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Salisbury Green Par 3 Golf Course & Driving Range is a nine-hole par 3 course with challenging executive length holes. We have a practise driving range with eight bays, two grass areas and a practise putting green.

The golf course is on the Little River Linear Park and is a truly beautiful place. We welcome beginners to the more advanced and we cater for the individual or group bookings. BBQ facilities available.

We have a club cafe with cappuccino, cakes, hot rolls, pies and pasties. Hire equipment available.


  • Name: Salisbury Country Golf Links
  • Region: Adelaide, SA
  • Address: Lot 12 Diment Road
    5108, South Australia, Australia
  • General: (08) 8280 8520
  • Holes: 9
  • Metres: 1043m
  • Par: 27
1. q-tip | Rated | 02 Dec 2012 | Add A Review

Land was purchased here in the 1960s and an 18-hole Par 54 golf course was built and opened in the 1990s. In recent times, the private owners of the course have been forced to close 9 holes close to Wyatt Road and it currently operates as a 9-hole golf course.

Salisbury Country measures 874m Par 27 with holes ranging from 75-130m. There are only 4 holes longer than 100m in length here.

There are 9 tiny Santa Ana couch grass greens (dimensions no larger than 8m long x 8m wide) which are extremely bumpy and very slow. The course has kikuyu grass fairways and teebeds which are extremely dry and patchy.

In terms of hazards, there are no bunkers and there are 2 small ponds on the course which are home to the ducks.

1st-89m is a flat hole to a tiny green.
2nd-105m with the green slightly above the tee to a bunkerless green.
3rd-90m with the green slightly above the tee with an alternate ‘island’ tee on the pond.
4th-130m is a flat hole with a small concrete channel pond short left of the bunkerless green.
5th-93m is another flat hole.
6th-102m is another flat hole.
7th-115m is another flat hole.
8th-75m is another flat hole.
9th-75m is another flat hole like the 8th.

Despite being only par 3s one feels the length of these holes are too short and are in too terrible a condition to be used as a practice course as full-length golf courses does not generally have holes less than 100m in length.

Course access is from Diment Road, (off either Bagster Road or Heaslip Road) in the north-eastern industrial suburb of Direk, near the RAAF Edinburgh base.

Played here 18th October 2012 with $10 green fees for 9 holes or $6 green fees before 10am or after 3pm.

Being a privately owned course the course conditioning can be quite variable. At the moment the nearby 9-holer at Salisbury Green which also consists of Par 3s offers more challenges and is in better condition than Salisbury Country.

2. hiker | Rated | 06 Mar 2012 | Add A Review

we have played the par3 at Diment Rd four times since Christmas and although it looks unloved, it is well watered and good fun to play and if you get there before 10am it will cost you just $6 for 18 holes. The old reviews above nearly put me off. Best always to see for yourself eh?. A good course for beginners. Not for golf snobs.

3. jamdog | Rated | 09 Jan 2009 | Add A Review

The course description is for the following course:
Salisbury Green Golf Course
Martins Road,
Salisbury 5108
South Australia.
Ph (08) 8285 7677

The par 3 course certainly can be challenging for most.
The driving range is a great way to help improve your golf with buckets of 50 and 100 balls available and cheap.

The staff are always friendly and a pleasant place to relax while having a hit.

This is a highly reccommended course for all levels of golfers.
Even allowing for the heat and the dry conditions, the greens and fairways are in great condition.

4. j_dog | Rated | 09 Apr 2008 | Add A Review

wow!!! what a great golf course, i have never seen greens rolling as fast as these. if there are any touring pros that want to challenge themselves this would have to be the toughest course in south australia!

5. mickgillies | Rated | 26 Nov 2007 | Add A Review

What a miserable excuse for a couse. Ran down greens (more like Browns), no rules to cover drunkardness and rules of courtesy. The water area is putrid-i feel even the brown snakes have moved on. This used to be a fairly good par 3 course but im afrai time has taken its toll

6. bogyboy | Rated | 26 Jun 2007 | Add A Review

after palying this course i would not recomend it as it is not very good greens in very bad condition and not worth the money that are asking if you go there only take a putter and a sand wedge it ass you will need and its also isnt the course described asbove belive me the other one is well worth playing

7. flip76100 | Rated | 22 Jun 2007 | Add A Review

After rolling around laughing at the info written above, it occured to me that the review was correct but the adress was NOT! the Place described above is on Martins road Salisbury North on the Little Para river, the Salibury Country Golf links is not on a river. The address above has a terrible 18 hole par 3 course with shocking greens, bad tee areas, a disused trout farm attached and a run down almost derilict putt putt course. There is NO driving range there, NO practice green and No club cafe. More than half these holes aren’t good enough to be played as practise holes at most other clubs.

8. flipper76100 | Rated | 23 Apr 2007 | Add A Review

Ummm, there isn’t any nice way of putting this….. If you like golf, play somewhere else. A few years ago, under different owership I think, a friend of mine said this place was great…. I went there about 2 months ago, and will not go back. Most holes are a pitch they’re so short. Several tees are nearly on a road. The greens are tiny and inconsistant, many are needing or under repair. And on the whole, it just wasn’t worth the $20 odd that I had paid.

I left dissapointed, but couldn’t tell anyone….. they’d gone home.

Try down the road a bit….

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