Yarrambat Park Golf Course

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  • Name: Yarrambat Park Golf Course
  • Region: Melbourne, VIC
  • Address: Yan Yean Road
    3091, Victoria, Australia
  • General: (03) 9436 2201
  • Holes: 18
  • Metres: 6074m
  • Par: 72
1. Grayskis | Rated | 27 May 2012 | Add A Review

Played here a couple weeks back, it had rained a bit, and in the past, the course would be unplayable. it surprisingly held up pretty good. Greens were super quick. Wasn’t in too bad a nick, but still very hard underfoot. Summer golf here would be a different story, with the ball running like a sailor’s willey, given how hard the ground was. Fairway’s were well maintained. Better than what it used to be a few years ago.


  • Close to home


  • Team Samsung in front - marking score cards on the green once they'd putted out, ? course marshall to sort that out
2. WolfingOn | Rated | 27 Jan 2012 | Add A Review

After having played this course a thousand times as a youngster I was quite impressed with my recent visit after a 2-3 year hiatus. The layout hasn’t changed, with wide open fairways and plenty of changes in elevation. The condition of the course was quite good with consistent run on the greens and a solid cover of grass on all of the fairways.

The huge area in which the course is set out means that the layout is more diverse and interesting than most public courses with a great mix long and mid length Par 4’s and some really challenging Par 3’s, most notably the 11th and 16th (Yarrambat’s Signature Hole). There’s always plenty of wildlife (Kangaroos literally everywhere) to impress the visitors and the course now finishes with what I think is the best hole on the course; a mid length Par 4 that invites a Driver off the elevated tee to fly the water hazard crossing the fairway 210m down the hill.


  • Overall condition of the course
  • Interesting layout
3. lookey | Rated | 22 Oct 2010 | Add A Review

I have played at Yarrambat quite a few times over the years and to be honest have always been a little disappointed.

However, i played there yesterday and I have never seen it in as good condition. Fairways are lush and well defined. Greens are nice and true. Fringes around the green are neat. even the tee boxes are in good condition.

Seems the rain has done this course a world of good. Add to that the course management has improved. Makes Yarrambat a nice course to play

4. BigYin | Rated | 29 Mar 2010 | Add A Review

Played this course on the 27th March. Proved to be quite a challenge as the comp was played from the back markers which added considerable length to some of the holes. There is currently a good coverage of grass on all the fairways, but don’t venture into the rough as there is very little grass at all. Greens are in reasonable condition, bit bumpy in places, but they are not helped by the number of kangaroos and corellas that eat the grass. Some greens have been damaged by the birds, but work has been done to repair this and they did not effect our round at all.

Overall, very enjoyable course with some seriously challenging holes, particularly the last three from the back markers. 16 is a downhill par 3 of 185m over water with a left to right running green meaning not a lot of space to land on from front to back. Great hole.

Would recommend to anyone at present as this is a good course considering it is a purely public course.

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5. Dan_Geroos | Rated | 02 Mar 2010 | Add A Review

Good course with a range of challenging holes

6. Your_Average_Joe | Rated | 03 Feb 2010 | Add A Review

Played this course on Sunday January 31st, and it was the driest I have ever seen the course. I was quite wayword with my tee shots (not helped by it being a windy day), and managed to see a lot of the rough, and hardly saw a blade of grass in the process….. On those rare occassions I actually hit a fairway there were quite reasonable. The greens were quick, and consistent. I doubt I will play the course again until we have had some decent rain.

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7. soorie | Rated | 11 Dec 2009 | Add A Review

Play this course about twice a month. Apart from the consistant lack of enthusiasm from the staff (seriously how hard is it to smile and at least pretend you like being there), the course is always enjoyed by our group.
The first hole has a huge fairway to ease the first shot nerves followed by a relatively easy par five. We usually play preferred lies as the condition of the fairways on some holes isn’t great. The greens on the course are fast and punish any miss read but the lack of bunkers and hazards make them easy enough to hit.
We usually play on a sunday and have had no problems with slow play or and influx of weekend hackers, overall well worth checking out

8. lefty_tiges | Rated | 07 Dec 2009 | Add A Review

Living in the north this is one of two courses I primarily play at. Really like the layout, challenging greens (not always for the right reasons though! more on that later), fairways are in good nick. Favourite holes – signature par 3 over the water and 2 fine par 5’s on the front 9 that both bring the same lake into play. Overall fantastic value and very friendly staff.

