The Coast Golf & Recreation Club

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Spectacular 18 hole sea links golf in the heart of Sydney. Windswept heath, coastal forest, rolling contours, blind shots, and fairways that vanish into the ocean are just some of the features of this remarkable layout. Shaped in the Scottish seaside links tradition, The Coast will challenge your game at any level.


  • Name: The Coast Golf & Recreation Club
  • Region: Sydney, NSW
  • Address: 1430 Anzac Parade
    Little Bay, 2036, New South Wales, Australia
  • Directions: View Aerial Map »
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  • Proshop: (02) 9661 5367
  • General: (02) 9311 7422
  • Holes: 18
  • Metres: 5764m
  • Par: 71
1. Van_Spotula | Rated | 04 Jun 2015 | Add A Review

Colinginger, there is indeed water – drinkable too – at holes 12/17.

2. Colinginger | Rated | 08 Feb 2015 | Add A Review

There is NO drinking WATER on this course. Take plenty as no one informs you, especially in the middle of summer!

3. Onehitwonder | Rated | 27 Aug 2014 | Add A Review

This is a challenging and spectacular course in great condition.
Some of the holes, particularly on back nine require very accurate tee shots. There is a lot of scrub on the side of fairways where you will lose the ball. It is very similar to NSWCG in that regard. There are also some spectacular cliff carries, such as the 4th and 14th, with waves crashing below the tee. The course is in great condition: bunkers and greens very well maintained.

4. Falcs2 | Rated | 25 Jan 2013 | Add A Review

Definitely an interesting course, in both good and bad ways. As mentioned by others there are a couple of spectacular holes including the par 3 4th and par 4 14th which are along the cliff overlooking the ocean. Unfortunately there are also several confusing holes, and compounded by poorly defined fairways means you don’t have a clue where to hit to! The 10th in particular has a V shape and I don’t think the 17th even has a "fairway" to speak of.

The hot dry spell seems to have gotten the better of the fairways and a few times I was hitting off what felt like a dust bed. Fortunately the greens have been maintained in good condition.

Unfortunately the course also seems to attract its share of hackers, not trying to sound arrogant but watching the pair in front on several occasions shank, slice, top or otherwise simply hit tee shots into bushes 30m ahead of the tee box and proceed to spend 5 minutes looking for their ball while i’m waiting and watching on the tee was somewhat painful – best not to come here expecting a quick round.

5. BigDig83 | Rated | 01 Aug 2012 | Add A Review

Played The Coast GC on Friday 27/7, and it was spectacular. $35 for a visitor to play in Blue Marker Challenge on a Friday with a beer thrown in after the round for your trouble! I found myself standing on tee blocks and greens waiting my turn just taking in the breath-taking views of the pacific. We were even treated to a visit from some whales who swam right up in to the little cove. Course was a little soggy in parts due to recent rain but for the best part, fairways were excellent and the greens were pure, fast and true. I will most definitely be back ASAP. Described in one word – WOW!

6. JRsenior | Rated | 20 Feb 2012 | Add A Review

Played The Coast Saturday afternoon having booked the 1st available tee time after the competition.

Teed off as a fourball on hole 1 with no waiting or anyone visibly in front of us but quickly caught up with a group of women playing in a stroke competition as a group of 16.(4 fourballs)

Teed off at 12.50pm and walked off the course at 4.30pm after waiting on every shot at hole 12. The men’s comp in front were on hole 17!!!!

I’ve never experienced a round of golf like this with the pace of play disgusting. The women didn’t have a care in the world, no urgency to catch up the groups in front. It was like they knew when the sun set and was playing a 7 hour round.

I’ll never play The Coast again, it’s just not worth the stress and hassle.

7. MickF82 | Rated | 08 Feb 2012 | Add A Review

The location and scenery are impeccable. You’re literally hitting over seaside cliffs and watching the waves crash nearby.


The layout here is generally pretty poor. The first few holes are ok, but holes 8-11 are ridiculous. At one stage you’re hitting over the driveway, then you’re playing a par 4 which is marked as 240m but is actually closer to 180 (I hit 8 iron and found myself a 30 metre pitch), then you’re playing blind to a fairway which wraps around wetlands at a 240-degree angle to the tee. Bizarre.

