition was good and greens played evenly and fast. Rain interrupted play a couple of times but it was another enjoyable day on the course followed by the best value for money lunch around. you get a large, tasty meal for under $10. Go there and see it for yourself

3. Madam | Rated | 13 Apr 2015 | Add A Review


Sorry to hear of your unhappiness on your booking.

It is pretty stock standard though for clubs to request this surcharge for individual cart riders. There are notes in the ISG booking system that outline this.

Most of our booking made are for 2 in cart so its never really an issue.

The clubs manage their rates at all time, ISG assist with promotion of availability through our website and booking engine.

4. prefrisac | Rated | 12 Apr 2015 | Add A Review

Surcharge of extra $10 when you turn up is like false advertising. When people book online at full cost. People don’t want extra charges when you turn up .this was my first n will probably be my last. The course wasn’t worth extra $10. Palm meadows, emrald lakes, ha even parkwood is much superior course than rip off helensvale. Pretty much they should go under. The grounds was shocking for $53 bucks.
Not happy at all.

5. Cleve71 | Rated | 17 Nov 2014 | Add A Review

Good course when the greens are finished

6. Luke2332 | Rated | 25 Oct 2014 | Add A Review

Yesterday I played the full 18 for the first time, upon seeing the standards of the course after the first hole I regretted it immediately. The greens had just been sanded, leaving it impossible to do any putting. So with that out of action it was just down to teeing off and 1 or 2 strokes to each hole. Being such a short and slow course the day turned into being frustrating. The fairway was so dry and poorly maintained that our group had to question if or any greens keepers worked here. The pro shop workers were unprofessional and quite rude, making our visit even more regretful. Considering the conditions and factors limiting the golf course it was very over priced. Paying $40 each again would make our group never return, as surrounding courses charge less with better holes and conditions. 3/10. Would never return again.

7. drecons | Rated | 14 Oct 2014 | Add A Review

An unusual layout, very flat and some fairly short par 4’s making for an easy round for a mid-range handicapper like me. Signage from greens to next tee could be improved as it was somewhat confusing for a first time player. Course is still a bit dry and some greens a little bumpy, but nonetheless it is in reasonable condition overall considering the lack of recent rain. It is a little rough around the edges compared to numerous other Gold Coast courses (e.g. gravel and dirt cart paths) but nonetheless still an OK course albeit a bit pricey at $35 plus $10 for single player use of a cart. Unlike other reviewers, I found the staff in the pro-shop and bar to be friendly and helpful.


  • Easy course for mid-high handicappers
  • Friendly and helpful pro-shop and bar staff
  • Easy walking course


  • Lack of signage directing to next tee
  • Greens a little bumpy on some holes
  • A little pricey compared to other Gold Coast courses (via iseekgolf)

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8. milidewra | Rated | 13 Oct 2014 | Add A Review

Playing Helensvale for the first time yesterday and thought it was a great course for testing accuracy. It was still quite dry from the lack of rainfall, but I’ll be having another game there soon. All those reviews that were mentioning the bad attitude from the staff, we didn’t have any issues and thought we were treated with respect that makes for a pleasant game of golf

9. praswodri | Rated | 01 Jun 2014 | Add A Review

I read a few reviews before booking, saying the staff reception wasn’t friendly. I can see what they mean. The guy at the counter didn’t have a friendly persona but he wasn’t rude. If your not expecting a smile then you shouldn’t have an issue here. The golf coarse was OK for a $30 coarse, can’t complain. The golf cart worked well and the greens were OK. My wife and I had a nice game of golf.

10. bopedacre | Rated | 19 May 2014 | Add A Review

The course was quite good. Reasonably good layout and condition. Unfortunately the group of 5 members in front if us were in the comp, terribly slow and refused to let us through. They even stopped after 9 and when we teed off the 10 the they insisted we go back and wait for them. 5 hour game and numerous free holes in front of them. Check there’s no comp before booking a tee time. I won’t play there again.

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11. LonJohnson | Rated | 26 Apr 2014 | Add A Review

Helensvale Golf club is a great little course, a fair few short par 4’s which give you a great chance to pull out your sand wedge, I can see it being problematic for those of us who dont have a very accurate drive, but very rewarding after a good tee shot. It was all positive for me as I shot my best ever 83!! great fairways, great greens, a bit short but really fun!!

12. fitchaj | Rated | 19 Apr 2014 | Add A Review

Right from the get go the bloke at the counter was nothing but rude. Was aggressive towards us for not having exact cash because he had no change in the green fees till and we were "making more work for him" because he’d have to balance out the tills. When we offered to pay card he rolled his eyes and made an issue out of it and told us he could make it "our problem" by making us have to go get exact change.

The course itself is very forgiving. Well maintained but absolutely RAMPANT with mozzies. I’m from FNQ and I’ve never come across so many mozzies.

13. gpj | Rated | 03 Mar 2014 | Add A Review

not a bad little course. it has a little bit of everything.
the fairways were extremely hard and not too many good lies to be had. obviously due to the lack of rain recently.

the greens were much the same, pretty quick and hard to get the ball to stop.

good course fro the price, but just needs a good deal of rain

14. uilakevos | Rated | 27 Feb 2014 | Add A Review

A pleasant enough course that will test accuracy over distance. Greens had been cored and are just coming back to full cover. I played by myself and was asked for an additional $15 for the privilege. This when added to the $27 green fee brings it up to the price of much better courses on and near the coast (Emerald Lakes, Gainsborough Greens and, at the right time Palm Meadows).

One of the green staff merrily continued working even when I stood waiting on the tee as if he was more important than a paying customer – my mishit ball nearly collected him and he got quite angry – I apologised but a little customer service training wouldn’t go astray.

Off the fairway the grass appears to have been left to

15. sliwecrev | Rated | 26 Feb 2014 | Add A Review

sand too hard

16. Rotorwing | Rated | 18 Feb 2014 | Add A Review

Great course.
Despite the drought we are going through the course is in excellent condition. The greens had just been cut, so were fast and smooth.

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17. sletislog | Rated | 16 Feb 2014 | Add A Review

very nice course, narrow fairways but challenging enjoyed very much

18. Stanley47 | Rated | 15 Feb 2014 | Add A Review

My partner and I play this course frequently,it is the best value for money course on the Gold Coast. We have played others but for value you cannot beat Helensvale,we are everyday golfers,if we break the ton we are lucky but we try hard,this course has good fairways and puttable greens,cant get better than that,dont go into the rough though,it might cost you a stroke or 2,good on you Helensvale staff,you are doing a great job!

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19. raiders72 | Rated | 09 Feb 2014 | Add A Review

Not a bad course,have to keep your wits about you as some greens,fairways and tee boxes are close on some holes.Good value for money,had a good day.

20. Del21 | Rated | 31 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

A challenging course, in good condition and great value for money.

21. komitewre | Rated | 27 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

What a great little course. The little bit of rain freshened the course up nicely. The greens were true and the fairways had a good grass coverage. I challenge anybody to find a local course with subtle challenges for such good value.

22. RMS | Rated | 10 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

As a newbie i like this course I think some of the holes are challenging, although some may disagree.
But its all about learning and having fun.

23. PeteMcA | Rated | 10 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

I found the green staff really friendly and helpful as this was the first time I’d played the course. The course itself was challenging enough and if the "surcharge" for playing by myself was removed, I would rate the experience highly.

24. tedregast | Rated | 09 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

pro shop lady not welcoming. Very slow 2.5 hours for 9 holes waiting on tee and fairway every hole I have played there many times before I think the standard of fairways has deteriorated Reluctant to go back

25. stevicran | Rated | 06 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

A nice, shorter course with enough variations to keep the average golfer on his/her toes. Enough temptation to make you think.
Fairways are fair, rough is forgiving, greens are in good condition.