The fairways have huge width in most parts and the rough is non-existant. If you get into trouble in trees you shouldn’t have much difficulty getting out unless its the deep archers ravine on the 6th lol.

One thing I must mention is I’m not a big fan of the greens unfortunately. They are challenging but not always for the right reasons for mine. I find them inconsistent, pace varies from green to green which can make for a most frustrating day…. on the flip side i love the understated but punishing undulation very hard to read! and can go either way in parts. I also like that on some greens namely the 2nd 3rd and 4th if you don’t hit the right spot you can very easily roll off. Get the green consistency right, have them roll true and you have the best value for mony course in the north of melbourne.

Finally never experienced significant hold ups, although at times the par 3 5th can create a bottle neck but that more due to it being a call on hole and not many adhering to this.

9. chipper | Rated | 02 Jun 2009 | Add A Review

Played this course in Feb, thought I’d try again now it’s had some cooler weather, rain and a chance to get greener.

To start with a positive, I really like the layout. The length and the greens make this a decent challenge. As other reviewers have stated below, the 2 par-5s around the lake and the par 3 16th are the standouts. Hit the wrong part of any green and your ball rolls away from the hole and even off the green.

However, the condition of the fairways is really poor. There isn’t a good lie to be found anywhere but on the green. I suppose that’s to be expected at $24 for 18 holes, but it seems a shame that a good design is wasted with such poor condition.

10. Smergen | Rated | 02 Feb 2009 | Add A Review

Played ’The Bat’ on Sunday in some pretty solid heat. After the biggest heatwave Melbourne has seen in a bazillion years, I was expecting to be playing off some gecko’s back lieing on rock hard ground.

What I found was that a course that from all accounts looks like it had been managed very carefully through the drought.

The greens were in exceptional condition, and despite the grass length and soft underfoot, played quite fast. Easily the best part of the course and worth the price of admission for.

The layout as well is fantastic for a public course. Some genuine tough holes to test your accuracy and tactics. Pitch in, pitch n’ run or putt?? Long risky drive and short iron, or two safe irons? My personal favourites were the par 5’s on the front nine (with greens bordered by the same lake, and the outstanding downhill Par 3 16th. One of the coolest Par 3’s I’ve ever played.

But it’s not all chocolates and ice cream. The fairways were good given the drought I suppose. We were playing preferred lies so it didn’t hurt too much. The rough was terrible, with some parts like stone. The tee boxes were very poor and a flat lie and stance was difficult to find.

All in all, well worth the trip and at $27 was good value in my opinion. The 19th is a great setting also for watching people hitting up the last taking on the water.

(Just watch out for the monster ’roo on the 9th. My brother accidently hit him with a solid 4 iron out shot of the rough and he wasn’t particularly happy…)

Recommended, a solid 7/10.


  • Outstanding greens
  • Great layout


  • Barren club damaging rough
  • Poor tee boxes
11. adron75 | Rated | 31 Jul 2008 | Add A Review

Yarrambat has great green for a public course. especially being out of Melbourne somewhat. The fairways suffer a bit in the dry condtions but are greening up nicely at the momment. The one thing that seems to get you is the open space of the fairways from the tee. Compared to other courses it looks like you are hitting out into a paddock its so wide in parts, but a good tee shot is still a must on most holes. AS previously stated it is excellent value for money and also very scenic. Would reccomend this course to all players.