Also, the cluster of short holes from 7-10 slows the field right down. We played the first 6 holes in 90 minutes and the next 4 holes took a full 2 hours. 3.5 hours for 10 holes is far too long.

It’s a fun course for beginners and average players, but low markers will prefer nearby St Micks.

8. golfplayer94 | Rated | 05 Jan 2012 | Add A Review

great championship style links course that has many testing holes. when playing off the blue plates in the wind the course is as tough as any in sydney. Great water/ocean carries on the 4th and 14th holes. and the 7th hole being one of the toughest holes around. i love this course it is one of my favourites and i am a proud member here. although the 11th hole needs to be re-done or improved.


  • Great links style championship par 70 golf course
  • Great Value
  • Great ocean views
  • Very challenging in the wind
  • Lovely staff and practise facilities including chipping green putting green practice fairway and nets
  • wide range of par 5's 4's and 3's
  • great clubhouse/proshop with great food


  • Not enough bunkers
  • too easy of the yellow tees on a calm day for good players
  • 11th hole is confusing and the tee box/ hole needs improvement
9. rieuwen | Rated | 16 Dec 2011 | Add A Review

I totally agree on the previous review. I played here yesterday and found that the course needs to be re-done with the re-numbering of the holes. Totally confusing in alot of the holes.
For such a beautiful view, better than I have ever seen on many of the NSW coast courses, the course could do with a re-work.
It didnt help that the guy behind the desk at the pro shop was so rude and looked like he didnt want us there.
For $139 with a cart, I will be taking my $$$ to either of the 2 courses next door.
A beautiful day, with magnificent views spoiled with a confusing course and a rude staff member…

10. Largent74 | Rated | 15 Nov 2011 | Add A Review

Played here today for the first time and despite playing well i have to say the course design is very disapointing.With such an amazing plot of land this course really needs to be dug up and designed as a chapionship course rather than an over priced hackville that it is.10,11 and 17 are probably the worst holes in Sydney and I will never pass up St Mics again to play this goat track.

11. DoubleBogeyDazzler | Rated | 01 Nov 2011 | Add A Review

Some good, some bad……

Some good: Some breathtaking holes along the ocean and the smell of the ocean in your nostrils. Front 9 a pleasure to play.
Some bad: what is it with the design of some of the holes on the back 9?? have they lost the plot. NO IDEA where your suppossed to be hitting the damn ball from the tee, this needs to be sorted PRONTO, until then i won’t be going back, unless for 9 holes on the front 9.

12. Hacker66 | Rated | 31 Oct 2011 | Add A Review

This is an interesting course in a great location with a slightly odd layout. It could be a nearly great course with some extra care and attention, and if the strange holes could be redesigned somehow it would be even better.

Greens were in good condition and the fairways OK. Agree with one of the earlier reviews that in a few cases it was a little hard to work out where to aim from the tee, and I had to use my GPS a couple of times just to work out where I should hit.

A couple of very spectacular holes, especially the par 3 4th and par 4 14th, where the tee shot is across a bay surrounded by cliffs.

It was reasonably benign when I played, but if the wind gets up you will be thankful to see the guy behind the twelfth hole selling balls. There are many parts off the fairways where it is almost impossible to find a ball.


  • Scenery
  • Pleasant clubhouse and very good value at $40 per round


  • Blind tee shots on a couple of holes
  • Very easy to lose the ball if off the fairways.
13. JaySul | Rated | 27 Jun 2011 | Add A Review

I have been thinking this course as a valuable and challenging course all the time before they shorten the course for public players. For the public play, they have moved the tees 50~100 metres from where it used to be. I’m not a long hitter (230~250 metres driving), but I drived at a par 5, 7 iron for the second shot, and then the ball just went over the green. Aprat from this, IMO, the course is maintained better than a year ago.