26. stenikjes | Rated | 05 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

First time I have played this course and found it challenging and interesting. The fairways were good besides the many hollows that should be filled in, the greens were good and it is clear to see that a lot of work has gone into improvements. Overall I enjoyed the course and would definitely play there again.

27. trostapro | Rated | 04 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

Wasn’t a big fan. The course was poorly maintained and signed/mapped. The bunkers were very firm and had a few balls roll straight in and out. On top of that, the owner/keeper basically told my partner and I, who are no means professionals but still enjoy a round, to skip a few holes as to not hold up the play of their afternoon competition. Something I wasn’t made aware of before teeing off. Definitely recommend spending money elsewhere.

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28. Bert68 | Rated | 04 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

Good social course, great value for money. It was a bit slow with groups waiting for each other but this time of year to be expected. We’ll definitely be back paid a lot more for a lot worse

29. rustyirons | Rated | 01 Jan 2014 | Add A Review

Have played here twice before and enjoyed every game. The course is challenging with many dog leg fairways and plenty of water to mess with your head. The greens were fast but in really good condition and the grass on the side of the fairways was much shorter than last time, making it easier to find those wayward golf balls. At under $30 per person for 18 holes with a cart, this is one of the best value for money courses around.

30. raddas | Rated | 28 Dec 2013 | Add A Review

Overall a good day’s golf to be had. Course dry just like 99.5% of S/E Qld courses. A good challenge especially on the front nine. Cheap hits with a good atmosphere.

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31. Hungry | Rated | 28 Dec 2013 | Add A Review

Great game had with 3 mates,course well maintained, greens good.Just need some rain to make it shine.

32. jefraswes | Rated | 27 Dec 2013 | Add A Review

We all enjoyed it, the staff were really friendly, being boxing day we thought there would have been lots of people out enjoying a round of golf, but it was really quite. the only thing about the course was the greens were a bit rough……..it presents lots of challenges in a small course

33. trowebroc | Rated | 26 Dec 2013 | Add A Review

The course was good, nice and green. Not too many hazards or water to deal with.

34. breslaphe | Rated | 21 Dec 2013 | Add A Review

Played here for the first time. Exceptional value at $15 on iseek. Quiet mid week. Layout good. Bunkers sandy. Water is wet. Have played worse for $30+. Am surprised that those that are complaining are whinging that it wasn’t air conditioned…

35. hobasepro | Rated | 28 Nov 2013 | Add A Review

Very good value and not a lot of players to hold us up. We got around in three and a half hours. he first 9 are a bit tricky, witih plenty of challenges.

36. wiwoliwro | Rated | 10 Nov 2013 | Add A Review

Average course that is rough around the edges. The greens are extremely inconsistent due to a seeming lack of care over the longer term, with attempts to ’fix’ hard dry greens leading to sandy, slow, sometimes bumpy greens. The design of the course is enjoyable and fairways are well kept. Some tee-off zones are lacking care and consistency. A decent hit, however, the old adage, ’you get what you pay for’ seems a little to fitting.

37. nicrinath | Rated | 02 Nov 2013 | Add A Review

Great value for money here. If your looking for a good social course with a few challenges this is for you. While it’s no Sanctuary Cove, the price you pay, it’s to be expected the condition of the course will reflect this. Having said that, I feel this is a great course for what you pay and the green keeper is gradually improving the courses overall condition.

38. Ivan186 | Rated | 24 Oct 2013 | Add A Review

Don’t waste your money on this course, Never seen worse greens on a golf course.. Very poor maintenance

39. Valmai | Rated | 23 Oct 2013 | Add A Review

We have just played the course and quite enjoyed it. It can be quite challenging for the first time played. Plenty of water to catch the wayward shots. Unfortunately for us, the greens had just been cored and sanded but we had a very good rate for green fees and carts. Some areas were suffering from the lack of rain, but this is understandable.
Definitely would play there again.

40. judygibbo | Rated | 09 Oct 2013 | Add A Review

Quite a good course…some very good holes, not long but have to be accurate. Very dry and dusty but that is to be expected. Value for money very good.

41. dieseldog | Rated | 05 Oct 2013 | Add A Review

The old saying you get what you pay for… Good value for $24.50 in a cart, but that’s all I think this course is worth. very scrappy around greens with weeds and unmowed sections surrounding all greens and bunkers were very bad with hard surfaces underneath and full of loose stones.

42. Madam | Rated | 02 Oct 2013 | Add A Review


Thansk for your feedback- The individual rate provided was based on two players sharing the cart. There is/was a comment mentioning that – it displays over all rates showing. (hover over rate)

Im sorry for the misunderstanding. Many courses charge for full rate of cart regardless if one or two are riding.

43. thigichop | Rated | 01 Oct 2013 | Add A Review

The booking said my cart was included but Was made to pay for the cart again when i arrived.

44. thestekep | Rated | 08 Sep 2013 | Add A Review

This is a 2 star course at best greens have weeds growing through them no distance markers to greens and signs on tee boxes are wrong unless I can hit 300 metres with a 3 wood but for $20 a round with cart you get what you pay for

45. sgbaker | Rated | 30 Aug 2013 | Add A Review

very enjoyable day at helensvale friendly staff excellent greens well prpared, had a problem with our cart which was replaced very quickly service was great, will return.

46. prastopab | Rated | 26 Aug 2013 | Add A Review

Gc golf

Fairly good course, decently maintained, altough definitely not the most immaculate course on the Gc, you get exactly what is offered. A challenging course, not massize by any means, fairways and greens are reasonably well maintained. As others have said if you want the PERFECT golf course, go somewhere else and pay 60-150 dollars. Have enjoyed it, everytime i have been there. I would imagine most complaints here are from players who think golf is about pulling the driver out and trying to hit 200 metres. Course is also on the up and up, would love to see this course in a years time once the new groundsman has had a chance to really make a difference. This is a course that requires players to think about their club choice and power.

Also Liked

47. phostopra | Rated | 19 Aug 2013 | Add A Review

Great challenge, agree with Greg66 in that it is shortish, but you have to place your tee shots carefully. Also, because it is so cheap to play, it is full of higher handicap golfers and quite a few hackers.. so expect a long round, and expect some non-golfing etiquette.
Would be worth a round on a weekday for sure though.
Would play it again.

48. KopRed | Rated | 26 Jul 2013 | Add A Review

Helensvale GC is a great little course. The fairways are tight and nearly every hole has water. The greens are in good condition, they’re quite fast. The fairways have drainage problems but its a minor issue when you pay as little as you do to play here. You can see that they are try to improve the bunkers and fairways so I’ll happily play here again. Position off the tee is vital on most of the holes… Good luck

49. stecrathi | Rated | 24 Jul 2013 | Add A Review

The course is short but challenging and is tricky in a fun way. my only complaint is that the ground does not drain that well and there were puddles of water all throughout the fairways. But other then that i will definitely be playing again

50. DannyNunan | Rated | 08 Jul 2013 | Add A Review

Played pennant on Sunday, first time playing this course. The course is short, but, has some interesting holes. As described in previous reviews it suffers terribly from the wet and stays wet long after rain ceases. I feel sorry for the members as they were all friendly and welcoming to our teams and the financial loss due to wet weather could really take its toll on this club. I hope it doesn’t disappear as the community needs clubs like this.

51. bakahisla | Rated | 08 Jun 2013 | Add A Review

I believe Helensvale Golf Club provides excellent value for money. The course is very well kept with lush fairways and consistent greens.

Not a long course but still a challenge for most golfers.

My favorite course on the Coast and one I would choose to be a member at if I had the time to play more.