14. steveqld | Rated | 24 Jan 2011 | Add A Review

What a nice experience after having paid massive prices to play the exclusive Sydney courses. Each hole had a sea view, course was in good overall condition. The staff were warm and welcoming. Good challenge of golf in the wind – links style. They allow guests who choose to play on weekends onto the course.
When I go back to Sydney I will play there again!

15. modandm | Rated | 09 Dec 2010 | Add A Review

Played here on a friday afternoon and it was a reasonably fast round under 3.5 hours.

The couse has great views and the greens are in excellent condition.

However I have a problem with the fairways and course layout. Some tees you don’t even know where to aim at (was my 1st round). This on the 2nd and 3rd made me very confused. Also the 16th and 17th… bizzare.

Hole 8 is also ridiculous – I hit a longish ball and to reach the small fairway within 170 of the green is near impossible. Bad design will slow play and cause lots of lost balls there.

Hole 11 i think (the sharp dogleg left and then uphill to green is also stupid. No idea where to aim for – ended up hitting hybrid hybrid well and being just short. Stupid tee position means the hole doubles back on itself to the tune of 220 degrees….

Otherwise I enjoyed the course and the views were great. Not bad for 27.50. But still no match for my favourite value course eastlake.

Greens good
Cheapish after 230

If windy not much fun
bad course layout
hard to see fairways from rough

16. champ | Rated | 24 Oct 2010 | Add A Review

It’s truly amazing that the Coast, given its location and those views, has managed to stay so open and so reasonable.
I played there a week ago (teed off at dawn) and had no problems with over-crowding. Loved every minute of it.

Thoroughly recommended!!

17. waylow | Rated | 03 Apr 2010 | Add A Review

Played here yesterday afternoon.

I’ve gone from loving this place, to hating it. Took over 6 1/2 hours to play a round. I don’t care if its a public holiday, 10mins between tee times isnt good enough. Stop trying to cram as many people on as possible, it just doesn’t work!

Greens were woeful at best, slow and bumpy. I hit one put that changed direction at least 4 times! I’ll never come back again.

18. MitcheyBabes | Rated | 19 Mar 2010 | Add A Review

A unique course worth playing if only for the scenery. The wind can punish even the smallest mistake so take plenty of spare balls. Hiring a cart might also be a good idea on windy days as walking in strong winds makes you tired very quickly. The young lady in the restaurant was smoking hot – made the day a great success.

19. Scotty7 | Rated | 20 Dec 2009 | Add A Review

Course is in great condition & I enjoy the views and different links style layout. The wind plays a very big part and is very difficult when it gets up. If you stray from the fairway you will be punished.

20. jrp1133 | Rated | 13 Dec 2009 | Add A Review

I really enjoyed my day out playing this course. It offers an extremely good challenge and the scenery is stunning.
An open Friday comp is available at $30 which included a drink voucher.

21. Fingers01 | Rated | 08 Jul 2009 | Add A Review

I played ’The Coast’ for the first time in a few years, since the redevelopement just a few days ago, on a Monday which is about the only time I’ll consider playing here because the weekends are out of the question due to crowds. I’ve always loved this course and it’s changed a little from what I remember but essentially the same.

Actually the changes have made it slightly harder and better. The 7th and 10th holes have changed and there’s been quite a bit of water added to the course. The greens were in top shape and mostly the course was well presented. There were a few fairways which were patchy and heavy in some parts but generally not too much of a problem. The wind was up and of course it made it quite difficult, but that is the beauty of the challenge playing here and the views make up for any bad shots.

I live in the western suburbs so it’s not a course I come out to play regularly, but it’s a real gem to be able to play a course like this in Sydney for under $40.

22. shank_it | Rated | 11 May 2009 | Add A Review

Played at the Coast today. Fantastic course, a couple of real thinking holes, especially the new 7th, to lay up or to lay up! Didn’t encounter any traffic, an absolute bargain at $25 (18holes after midday on mon/tues)

Highly recommended, even for a social hack like me.

23. Sutto82 | Rated | 15 Mar 2009 | Add A Review

Played this afternoon with a group of mates. This is one of the best courses I have played view wise. Looking over the ocean while waiting to tee off made it a little bit easier to easy the pain of a 5-5 1/2 hour round. The fairways were in top condition and the greens were ok. The rain over the last couple of days had turned the bunkers into water hazards.

Great day and friendly service. Will be playing there again soon.

24. mattymf149 | Rated | 10 Feb 2009 | Add A Review

I played The Coast today. It was windy, cold and raining. I absolutely loved this course even in difficult conditions. I will definately be returning in hopefully better weather. The views are amazing from all holes, and shots off all the tees require accurate placement. I played the front nine teeing off with irons and found i got in no trouble at all. There are many spectacular holes including the 3rd 4th 5th 7th and 14th which mostly run along the cliff face. These 3 holes are the most difficult and exposed in the breeze as well as the 14th which is one of the hardest holes i have ever played. The front nine is awesome with 3 long par 5’s which in the breeze make it really difficult to reach in 3. Hole 7 is also a standout with new narrow fairways surrounded by shrubs. Hole 10, 11 and 17 are all difficult which require you to lay up in sections, hole 11 is the biggest dogleg in history up the hill. Beware of the really steep hills on the back hnine also. L’ll definately be back there for another round soon, it lives up to all the raps it gets.. Cheers Also make sure you take plently of balls..

25. NH16 | Rated | 02 Nov 2008 | Add A Review

Arguably the best course I have ever played. I really like the layout because there are no trees and not too many bunkers (I hate trees and bunkers) and the scenery is just spectacular. At one stage I saw a formation of Hercules (I think) flew along the coast … it was awesome. In my view the course is much less frustrating than NSW Golf Club and Castle Hill Country Club which means for a 23 handicapper like me it offers a good mix of challenge and fun. My favorite is hole 16. I just love it!!! We teed off after the competition round. It was pleasant because not too many people on the course and we just sailed through the holes. Fairways and the green are in good nick. The green may not be the fastest but it’s top class. For $43.00 including $3.50 bar voucher it’s definitely the best value golf going around.

Also Liked

26. Putfection | Rated | 27 Oct 2008 | Add A Review

A great course just a short drive from Sydney CBD which of course means it is really busy. I played at 2:30 on a Sunday and the course was too crowded with Japanese. The Japs generally dont have a clue about etiquette and the round took 5 hours. Too bad because it a great course with a great layout. In my view it is poorly managed and it seemed like they just like to take your money and get you out on the course. The club house was closed when we eventually got finished which was another annoying thing. If you get the chance to play here, i would recommend that you play on a week day if possible as weekends are not worth the trouble. Some great holes and great views, the wind plays a big part in how it plays as with all coastal courese it is rarely calm.

27. johng | Rated | 29 Mar 2008 | Add A Review

I had been wanting to play this course for a while and after my mate had seen it on the Golf Show they were finally convinced to make the trip.

Played a sunday arvo… moved along at a fair pace but some holes in the front nine there was a bit of a wait as a group with 3 carts playing nine were slow.

To the course… number one is the location. Unbelievable views and the ocean wind can play havoc if it gets up, but also provides relief it is a hot day. Standout holes are the 4th (par 3 over the rocks), 5th along the cliff top, 14th is a pearler – teeing off over the cliff.

The course condition is great – good true greens, great fairways and fair rough. The 11th is a tough hole – dogleg left par 4 up a hill. Only about 100m to the turn and then your faced with a 200m shot uphill – par is a good score here. If you can draw the ball and cut the corner it makes this hole a lot easier.

If your playing good golf on a fine summer’s afternoon looking out across the ocean at the Coast … there is hardly a better place to be!

Green fees were good for a sunday as well. Highly recommended. It may be the cheaper and less famous cousin of NSW and St Michaels – but it is still a great track every golfer should put on their “must play” lists.

28. mirrors | Rated | 27 Mar 2008 | Add A Review

Following the review provided by Brett Ogle during an episode of The Golf Show, I played this course last Sunday. Given the recent reviews provided by others, I was a little aprehensive. After arriving at the course I found the proshop staff friendly. The new course layout is quite challenging, fortunately the wind did not get up as we enjoyed a glorious day and spectacular outlook. Completed the round in 4 hours 20 minutes, good for a Sunday arvo. Once we completed our round I asked the staff about the delays 2 x weeks ago and was advised that a mixed pennant tournament final had been held, causing some delays. One last thing, I’m booked in again for this Sunday, looking forward to it.