52. tommo2 | Rated | 29 May 2013 | Add A Review

Like many non-resort courses on the coast, Helensvale is friendlier, cheaper and only slightly less manicured. Greens are fast, fairways still recovering from the wet, bunkers in good nick. Some really tight holes rely on placement not power. Played the Saturday comp and went only average. Would suggest a practice round prior (like many courses). Thanks Peter, Col and Derek for great company.
The Relic

53. Petermurraynz | Rated | 13 May 2013 | Add A Review

First time using iseekgolf so wasn’t to sure how it all worked. when arrived just went to pro-shop and he sort me out, it was that easy.
Had a wonderful time played allot of golf, the course was great and the company even better.
Will be back hope to do a bit better next time

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54. johnloch | Rated | 09 May 2013 | Add A Review

Thanks for easy & quick access at short notice game .helensvale g c was just fine . No complaints. Staff were particulately helpful & pleasant
Would play again , good value. Cheers J L

55. Markzhang | Rated | 06 May 2013 | Add A Review

Good course.Defenitily come back.

56. jockinhausen | Rated | 30 Apr 2013 | Add A Review

Played 30th April 2013. A great morning’s golf. Have driven past this course a number of times and not stopped as it has been underwater!
Thankfully after some dry weather we were able to try this course out and were expecting a sub-standard course after reading the reviews. Were happily surprised at how well looked after the course is!! Bunkers raked, greens and tees well-maintained. Green-keepers on the course were busy, some repairing cart pathways, another took the dew off the greens for us as we began before 7am. No, it is not to the standard of The Glades or Hope Island, but the guys there seem to be trying their best to get the course to the best standard they can after all the rain earlier this year. Will be back to play this suburban gem.

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57. KARSTO | Rated | 29 Apr 2013 | Add A Review

Great course for the beginner or weekend hacker to have a walk, swing and a giggle. Friendly staff and members. You will loose a ball or two if you wonder or are put off by water in front of you. Will be back.

58. levipijil | Rated | 29 Apr 2013 | Add A Review

Course was in good condition with the greens very fast during the heat of the day. The staff were very helpful and we all had a good time and will be back in the future.

59. rustyirons | Rated | 24 Apr 2013 | Add A Review

Played here before and enjoyed both visits. Course is in good condition but with lots of water laying around. This means that the grass just off the fairways is always fast growing and sometimes makes it hard to find your ball. But if you can stick to the fairways it is a very pleasant yet challenging course. Definately play here again as it is just 1/2 hour from home.

60. johnm43 | Rated | 23 Apr 2013 | Add A Review

course has suffered a little from the constant rain.
some small section a bit muddy.

61. Markhill1980 | Rated | 16 Apr 2013 | Add A Review

The day we played the course it played very short as it was water logged, due to heavy rains. Course in general was fun and still was a nice walk even though we had paid for a cart through this website and when we arrived at the course we were told that we could not have one due to it being too wet. The Greens must have been just scarified as they were in ordinary shape. The Pro Shop attendant was very friendly and tried to help us the best he could. Overall though, I would not rate this course in the same pedigree as some of the other courses in the area, such as G.C country club which is charged for around the same fee. Would consider a return visit, but not in the near future.

62. thigicred | Rated | 28 Mar 2013 | Add A Review

Helensvale Golf course is challenging enough for all levels of golfers, but most suited for the average/social golfer. The rough is quite lush, so it can take some hitting to get up and down out of it. Quite a short course, but deadly if you go to long or even stray to far of course with all the water hazards, Overall i enjoyed my round of golf, and would go back again.

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63. gojipoj | Rated | 18 Mar 2013 | Add A Review

Very disappointing overall considering the weather we had, I played on the Friday 15 at Gainsborough at that was fantastic considering the conditions, fairways and rough were mowed and maintained as they know they get the players in, which is less than I can say for Helensvale, it was Shit house, carts have bogged the ground very very wet, first nine manageable and we e had no one in front of us since we were the first to hit at 6.15am. Back none terrible as got caught with 4 groups of 4 and very very slow overall 4.5 hours, will not be coming back until management get it right but you pay for what you get. It’s better than the Country club but they just put people in every where to make up for lost members and revenue, rumor is that The pub is struggling and people are not coming to the club, I wonder why, I have never seen anyone under 55 all old folks. It’s a shame because when it’s dry and looked after well it’s a great challenging course but not this day.

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64. mancoadsimka | Rated | 18 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

The course was in good condition,and tight as mentioned previously. Staff were great especially grounds staff, willing to chat as we waited on the tee. We were not told that there was a ladies comp on and we were stuck behind the last group of 4 for 10 holes waiting on the tee for 10 mins each time. This made the day a little frustrating and take over 4 1/2 hours.
Cannot complain at the price though.

65. praswodri | Rated | 15 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

Enjoyable day. A very nice course. Well priced. Employees were friendly and helpful. You can even order your food on the 8th hole and it is ready when you have finished the 9th hole. Some water traps which I seem to find often.

66. frabripib | Rated | 09 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

Very nice course to play. Not to challenging and good for beginners to learn on.

67. sastocive | Rated | 08 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

Played on 4/1/13.
As a very average golfer I found it fairly challenging. If you can stay straight you are in for a good day, a lot of water to the sides which are hard to see from the tees which cost me several balls ha ha. Overall I think this is a great value for money course and would agree with all the previous positive comments.

68. wayneb71 | Rated | 05 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

When I got there I had to pay $20 for cart hire which I thought was in cluded as my receipt quoted.

69. thadrispe | Rated | 04 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

The course was a bit too short for our group as we like the longer courses. However we did like playing ate the course a it was quite peacefull.

70. pacraslop | Rated | 02 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

First time visit to the club, just recently taken up the sport and enjoying it alot, was suprise the value for money this corse had to offer.
Friendly staff and a great layed back atmoshpere, what golf is all about i think. And for the conditions of the course, if you play straight you won’t ever have a problem. stay away from the fringe it gets nasty out there.

71. sepradeka | Rated | 17 Dec 2012 | Add A Review

booked 18 holes for sunday 17 dec via iseek.got there and they had overbooked carts..not happy that we could not have a round. But on the upside I did receive a voucher to play another day.

72. librochos | Rated | 01 Dec 2012 | Add A Review

played the course 30/11/12 if you can keep it the fairways you will score well most holes are dog legs course was dry but thats like every where else Front nine more harder than back nine Enjoyed playing there will be back

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73. brefrenep | Rated | 12 Nov 2012 | Add A Review

Never played at Helensvale before – really enjoyed it. Played on Saturday with a bunch of mates and the weather wasn’t the best (constant drizzle) but we thought the course held up well. Some of the holes are quite tricky for hackers like us – but the course still gives you plenty of chances if you are playing well.
Seemed like a nice club – the lady in the Proshop was fantastic – and suited the vibe of the club perfectly. I don’t like pretentious golf clubs (and pretentious golf club staff!!).
If I didn’t live so far away from the club I would join.


  • Challenging layout for social standard players.
  • Nice even greens
  • Some tricky approach shots
  • friendly staff


  • Too far away from my house
74. chipperslice | Rated | 11 Nov 2012 | Add A Review

The course is ok but not all that flash as well. The greens were renovated a month or so ago are are still playing slow. But what seems to be a more of a major issue is the maintaining of the rest of the golf course. Even walking with a hand cart I found the reasonably flat course very much full of pot-holes & corigations. I remember when the course was built in about 1977 & apart from remodeling of the first 2 holes, it doesn’t look like much money has been spent on maitainence. The course could be a lot better but as it is, it’s just ok. Will play again, but maybe not so often. Staff friendly enough didn’t see too many non-members on the day.

75. kenrogers | Rated | 06 Nov 2012 | Add A Review

In surprising condition considering the lack of rain. Millions of baby cane toads will become a problem soon.