29. timbo61 | Rated | 11 Mar 2008 | Add A Review

Like the other responses, I was at The Coast for the first time on sunday, and while the course is interesting, the views spectacular, the value good with the Golf Guide discount, the overcrowding was terrible. The front nine was completed in just under 4 hours,with up to 4 groups waiting at some tees at a time, although the 18 holes was completed in 5 hours. We must have zoomed around the back nine due to the number of people pulling out after 9 holes. If I were to play this course again (and it is worth playing), it would be as part of a comp.,or during the week. I wouldn’t contemplate playing there on a weekend for a social game.

30. Dangerous | Rated | 10 Mar 2008 | Add A Review

Over the years I have played The Coast countless times but yesterday was the first since the redevelopment. The course layout has definitely added a more substantial challenge to the front 9, I would like to say the same for the back 9 but due to overcrowding of the course I too only managed to see 10 holes in a smidge under 4 hours. I was in one of the many groups that were forced to wait nearly an hour past their original booking time because of poor course management from the Pro Shop. Whilst on the matter of the Pro Shop, I would rather de-vein my cock with a broken beer bottle than talk to that smarmy prick of a Pro. The two questions I asked him were both answered with a series of monosyllabic grunts which were about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. Seriously, a little customer service and manners never goes astray. I was actually treated better by the two koorie lads selling golf balls on the 7th than any of the staff at the course yesterday. ($10 for seven brand new Nike TW) The course was so overcrowded that I was able to hold a regular conversation with the gents two groups ahead. I understand that everyone is keen for a round when the weathers good but it’s a golf course and not a fucking clown car. Stop packing every so many people in and stick to structured tees times .

31. Tenmen | Rated | 10 Mar 2008 | Add A Review

I have played the coast a number of times and have generally enjoyed the experience, the change in the layout is definately a positive. It is interesting that the majority of posts reflect my own experience, the customer service and general lack of manners displayed by the proshop staff is an embarrassment to the club and its members whilst the layout is enjoyable and challenging.

I also would like to comment upon the overcrowding, at one stage I was one of three groups standing on the tee and took just over 4 hours to play 10 holes. I too walked off the course.

I for one won’t be returning to the coast again, if i wanted to be ignored and treated like i was an insignificant annoyance i would have stayed at home with my wife.

32. bennycat | Rated | 10 Mar 2008 | Add A Review

I have played The Coast for a number of years and I enjoy the changes they have recently made. A trend though that is starting to develop is OVER CROWDING.I tee’d off 45mins after my booking time. I reserved 2 carts on my booking they were not available. At every tee box we had to wait due to the backlog of sometimes 3 other groups in front of us. The front 9 took just short of 4 hours to play and we walked off the course. The white chap in the pro shop needs a lesson in customer service. Worry about structured tee times rather than making an extra dollar. Won’t be playing again for some time.

33. phang | Rated | 29 Jan 2008 | Add A Review

Stunning views and challenging layout. Getting better with the recent course upgrades on a few holes.

Greens a little inconsistent and some battle scarred with unrepaired pitch marks. It is nothing that won’t draw me back again.

However, we were surprised by the sprinklers turning on in the middle of our game on a few greens. Had about 2.5 hours of daylight left and just didn’t make sense! It spoilt an otherwise enjoyable round.


  • Beautiful location


  • Timing of sprinklers
34. HABIBEE | Rated | 28 Jan 2008 | Add A Review

I recently played in the Friday comp at the Coast Golf Course with a few of my overseas mates. I found the course very challenging and some what impossible into the strong southerly that the coast produces.Apart from an awesome course and spectacular views I would like to comment on the respect and courtesy shown by ALL of the pro shop staff and disagree with any previous accusations..THANKS BOYS

35. franko1 | Rated | 07 Jan 2008 | Add A Review

just got back from playing a round at the coast, my god, if this course doen’t have one of the best lay outs in nsw i’ll eat my hat. i haven’t played here in 18 months and changes and condition of the course is 2nd to none(of public access).with the exception of the par 4 11th(very tough though) the coast is comparable to NSW which is just next door and twice as good as st micks which is wedged in between. greens are a little soft and slow,but helped the playability of the course due to the winds. all this course needs is the money of some of sydneys ‘bigger’ clubs and no doubt you’ll be hearing more form this hidden gem. coming from inner west sydney, it only took me 20mins, and only 5mins from mascot. lots easier to find now that construction is finished

36. HABIB | Rated | 05 Jan 2008 | Add A Review

I played at The Coast recently in one of their friday open days and found the course quiet a challange (espesially with the wind!) after the recent changes to the course i found it in very good condition. I also found the staff in the proshop very helpful and found the previous comments unjustified, ill definatly becomming a regular out there.

37. Ranger76 | Rated | 20 Dec 2007 | Add A Review

Great course I love the whole coastel experience – HOWEVER the guy in the pro shop – Gary i think it is was an absolute wanker! I cant believe someone that rude is the front facing person for the course – I was so embarrased when I brought friends to play on the weekend that I had to apologise to them for how rude he was – he overheard me saying it to my friends and he told me to get stuffed! – the course was great but now its just ok as I would never play there again. Gary get a life, if your so miserable in the pro shop get another job because your bringin us all down!@$#$%#^

38. cpmccormick | Rated | 24 Nov 2007 | Add A Review

Played the Coast yesterday and found it to be excellent, even given the conditions (extremely windy). The ocean backbrop is superb and adds to the overall experience.

However I have to agree with some of the other posters, the guy in the Pro Shop, Gary his name was, his customer service and just plain manners are very, very lacking. I walked in to pay for the round and some bits and pieces and he never once looked in my direction, spoke to me or acknowledged my presence. This even after I had spoken to him on a number of occasions, he just continued to read whatever he was reading. He just took my money, said a number and gave me my change. I have to say that this significantly detracted from the expereience as I was here with a business colleague.

All in all a fantastice course, the staff just need to loose the attitude.

Also Liked

39. thetoad | Rated | 19 Nov 2007 | Add A Review

Great location, great value.

The course condition is a little up and down and despite having a few average holes overall the course is a ripper. They have some of the more interesting holes in Sydney, very challenging, lots of fun.

Watch out for the guy in the tee shop – could learn a little something about customer service.

40. grmas | Rated | 13 Nov 2007 | Add A Review

Played The Coast today for the first time since the new 7th Hole opened. Not a bad track. Just some silly holes 10 & 11. The new green on the 3rd has added about 50m to the hole. Also they have made the practice fairway on the left hand side of 3rd hole OOB. Will be interesting to see how the new housing development affects the course in the next few years and how much the rest of the course changes.

41. golfnut79 | Rated | 04 May 2007 | Add A Review

This course plays well pity with the construction works but hey that progress in the world for you..

Although if first impressions are anything you would turn around and go home as I feel the proshop staff are pretty arogant and not helpful at all.. But once you get over that the course is well looked after with some nice quick greens fav hole has to be the 4th from the plates great tea shot trouble left and right it can just eat you alive

42. thechopper | Rated | 18 Jan 2007 | Add A Review

If you cant get on at NSW dont dworry, there is The Coast GC

I beleive the yearly fees are around $800, what a bargain.

A very nice golf course with spectacular views and challenging golf holes.

Gotta love the Par 3 4th, hitting over the sea crashing on the rocks.. just great.

But a messge to the committee, do something about the Par 4 11th, either change its rating to 1 or turn it into an eay Par 5. A little shot over the corner of the dogleg still leaves you 150 metres up hill to a back to front sloping green, with the hole rated 15...ridiculous.

Apart from that hole well worth a game there

43. waylow | Rated | 12 Jul 2006 | Add A Review

This is a very well kept, impressive course.

Although there is always a downside and at the Coast its the construction work that is under way. A number of holes have been affected in the front nine, which lets down an overall excellent course.