76. criuative | Rated | 23 Oct 2012 | Add A Review

The course was in good condition and most enjoyable – value for money.

77. gsa | Rated | 12 Oct 2012 | Add A Review

Played today was very windy and the course was more challenging but all the greens have been cored so they where not good to putt on but overall it was still good. i will be back

78. thedrifri | Rated | 06 Oct 2012 | Add A Review

person in pro shop a bit cranky

79. frolothif | Rated | 04 Oct 2012 | Add A Review

Great value for money

80. Trav55 | Rated | 26 Sep 2012 | Add A Review

Excellent course, challanging and quite a lovely looking course and great friendly staff, will play again

81. Brian24353 | Rated | 17 Sep 2012 | Add A Review

I quite like the course. I have played it a few times,very cheap if you book on I seek golf. $19:00 with a buggy on a Friday and $29:00 on a Sunday with a buggy. (Electric of course.) I can’t understand a few of the negative comments above. There are short shrubs at the 100 metre and 150 metre distances, same as at most courses. Not hard to figure out or ask at the pro shop before tee off. not an easy course, you need to hit them fairly straight or you can find a lot of water easily. I found the second time I played I just went back a club and hit them straighter. Used a 3 wood for most tee shots. A few of the greens are reachable from the tees if you are game enough to use a driver and go over the trees. Staff,members and volunteers are all very friendly. The food is excellent. I have never had and problems with people not letting me play through. I played yeaterday with a scratch golfer and he put 3 in the water, so not an easy course. I would have to give the place an 8/10.

82. johnm43 | Rated | 11 Sep 2012 | Add A Review

enjoyed the course, interesting layout.
the course in good condition considering no rain for a month.
pro very helpfull when booking in.

83. waffle_iron | Rated | 08 Sep 2012 | Add A Review

New golf balls cannot be bought in the pro shop, Snake Eyes don’t count. It is good to see the pro shop staff taking time to point out that all second hand balls are basically the same so being choosy is not really worth a golfers time.

The course signage was unobtrusive leading to confusion as to cart traffic flow. Thankfully old mate from the pro shop was there once again to correct any infraction and discrepancy in taking the correct route back to the car park.

Never again.

84. richecroh | Rated | 07 Sep 2012 | Add A Review

Definite value for money. Buggy and 18 holes for two people for only $38. The course was very dry due to the current lack of rain. Alot of large holes on the fairways, making for a very bumpy ride in the buggy. Was good to see volunteers out on the course filling divots on the tee blocks and working behind the bar.

85. chipanputt | Rated | 02 Sep 2012 | Add A Review

We all enjoyed the game. Its certainly not one of the best courses around, but there are some challenging holes and was fantastic value at $19.00 through i seek golf

86. chezza8 | Rated | 23 Aug 2012 | Add A Review

had a great day golf was not that good but that was me not the cause

87. mattyren76 | Rated | 22 Aug 2012 | Add A Review

Great value for money. Course was in good shape and has a very challenging front nine that will test most golfers.

Also Liked

88. franselr | Rated | 10 Aug 2012 | Add A Review

The course is fine but their policy for a cart for a single player is unreasonable. I payed $19 for 18 holes with a cart on Iseekgolf. I understood an additional fee would be needed for single players with cart. The additional fee was another $19 which was seemed unreasonable. So if your a single player, it may be better to pay $38 at a better course.

89. charlieb | Rated | 06 Aug 2012 | Add A Review

Enjoyable and challenging course. However 4 people walking in front of us. Could have a Marshall to move slow groups on

90. glowy70 | Rated | 05 Aug 2012 | Add A Review

I haven’t played this course for many years and was quite surprised with the overall condition of the course, particularly the greens. At $19 each, with a cart, there is not better value for money anywhere on the coast.

91. Nolan | Rated | 30 Jul 2012 | Add A Review

I have played here a number of times and I am not sure why I keep going back, there is always something unpleasent about the place. I booked through here at a good price that included a cart only to be told when I got there that because I was a single I would have to pay another $15 for the cart kind of pissed me off a bit. Then I got stuck behind 2 young men wearing tee shirts, board shorts and thongs sharing one bag of clubs that contained no more than 5 clubs and one had quite obviously never played golf before, it would seem the club is desparate for money to let this crap go one. I dont mind the course at all its just the rubbish they let play there.

92. LordSteve | Rated | 30 Jul 2012 | Add A Review

A comfortable course for most golfers but not a resort course. Not a long course but one has to be on target or you will be punished. The course is in average condition and is a good country course with pleasant staff in the club house and above average food.

93. russelltoaster | Rated | 27 Jul 2012 | Add A Review

Played here this morning and walked away very happy. Course is very short back 9 but value for your dollar is fantastic. We payed 19 bucks each for 18 holes with a cart and well if you just want a good social round then I don’t know anywhere to match this value. I actually live at Sanctuary Cove but will be playing here again as for value for your buck its worth the 10 min drive. Don’t get me wrong this is no Sanctuary Cove but in a group of 4 you will walk away about 400 bucks better off in the wallet so you make your own mind up but thats a lot of beers you can enjoy during and after your game.


  • Good carts
  • Great value
  • Bunkers in good condition


  • Fairways a little rough

Also Liked

94. vamadafra | Rated | 25 Jun 2012 | Add A Review

Short but challenging course. Greens were very fast and small. Need to be very precise with club selection. I found when hitting my approach shots that i sometimes would go down a club as the ball wouldn’t hold onto the green. Plenty of bunkers around the greens that were in good condition. All in all it was a fun social game, although i had the same problems with members in the group in front, they must of thought they were playing for a green jacket. For the price I paid I would give it a 6.5/10

95. rustyirons | Rated | 29 May 2012 | Add A Review

We thoroughly enjoyed our game at Helensvale. Staff were very helpful and friendly and the course was in good condition. the greens in particular were a pleasure to play as they were all in excellent condition. Had no problem with the "locals". Will definately be going back soon

96. uepretrab | Rated | 23 May 2012 | Add A Review

Lovely course nice & well established. Has it’s own character? Needs a bit of care – lots of bumps along the way. Price is ok but would have paid more if in better nick.
Club house need a bit of a refurbish too.
On the whole 6/10

97. DavoM | Rated | 25 Apr 2012 | Add A Review

We played after a lot of rain, and quite agree with the review above regarding drainage – it was still very wet underfoot. Good course layout, but some of the holes have shortened fairways at the moment. Lacked a bit of direction on the course – got lost a few times. Some of the holes had some severe dog legs and it was unclear where the actual greens were, which was a bit frustrating. Overall though, it was excellent value for money. Course suits good golfers.
I give it 6 out of 10 at the moment – will improve when it dries out.

98. kenrogers | Rated | 17 Apr 2012 | Add A Review

I liked the layout and although it is not long it has it’s challenges.
The greens were excellent and the fairways well grassed although very soggy from 3 days of rain. The constant dips across the fairways (obviously to help drainage)are a pain and don’t solve the problem. Clubhouse ok, pro shop just average, members friendly.

Also Liked

99. JONJON | Rated | 16 Apr 2012 | Add A Review

Played on 13 April 2012 following some light rain. The course was in reasonable condition and the layout offers some challenges although it is a relatively short course (70 par). It’s definitely worthwhile for a game at $19/person with cart! The greens were generally fast although it can be a little inconsistent between holes. Good value and good for a warm up before playing at one of Coast’s better courses.