I was impressed by the speed and quality of the greens, though the green (temporary?) on the 7th is a total joke. There were more cracks on it than a cricket pitch on the last day of a 5 day test match.

The only other let down was the groups in front and behind us, the guys in front were slow and didnt let us through, and the ones behind were stupidly noisy.

Other than that an excellent day out, I think this course rivals St Michaels, and I love that place!

44. q-tip | Rated | 03 May 2006 | Add A Review

With its latest adjacent developments it now only measures 5380m Par 70 (from the back plates) with five Par 3s ranging from 130-175m, 10 Par 4s ranging from 190-380m and 3 Par 5s ranging from 445-480m. The greens were true but a little on the slow & bumpy side. Bunkers protect the greens of most holes, and the teebeds were quite nice with mostly flat lies, while the fairways are rarely green here with bare places due frequent high winds when lusher green seeds are planted.

The course has two nines that differ slightly in challenge, length and quality. Most greens have either the cliff, gully or bunkers protecting it, so although scenic you must bring your short game here. The front nine has its challenges with accuracy to approaches highly important on the opening holes. The 365m Par 4 5th is my pick of the front nine with the Pacific Ocean keeping you company to the green along the leftside, with a green very close to the cliff. Though, many other holes were fairly flat and boring though compared to the back nine.

The back nine has the more low index holes. But I donít see how the 13th is index 1.Holes are more demanding with a lot MORE natural vegetation around than the front nine, which adds to its ëlinksí feels. The 190m Par 4 10th is now a joke, with birdie (possibly eagle) just about penciled in at the tee. My pick is 345m Par 17th with a large gully cut between the green and fairway, with the green literally on an island cliff ñ do not go left. All par 4s (except 13th) has blind tee shots, which are part of the challenge here.

If in the area its better than Randwick, similar to Eastlakes and Bonnie Doon, but not in the league of The Lakes and the nearby St. Michaels and NSW GC. Played here 2/5/06 with good value for green fees $25 after 2pm and around $30 for a cart. Not bad clubhouse with views second to none, but members and staff here, can have bigger egos than their entitled to. Many joggers/walkers and dogs on the course, so can look busier than what it deserves.

45. randerson | Rated | 05 Apr 2006 | Add A Review

I have played the Coast a number of times over the past 2 years, most recently in late March 2006.

Positives: Striking views of the Pacific Ocean; true, fast greens; Ocean carrys on 4 and 14; reasonable green fees; variability of the course based on wind conditions

Negatives: Slow play on weekends, several blind drives with unforgiving landing areas (mostly 16 and 17 - some may call this a positive or part of a "strategic course", but I get very frustrated when I hit a "good" drive and can't find it)

Overall a great course and great value for money.

46. astanley | Rated | 28 Dec 2005 | Add A Review

I have played this tough course several times on the open day and I rarely play to my handicap as there is length combined with tough ravine clearing shots and multiple hazards. The front nine is relatively straight forward and is the section of the course you want to get most of your points as the back nine is tight. There are only three par 5's now because of the reconfiguration of the 10th and 11th holes due to redevelopment of the Prince Henry hospital site. The "new' holes cheapen the quality of the course a bit. The 10th is a 180m par 4, yes par 4 and the 11th which used to be a 360m par 5 with a severe left dogleg is now 50m shorter but now a par 4.

The course length can be uncompromising if there is a head wind blowing and the rough is quite spongy now which makes recovery more difficult. Greens are quick and are in perfect condition. The ocean and cliff views are magnificent and can make one forget an ordinary round. The Coast is still one of the better long courses around and is next door to its shorter cousin Randwick and its more esteemed cousins St. Michaels and NSW. I believe that the long hitter will be comfortable with this course and may have a couple of eagle chances on the par 5's.

47. lukerex | Rated | 31 Mar 2005 | Add A Review

This, and for it's price, is an awesome course.

Positioned by the Pacific Ocean, I think you'll find this challenging due tot he windy weather. Some glorious views. I rate this better than St Mick's although seeing as St Mick's charge an extra $40 for fees, guess what they're thinking.

My favourite hole is the par three 4th - a beautiful gem beside the ocean, hitting over a sheer 150 ft drop!

Fairways are always well maintained and greens pretty slick too.

Play it.

48. pjl | Rated | 20 Jan 2005 | Add A Review

This course is simple amazing and playing right along side the ocean is a great sight for any golfing experience. The course does drag on a bit but the links sytle fairways which are narrow and small greens make it a chalenge for any golfer. Not to mention the heavy sea breeze which is guaranteed to swing your ball in the wrong direction.

49. supercool | Rated | 06 Jul 2004 | Add A Review

I first played this course not to long ago and what a day. My cousin, farther, mate all played in a open day one moring during the week. I had never played at this course and my farther had told me it was a challenge. After paying the grenfeas which were very good I grabed the score card and headed to the first tea. It was 8.30am and walking on to the first a straight par 4 with a 4 iron my farther said are you mad?...i was like ey then it hit me a huge gust of wind nearly blew me off the tea. I needed every bit of a wood.

This course is a real challenge. The greens are kept in good nick and tend to be a lil qucicker then average. The fairways are well a lil barron. This course is one of my favourites. Try and play at the Coast it is a thrill.

50. whallop | Rated | 21 Sep 2003 | Add A Review

Played this course as a youth and revisited recently. Rough as guts, but what a spot. A couple of cliff top holes that would put Pebble Beach to shame.

Great fun.

51. andrew14966 | Rated | 10 May 2003 | Add A Review

Playing golf beside the ocean is breathtaking. This is one great setting for a golf course.

Once you get past that, the course isn't bad either. The wind generally blows, so bring you low game. You will enjoy the challenge.

52. | Rated | 29 Oct 2002 | Add A Review

The Coast Golf and Recreation Club lies second in a sequence of four courses running along the Coastline from Malabar in Sydney's east to La Perouse on the South Head of Botany Bay. The sequence start with Randwick then the Coast, then St Michael's, finishing with NSW.

I've been a member at the Coast for a while now and have yet to tire of the layout or the magnificent views it affords. Twice a year, we will watch the Whales moving North, then South. Good distraction when the round is not going so well.

The Coast is by no means an easy course to play and demands varying strategies depending on the wind conditions. The members have become so used to the presence of the wind, that on the very rare, still days, the majority of scores do not reflect the benign conditions.

I've introduced many visitors to the Coast and all have been in awe of the place. Ideal for impressing overseas visitors.

The signature hole is now number 14, a Par 4 which sits elevated above the ocean, requiring a Tee shot over a small bay being a carry of around 170 metres from the championship markers, made very interesting into a Westerly head wind. Your Tee shot needs to be towards the left side of the fairway which is protected on the left by water hazard (Pacific Ocean) running the full length of the hole. Positioning the ball to left and still in play will open up the green as the hole has a slight left to right orientation. Leaving your Tee shot to the right will obscure the green behind a large rocky hill and bring into play a St Andrews type pot bunker sitting on the right front edge. A 4 on this hole is an excellent score.

There are 17 other holes that are equally challenging and picturesque as 14. Go ahead, test your game and failing that, enjoy the scenery.

53. hind0 | Rated | 05 Sep 2002 | Add A Review

I've played The Coast quite a few times and have thoroughly enjoyed it every time.

Situated right on the ocean, this course will often play much harder than normal if the wind picks up. It's nothing to have to hit an extra 3 clubs on some holes just to compensate for the weather.

Generally speaking the course is quite open, though there are a couple of holes which require precise tee shots. There is minimal fairway bunkering though most greens have enough hazards surrounding them to make them a challenge.

If you've ever wanted to have an idea what it is like playing in a British Open Championship, The Coast could well give you a good idea.

54. passyone | Rated | 31 Jul 2002 | Add A Review

I'm a bit biased as I'm a member. However, every guest I have taken to The Coast leaves in awe (some due to the wind, most due to the brilliant ocean that the course plays alongside).

Open comp days are on Fridays and for $20, it's comparable in beauty to NSW and St Michael's.

The fairways are lush and the greens medium paced.

It's a very friendly course and the food in the club is great.

When you play at The'll definately be back for more.

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