Also Liked

100. rauipitha | Rated | 10 Apr 2012 | Add A Review

I was dissapointed with this course. Having not played there previously, it was hard to follow at times seeing as the cards(which looked like they were printed off a home computer) or carts had no map on them. There seemed to be a huge lack of distance markers, if they were there we couldnt see them and as other people have said, the pace was very slow due to older members playing in front of us and refusing to allow us to play through. We eventually skipped the 10th and 11th holes to get in front of them and played those holes at the end of our game. 18 holes 5.5 hours Sorry, but wont be back.

Also Liked

101. paulsinclair61 | Rated | 09 Apr 2012 | Add A Review

Didn’t play so well not the fault of the course. Had a great run around not many people playing. The course was interesting with a few holes that provided risk reward but pounced on you if you got it wrong. Not a lot of water but enough to claim a few of my balls.

102. chihewapr | Rated | 02 Apr 2012 | Add A Review

played helensvale on the 1/4/12 very impressed with the course greens were excellent and fast. fairways were in great condition. played parkwood, gainsborough, G.C country club. in last 4 weeks and helensvale was best so far. only bad point was the large divots and drainage contours. becomes a rough day in a golf cart lol. will be back tho well worth the 29 bucks

103. bopedacre | Rated | 26 Mar 2012 | Add A Review

Its a cheap course that was not very pleasant to play yesterday. It had been raining alot during the week and it did not drain well at all. The rough in particular was so sodden it was almost unplayable. It was terribly slow play and the front nine too 2.5 hours to play! It is also very short with many of the par 4s under 300m. There are no distance markers – how hard is it to provide that

104. chezza8 | Rated | 16 Mar 2012 | Add A Review

unfortuneatly we were washed out after 4 holes how ever the pro at the club invited us back for a free game which was really nice of him so looking forward to going back next week

105. mic__mac | Rated | 12 Mar 2012 | Add A Review

We play a large variety of courses between Gold & Sunshine Coasts and we always come back to Helensvale for the challenge and relaxed atmosphere. The staff are always very friendly.


  • Challenging
  • Value for money
  • Variety


  • Facilities are getting old

Also Liked

106. frisletra | Rated | 12 Mar 2012 | Add A Review

Really enjoyed playing this course. It was in good condition and was no too busy. No waiting between tee;s etc. Quite a challenging course fro the beginner golfer with a lot of water.Very good value for money. Will be playing here again.

107. mawathodo | Rated | 06 Feb 2012 | Add A Review

Course was in good condition for only a two days after the heavy rain.

Also Liked

108. kepranosl | Rated | 23 Jan 2012 | Add A Review

Challanging Layout, lots of danger either side of most fairways. Must plot your way around if you intend to shot a good score. Layout and challanging nature of the course rated well. However the course lacked complete polish. The course presentation really detracted from the experience. Bare areas everywhere, mud puddles, long unkeep grass in play areas. The course obviously has budget retrictions. Still enjoyed experience however the presentation of the course detracted from the experience.

109. ChrisG1 | Rated | 16 Jan 2012 | Add A Review

Fairly tight course and is tricky, you must be able to hit straight otherwise you could lose soem balls. Back 9 less so but really great day out, found the members really friendly and drank with them until after 5pm.

110. swajihawr | Rated | 16 Jan 2012 | Add A Review

Nice course with some holes that need to be thought about before playing. 1st 3 holes provide a challenge.
Overall good to play.

111. wresestog | Rated | 06 Jan 2012 | Add A Review

Helensvale was a pleasing course, some tricky holes and as a first time player the lack of information – no mud map on scorecard – was a challenge. The courese was in good condition appart from thelack of good sand cover in the bunkers. Clubhouse staff were helpful and friendly. Overall you get what you pay for if you want more go somewhere else, if you want a reasonable priced practice course this is it.

112. lukemc | Rated | 29 Dec 2011 | Add A Review

Nice course, a bit wet and has water hazards on nearly every hole. Not a long course but tricky if you tend to stray off the fairways. Paid on iseek only to be told that i hadn’t paid for a cart (which was included in the fee on iseek) had to produce my email receipt to prove it at which time was told we don’t get that copy so we don’t know you booked a cart.

113. davidjj | Rated | 26 Nov 2011 | Add A Review

Played on a Friday morning. No issues getting a cart and the course was fairly dry considering we had rain the previous day and evening. Course was in reasonable shape and even off the back tees the course is not that long but includes some really interesting holes – 1st and 18th come to mind. Course is easy to walk and would recommend bring along a golf ball scoop retriever if you have one. Clubhouse and facilities looking very tired and unnattractive. Thanks to the friendly guy in the pro-shop who sent us off the 10th instead of the 1st – 3 hour round in the cart.

114. LukeMHolland | Rated | 21 Nov 2011 | Add A Review

A nice course however fairly expensive green fees for a course needing some infrastructure updates.

115. JP1961 | Rated | 19 Nov 2011 | Add A Review

Normally play better quality courses on the coast but thought with Helensvale being just round the corner, I try again. ( played once, six years ago).

How can I say this nicely ………. I can’t. It is a very poor standard of course, so bad in fact that I will never played it again.

116. saswacrot | Rated | 24 Oct 2011 | Add A Review

Unfortunately didn’t get to play – We booked with a cart online only to be told upon arriving that all the carts were already booked, apparently this happens all the time! We drove for an hour to get there and I have had a knee operation so I couldn’t walk(sounded a bit like a scam as indications are this has happened a lot??). Wasted 2hrs of our time, fuel, etc… and no compensation – only given a voucher for future use – which I had already paid for!!

117. thomo | Rated | 24 Oct 2011 | Add A Review

great price ,great course, great people

118. freslirop | Rated | 04 Oct 2011 | Add A Review

Very friendly and helpful. Introduced us to the course, ensured we had map cards, and pointed us to the first and tenth tees. They appreciated the phone call to inform that we were running late

very smooth running electric carts

Course and greens
Tricky layouts, narrow fairways and numerous water. We enjoyed the challenge but parted with some balls

About right. We paid $29 each via iseek, incl carts

119. dawap | Rated | 18 Sep 2011 | Add A Review

Played here on Saturday for the first time. My playing partner is a fairly new golfer, so this course was ideal. The course was busy & play was slow but we had no pressure from the other groups, it just seemed to flow. We had a good day & would play here again. I have to mention just how friendly the members are, they were all keen for a chat & made us feel very welcomed.

120. pisposedr | Rated | 29 Aug 2011 | Add A Review

had to play the composite course par 68. Had a lot of rain the day before and it was spongy underfoot at best. Bunkers unplayable and although a short course in the main there was little run along fairways. Overall I would give it a complete miss in the wet. it would be best to check the courses condition before booking.

121. pheratres | Rated | 16 Aug 2011 | Add A Review

We only ended up playing the front nine – as we teed off after 1pm (1.15) – had booked the cart and 18 holes – but was phoned up by the pro shop to say that we couldnt have the cart out after 1pm. Probably more a problem with iseek, than Helensvale GC though. The guy in the proshop gave us a voucher for the cart thoguh to be used when we go there next (if we do) so a thumbs up for customer service. My mate and I didn’t overly like the course though – although it was relatively challenging – it is easy to lose balls on the course if you are not always on the fairway. Not in very good nick all up. We would rate it a 5/10.

122. gojipoj | Rated | 13 Aug 2011 | Add A Review

I really enjoyed my round at Helensvale today, the course itself needs to be looked after better, but it is a public course after all. The greens were in better shape compared to a weekend, Sunday that I played, it had de ties and branches and leaves all over most greens. But to play virtually uninterrupted on a Friday it was great, I will defintly will come again on a weekday. Staff friendly and helpful.

123. burt328 | Rated | 08 Aug 2011 | Add A Review

Played Helensvale on the weekend and really enjoyed the course. The course was a little bit shorter than most, but it made up for its shortness with all the water around the course. A perfect course for a straite hitter. I managed to stray a bit and donated a few balls to the lakes and drains. The fairways and greens were in great condition. I will definitely be playing there again, great value for money.

Also Liked

124. GDTudor | Rated | 19 Jun 2011 | Add A Review

We enjoyed the afternoons game although it took us a bit of 4hr 30 min which was a bit longer for a short course. The Golf shop was very good and getting cards and buggies very easy. The course was wetter than I thought it should be seeing as we have quite few rain free days of late. Greens were passable.

125. evancorben | Rated | 23 May 2011 | Add A Review

This is a great little course to hone in on your short game. Some very tight fairways and approaches. The course was in reasonably good condition although a little wet as had rained overnight. Tee off early if you dont want to get held up by members, we played in a foursome at 6am and had no one in front. For the price of $20 a head for golf on a Sunday morning you cant beat it

126. gojipoj | Rated | 16 May 2011 | Add A Review

Helensvale is a very challenging golf course which has water and bunkers for all level of players to manage. I unfortunately found the water too many times to my liking. However I enjoyed my round of golf. It would be nice if groups in front moved faster and were more courteous towards a couple playing or a single person playing to allow them to go through.

127. segicrobe | Rated | 16 May 2011 | Add A Review

Great golf course, well maintained, did not have to deal with boggy runways like some of the courses as the moment further south

128. paul03203 | Rated | 14 May 2011 | Add A Review

A pleasure to play at, there was no water lying around and the course is in very good condition, we even had a koala slaunter across in front us at the 5th green.

129. AaronAldenton | Rated | 02 May 2011 | Add A Review

On the day we played the Helensvale course it was heavily water logged. The course is challenging with little forgiveness if you miss the fairways. Greens were in reasonable condition also.

-Value for money
-Carts are reasonable
-Challenging course

-Facilities are out of date
-Lack of distance markers

Overall 7/10

130. Mercury_Rising | Rated | 25 Apr 2011 | Add A Review

1st time player there yesterday – it was still a bit wet from the recent rain – good course and challenging with accuracy a must – gave 2 balls to the dam gods


  • nice and flat


  • Map lacking on score card
131. metalbeast | Rated | 14 Feb 2011 | Add A Review

great course first time played it, extremelly challanging for first time player, great value only problem was lack of course markers hard to figure out what club to use overhit a few approacvh shots but will def be back


  • greens


  • distance markers
132. will2008 | Rated | 14 Feb 2011 | Add A Review

A nice course with some challenging holes for the first time user. Too many people booked in to the morning session which meant it took us over 3 hrs to play nine holes!

133. Rolf | Rated | 10 Feb 2011 | Add A Review

You need some local knowledge to really enjoy this course. Tee shot placement is critical as water, narrow fairways long grass and gum trees lining the fairways and approaches to the green can been a harsh penalty for hiting even a touch off line. The course condition was generally good but needed a mow. Greens were slow, fairways needed a cut and the rough was deep. The biggest frustration for us as first timers was the poor distance markers provided on the course. Unless you are planning to play this course regularly, or have a member with you, be prepared to get frustrated and loose balls even when hitting them well.

134. bspen11 | Rated | 14 Dec 2010 | Add A Review

great course i just joineaed a week ago and played 2 rounds of 18 and 2 rounds of 9

135. jifrophan | Rated | 14 Nov 2010 | Add A Review

Very good nick, I will look at joining because it has a good feel and the members seem very nice.

136. tapilemet | Rated | 08 Nov 2010 | Add A Review

A good layout which tests the strayed tee shot. Lots of water, so take extra balls. The description at each hole is not entirely reliable so for first time players to the course you need to make your own decisions. The greens were fast and firm.

137. duffbeer4me | Rated | 18 Oct 2010 | Add A Review

played 17/10, course still suffering from the after effects of all the rain. The 1st is temp hole not the par 5, the bunkers have lost a lot of sand and very boggy under foot in places,not that it bothers me but also no motorised carts, still enjoyed the round and a very friendly club and credit to the greenstaff under such an immense drowning it has had.

138. One_Flipper | Rated | 17 Oct 2010 | Add A Review

Great value for money with good hole layout (especially the 1st!). Friendly staff and not over-crowded so played through without delay on a sunday.

139. funster | Rated | 27 Sep 2010 | Add A Review

Great little course and at $20.00 excellent value for money in my opinion, tricky course especially the front 9 if your not accurate you will be punished.

140. GeoffDickens | Rated | 24 Sep 2010 | Add A Review

An enjoyable not too challenging course apart from some steep bunkers and ideal for a hacker like me. 2 of us took 3 hours to complete the 18 holes walking which was also great. Will definitely be playning there again.

141. japerabec | Rated | 01 Sep 2010 | Add A Review

Excellent value for money at $15 in the week. The course is currently in good condition. I am only an average golfer and the challenge offered by this course exactly meets my needs.

142. russell9189 | Rated | 19 Aug 2010 | Add A Review

great course with tight tricky greens, some water in well placed positions.

Also Liked

143. giwemipre | Rated | 18 Aug 2010 | Add A Review

This is the 2nd time I have played the course and this time round seemed like the course was in better cond. It’s an extremely short course but still has a lot of challenging holes.

Preferred lie is definitely still required as fairways are extremely patchy.

All in all though the course is hard to beat for the price paid $20.

Also Liked

144. kevin88913 | Rated | 03 Apr 2010 | Add A Review

The course was quite wet due to recent rain. We were almost 20 minutes late teeing off and had a group of 5 directly in front. At the 3rd hole we could see that in front of the group of 5 was a group of 4 then a group of 6! It was very very slow as a result of these large groups.

145. duffbeer4me | Rated | 27 Feb 2010 | Add A Review

Played a couple of weeks ago and course has suffered as a result of the vast amount of rain but an enjoyable track and good value for money. A golf course doesn’t have to be manicured all the time, it all adds to the challenge. Enjoyed walking, also makes a change.

146. tana | Rated | 20 Feb 2010 | Add A Review

Comfortable (but a bit tired…) course.
Local kids playing after us hit balls into us not once but 3-4 times which were very dangerous with no manner at all, and let us DOWN on overall impression on the course.

147. cichodribi | Rated | 06 Feb 2010 | Add A Review

Helensvale golf course is a delightful fun coarse, enjoyed it throughly,even playing on a hot humid and even wet day. Found the staff most helpful really had a great day!

148. Hayley77 | Rated | 29 Jan 2010 | Add A Review

Very relaxed. Friendly staff. 1st tee is par 5 long right dog leg – tricky tricky for us beginners! Fairways are not in the best of nick but we liked the course all the same. Comp was in front of us, no one behind… had a great round in the sun. Would go back but only for the $10 we paid for the round (walking).

149. 5kings | Rated | 20 Jan 2010 | Add A Review

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. It is a short course – but you must be straight or you can find a lot of trouble. The fairways and greens were in good condition – but the bunkers were poor.

The benefit of playing Helensvale is you get to use your short game a lot and you do not need our driver on every hole.

For the price it is excellent value for money.

150. capriweba | Rated | 09 Jan 2010 | Add A Review

Good course lots of water and mosquitos. Shorter but interesting. Played the course twice. Very very reasonable price and cannot complain about value for money. No waiting if you book.

151. tekarasin | Rated | 31 Dec 2009 | Add A Review

Having played this course recently and not classing myself as anything other than a hacker, I was disappointed in this course. I do understand that I played more tree lines then fairways, and that we have had a lot of rain. Therefore fairways and bunkers were more water traps.

However some other things were more disappointing. The lack of fairway markers made club selection difficult. The fairways appeared to not be in the best of condition (despite the rain). Mozzies! wow, never played a game of golf and been bitten by so many mozzies. Unfortunately we paid for 18, left after 9 a bit down.

152. LOK11 | Rated | 30 Dec 2009 | Add A Review

Played front 9 twice now in the last week with a pair and then 3 groups. Even though the course was completely waterlogged (and still raining) and hence more than a little challenging, we had a fine time. Accuracy is paramount.

153. goma2484 | Rated | 29 Dec 2009 | Add A Review

A testing course for golfers of all standards.

154. piwritric | Rated | 24 Nov 2009 | Add A Review

Not a bad course and at an excellent price. quiet and not over crowded like some other courses on the coast. only problem was the greens, which had been totally screwed up by birds, leaving huge holes and divots everywhere.

155. kevin88913 | Rated | 02 Nov 2009 | Add A Review

I was disappointed that the price for 18 holes walking had increased at the same time the greens were undergoing maintenance. Most of the greens were not suitable for putting. However it was not a busy day. Students from the local High School called us through and played and behaved with credit to their teachers and school.

156. fridracek | Rated | 31 Oct 2009 | Add A Review

9 players 3 per team all had a great day and will come back as $20 is very good value.Having payed there some 20 years ago the course is still great some very good holes for all to enjoy.thank you for hospitality and will be back.

157. swogestop | Rated | 19 Oct 2009 | Add A Review

An enjoyable morning on a fairly well laid out course, which has matured nicely. A not very forgiving course meaning you need to be fairly accurate with your shots. A fair amount of water also makes for an interesting day of golf. Would definately play again. Especially at the dicounted rate.

Also Liked

158. spegefros | Rated | 03 Oct 2009 | Add A Review

I find Helensvale an enjoyaable experience. All staff are very help ful and friendly. The course is very challenging but if it were too easy it would be menotenous. Course maintenance is great. Always lose many balls but that’s my fault. Need more lessons from Brandon. Like anywhere the members are a mix of really lovely and helpful people and some will not go out of their way to help at all.

Also Liked

159. Markwid | Rated | 28 Sep 2009 | Add A Review

Good value golf club. The green were pretty good too! They only down side was a group of SIX playing in front of us. Bunkers need some work.

160. noelshep | Rated | 18 Sep 2009 | Add A Review

A lovely looking course with very forgiving Fairways. There are enough hiden traps (sand and water) to make life interesting, yet enough less challenging approaches to allow a 20 handicapper to achieve 4-5 Par’s, even chipped in 12om for an Eagle – Great Golf for the money.

161. groper | Rated | 25 Aug 2009 | Add A Review

For value and challenge, great course. One of the toughest opening hole in SE Qld!!!

162. wyclim | Rated | 17 Aug 2009 | Add A Review

It is a pleasant and challenging course to play. However, it needs a lot of repair work and upkeeping, particularly the fairways. It would be nice if one can book a buggy online when booking the teetime online. We were disappointed that we were not able to hire a buggy when we checked in at the club.

163. phaswatas | Rated | 01 Aug 2009 | Add A Review

Helensvale is a tough course which I enjoyed. A lot of sand bunkers and water everywhere. I did find it difficult to sind a couple of holes but overall it represented good value.

164. boris | Rated | 28 Jul 2009 | Add A Review

Hard and fast greens challenging
fairways a little patchy in places
challenging layout
Best value round going at $10 on iseekgolf.com

165. kiwi75 | Rated | 27 Jul 2009 | Add A Review

Not a bad layout very tight in places.Very good value for $10 and needs some tlc and distance markers.

166. chiueslic | Rated | 25 Jul 2009 | Add A Review

Challenging public course with lots of natural water hazards. Many of the holes, particularly on the front nine are daunting when you first play them, but when you know what to expect they become ’challenging’ When played on non competition days I have had no problems with being held up. Do not play for at least a week after heavy rain as the course appears to have been built on a flood plain.

167. kpac | Rated | 23 Jul 2009 | Add A Review

Not the worst course on the Gold Coast. Friendly staff, and good greens make it worth at least a look.

168. Douw40 | Rated | 09 Jul 2009 | Add A Review

it is a short cource but you have to think when playing it The fairays were showing signs of bad dranage and the greens were bumpy, but overall I will play there again

169. mitch22 | Rated | 08 Jul 2009 | Add A Review

Helensvale is quite a tight layout. With recent heavy rain on the Coast, the course is still suffering the effects of this.The course suffers from poor drainage and several areas on the course were in poor condition due to the use of carts in these wet areas. Had a good deal from iseek but would be disappointed if a full rate was charged with the course in such poor condition.

170. ahalec | Rated | 30 Jun 2009 | Add A Review

A nice short layout with demanding small greens. On the day, the condition of the course was mediocre which was probably due to the effects of flooding from consistent rain over the previous weeks.

However it seemed the course couldn’t handle the rain well resulting in large amounts of retained water and mud. My foremost criticism is based on the seemingly poor drainage of the course.

If the course was maintained in better condition and had improved drainage it would be in my opinion a very nice gold course.

171. drafroras | Rated | 30 Jun 2009 | Add A Review

Played a few days after the rain. Ground was very muddy. 2nd nine is much easier than the first nine. First nine was narrower with water running down the side. Many bunkers were filled with water and under repair. Greens were in good condition.

Also Liked

172. bennorris | Rated | 27 Jun 2009 | Add A Review

We managed to book a round for $10 on a Friday morning on an iseekgolf special. The course was extremely soggy and as we had to walk the 18 holes (for obvious reasons) the going was pretty tough at times. The layout was quite challenging and I’d be interested to play the course again on a dry & sunny day. As it was for $10 you can’t really complain and the challenge even for moderate hitters like myself is when to put the driver in the bag and focus more on accuracy.

Also Liked

173. kevin88913 | Rated | 17 Jun 2009 | Add A Review

Only able to play 9 holes because of the time of day. Very enjoyable

174. Pipp | Rated | 15 May 2009 | Add A Review

Played on 15/5/09. Only played 9 holes (the back nine) but I have to say that despite being a short course both myself and my playing partner really liked it! Quite challenging as the fairways are quite narrow and doglegs force you to think about the shot you’re going to play.
Greens and fairways were good, well maintained course and quite cheap too (payed 15 dollars for 9 holes). I will be back here and might consider joining when my membership at another club expires.

175. Eekthecat | Rated | 01 Jan 2009 | Add A Review

Played the Comp today at the very friendly club. There has been some recent rain and the course still had a number of muddy patches. I would take a guess and say that the course does not drain very well.

The actual layout is great with some fantastic holes and ones that really tests your long iron/hybrid play.

Be warned that if you stray off the fairway you are in some serious rough.

Excellent value for money. My group has played at most [if not all] of the courses on the GC and we would come back and play at Helensvale anytime. The facilities are not the most modern but the staff and proshop make up for it in their great service with a smile.


  • Great Staff
  • Friendly Members
  • Value for money
  • Challenging course layout


  • Course could use a bit of a touch up
  • Distance markers
  • Drinks Cart?!
176. michaelfinder | Rated | 16 May 2008 | Add A Review

Helensvale is a very challenging course. The course presents well with nice fast greens and plenty of bunkering. The first hole is a terric Par 5 – not for the faint hearted. Go for the green in two if you are good enough or lay up and still have a water carry for your third. Water comes into play on most holes. This is not a course where driver is used on every hole; lots of thought required to place your tee shot. Accuracy is the key to Helensvale. The general atmosphere in the club is friendly and welcoming and since my last visit many renovations have occurred. Well worth a look.

177. Drgribuls | Rated | 26 Apr 2008 | Add A Review

I have joined helensvale about 3 months ago, and can’t speak highly enough of it. the people there are fantastic, easily the friendliest golf course i’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. fortunately these people seem to have maitained their decency, and everyone is treated as an old friend. a lovely change to the golf snobs who frequent many courses in brisbane. The course is always in good condition, unless there is torrential rain. But if you like your easy, wide open manicured resort courses you wouldn’t like it, because the rough is actually rough. I lost 10 balls in my first round. But now i would not join anywhere else, even if it was offered for free.

178. chezza037 | Rated | 20 Mar 2008 | Add A Review

Great course although very short, it is very challenging. It is known as the friendly club & the service I received from all was great. Great clubhouse facilities – so fresh & charming. Will be back again.

179. ezilay | Rated | 19 Mar 2008 | Add A Review

Helensvale Golf Course & surrounds has definetly changed over the past couple of years. The improvements to the course are unbelievable & are a credit to the new greenkeeper & his staff. The clubhouse has been fully re-furbished & is full airconditioned. They have a great Friday night with major raffles, entertainmet & great food from the bistro

180. bell1qu118 | Rated | 21 May 2007 | Add A Review

I recently decided to play a social round at helensvale and called the proshop to book a tee-time. The person on the phone was very very rude. He barked available tee-times down the line at me and when I requested a specific tee-time he kept shouting "8:15" at me.

I asked him to please not be rude but he totally lost his cool. When I told him his service is ordinary and that I will be telling others about it – his response "You do what you want – have a nice life" and hung up on me… :)

Needless to say I will be spreading the word not to bother even trying to play this goat track.

181. scenicpeak | Rated | 10 Jan 2007 | Add A Review

This is one of the worst golf courses on the Gold Coast. Right there with Tally Valley, Coplicks and Meadow Farm. We play it in pennants, we're offered a free round for practise and noe of us choose to play. Enough said.

182. golfcrazy | Rated | 08 Jan 2007 | Add A Review

Just joined the club and very happy I've done so. Decent fairways, great greens, plenty of variety and challenges. Heaps of practice facilities at no extra charge. Friendly staff. Pleasant scenary and lots of wildlife. Excellent low monthly membership and guests of members only pay $10. Bargain. No complaints.

183. conpandelakis | Rated | 25 Oct 2006 | Add A Review

Having recently joined this Club and having read the reviews, I was keen to check out for myself the validity or otherwise of some of the disparaging remarks by some earlier players. First impressions were warm and satisfying, with office staff and the resident professional, Brandon Coleman, coming across as genuinely friendly and helpful. On to the course for my first game with a fellow "new member". What a surprise, after the aforesaid negative descriptions. Absolutely beautifully-presented greens, healthy fairways, sensible rough and challenges all the way without anything breaking the spirit was what we found. During the course of the outing, we noted the attention that the grounds staff were giving to details of their work. The course superintrendant is obviously doing a great job. At the end of the game, over a refreshing coldie in the clubhouse, my playing partner and I agreed that we had really got lucky in choosing to join Helensvale. I'm taking my first guests in a few days' time and I am certain that they will enjoy it and will want to come back.

184. chrisv | Rated | 02 Mar 2006 | Add A Review

After playing this course recently and then reading a few of the below reviews on this course, I feel compelled to respond.

Overall this course is rather short, but the true beauty of this course is that it challenges the mind of every golfer no matter what your skill level is.

The fairways are generally tree lined with many water hazrads, so if you spary the ball be prepared to fight you way out. A good coverage of grass along all fairways is standard throughout, if you miss the fairway (take note jsvheron) you will play from the rough...this is the uncut section outside of the fairway...ok

Greens are generally medium-good size and are of 328 grass, and most holes are all in good condition. The greens vary in shape and undulations, but are on the slow side.

Many people have criticised some of the older members being a pain, this happens at every course around Australia...don't let one bad day ruin a good game of golf and a true perspective of a golf course.

General facilities are in need of upgrading, and I have heard of a considerable amount of money being spent in the near future. Pro shop is on the small side and found the pro to be very pleasent and helpful. Ground staff are very good in giving way to players and always seem to be busy.

If you want to play a course that has all the characteristics of a "Championship Course", go and pay the money for the privelage. But considering the cost of green fees and the challenge that lay ahead of you, it's well worth the outlay. It's not the sort of course where you can bang a driver 250m down each fairway, I found it a nice change to play long irons off the tee and challenge my short game throughout the day.

Overall i would rate it 7/10

185. jsvheron | Rated | 28 Dec 2005 | Add A Review

This would be the worst course I have played on. The fairways were rough and hardly mown. If you hit your ball off the fairway, expect to spend ages looking for it, as the grass everywhere is about 250 mm high. It looks as if the greenkeepers couldn't be bothered any more.

The greens, though, were quite good. Average size and nice to putt. You'll need to spend time clearing away the leaves, as the greenkeepers couldn't be bothered.

As we teed off on the 12th, a greenkeeper parked his ute next to the tee with radio blaring so loud, we couldn't hear ourselves talking!

The green fees were cheap, but what good is that if you have to spend most of your time looking for your ball (even on some fairways), or trying to hit out of 250mm grass.

The pro shop staff are mediocre, and act as if they're doing you a favour to let you play there! I'll never go back, not even if they paid me!

186. mjdoyle | Rated | 14 Feb 2005 | Add A Review

This is a good course for someone just getting started. It is short but can be challenging, especially with the amount of water around. However, as your game develops and you look for a challenge, it definately isn't what you would be looking for.

187. slicer100 | Rated | 26 Jan 2005 | Add A Review

I found this course to be great fun, and quite challenging in certain parts, the course always seems to be in satisfactory condition with the staff being very helpful and friendly, the only major grip I have with this course is how inconsiderate some of the older members are. On a number of occasions, I have had players hitting up behind our group and actually hitting one our players in the leg with one of their drives, the sooner the members understand that they do not own the course and that it is after a public course the better off the club will be. I know this is probably a tiny minority of members, but it certainly made a bad impression on myself and my playing partners.

188. calaisvr | Rated | 26 Sep 2004 | Add A Review

Playing this course was a big disapointment I looks like they have just mapped out a course from some openings of land.

Some of the holes you couldn't chip onto the green properly as the ground was crap. All of the greens were ruff slow and covered in animal poo! It would be nice if they were maintained slightly!

The sand was of the dirty kind!

No map at all of how the course pans out! each hole was a blinder and not having played there before.

I would never go back there as I could play golf to that calliber at the local park with a movable flag.

189. korned108 | Rated | 18 Jul 2004 | Add A Review

If it wasnt for slow play and members not letting you play through, it could be an ok course. Very short, when I played it was water logged.

190. long | Rated | 14 Jan 2004 | Add A Review

I would agree with greg66, short but challenging course, loved the greens makes for precise and consistant play off the tee and accurate iron shots at the green and you must have a very good short game.

However it's the sort off course that you can attack if your long as well.

My only major complaint would be that I was by myself and for 13 holes the inconsiderate group of elderly gentlleman (I use the term gentleman very loosely) who played in a five would not let me through, I did ask three times if they minded if I could play through but they must of had there hearing aids turned down to low, sorry if this sounds blunt but a bit of respect would be nice as I showed plenty of respect by not hitting up on them at any time.

I'm sorry but I would never go back.

Enough said.

Course I would rate 6/10.

191. greg66 | Rated | 11 Jun 2003 | Add A Review

Helensvale Golf club is a short but sometimes tricky course where accuracy takes precedence over distance. The greens are all 328 grass and are large and fairly easy to hit on the fly, but difficult to hold. It can be quite challenging with trouble on both sides of nearly every hole ( there are very few fairways running side by side without a water hazard in between ). The fairways are solid and have good grass coverage with very few bare patches however it has a drainage problem so it stays wet underfoot for a long time after rain. All in all it's a pleasant course to play and can be challenging for those of us who tend to stray from the fairways on occasion.

I give it 7 out of 10.

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