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12. griffoman | Rated | 21 Jan 2008 | Add A Review

Three essential features about this course: (1) it is fantastic value for money (2) it is a must for overseas visitors as it provides beautiful views of Melbourne and surrounds and a close experience with resident kangaroos (3) for mid handicap golfers it provides a rewarding challenge with big course layout but open and forgiving fairways. This truly is one of the hidden gems of golfing in Victoria. Within an hours drive of Melbourne it is accessible and at $25 a round extremely affordable. The drought has made play tough on probably 3 holes, but the other 15 are in suprisingly good condition. If you are a little errant or erratic on the tee then this course is spread over vast acreage with not too many trees, so it can be very forgiving unless you are really offline. I have taken several overseas guests there and they have all marvelled at the kangaroos that inhabit the course – early morning tee-off giving the best views. It is quite a long course and spread over vast acreage so there are plenty of opportunities to hedge your bets and play for bogey or risk the water or forest in a bid for par – a very satisfying challenge for the 15-25 handicap golfer – highly recommended and very friendly locals and staff. And if you long for the good old days of rabbit plague – there are around 1000 bunnies living between the 7th and 9th holes—count them I’m not lying !!!

13. jethrobyrne | Rated | 04 Mar 2007 | Add A Review

This course provides enough challenges, and sometimes will leave you wishing you had of picked another path.

it has some great holes of the best is the 16th par 3 which you have heard about in all the other reviews but it is just superb, with the dam at the front of the green, and 3 bunkers placed around the green, the only safe place to land is on the green.

The 15th par 5 is a great hole as well, provided that you keep your drive straight, you can just let it rip, and then a 3-5 iron can get you on, or just short of the green, setting up a realistic birdie opportunity, or better.

14. Melbsouthpaw | Rated | 15 Jan 2007 | Add A Review

Take note other public courses who massively overcharge (i.e. Kingston Links), this course is fantastic value for money.

Very good layout and suberb greens. Obviously the drought has made the fairways pretty tough to play-on (difficult to get your club under the ball), but this will change in the wetter months (hopefully).

Certainly worth the drive and the very reasonable green fee's.

Good work Yarrambat!!!

15. jaygolfer | Rated | 30 Nov 2006 | Add A Review

Yarrambat provides an unbelievable challenge for the low handicapper. Each hole is different and will get you thinking. Good driving ability will help you obtain a good score.

The par 3 16th is possibly the best hole I have played, A mid/long to a downhill green, depending on which tees you are playing from. Green is surrounded by bunkers and a lake at the front. Make sure you hit that ball nice!

The members tees are way back there! Fantastic experience to be able to play from them.

Greens are very tricky, and speeds change every time you go back.

Definitely worth the drive, and the price (student prices are very cheap).

16. chookbilly | Rated | 17 Dec 2005 | Add A Review

This Course was a pleasure to play. I'm not the most advanced golfer, but in my eyes this course is relatively easy to drive. eg. not much in the way of bushes to lose balls, the rough is cut rather short, and they're usually pretty wide, open fairways. The tough part of this couse was the putting! Greens were quick and had quite a bit of movement. All in all though a good challenge. The par 3 16 over the water in front of the green was the highlight.

17. umiduno | Rated | 12 Aug 2005 | Add A Review

Yarrambat Golf course is a well designed course. The fairways are soft and you can get under your ball quite easily. Greens are in fantastic condition too. Good holes are the Par 3 8th and the Par 3 16th is a beauty: Tee off from the top of a hill and hit down a slope to the green with water infront of green. Overall the course is very good and a must play

18. hotshot14 | Rated | 06 Feb 2005 | Add A Review

I believe that Yarrambat Park golf course is one of the best public access courses in Melbourne and I'm sure you'd agree.

I rated this course awesome due to it's top quality greens and cushion fairways; because of it challenging holes and amazing scenery. Once I counted 63 kangaroos hop across the fairway of the par four 13th and that's not uncommon.

My favourite holes are the par five 2nd - a dog leg right. With trees on either side. long hitters could hit for the green on their second, if they don't hit the bunker to the right of the green. They could then hit the green in two and make their eagle or birdie putt. If you're a shorter hitter then the best thing to do is lay up in between the two dams on either side of the fairway and then a simple shot with a 9 iron or pitching wedge can get you on the green.

I also like the par three 16th with a dam infront of the green and three bunkers around it. This hole needs a very accurate shot off the tee to hit the green and get your birdie or par putt.

A challenging course for the competitive and a great surrounding for a social round.

19. pauldavies | Rated | 25 Nov 2004 | Add A Review

This course appears to have been under new management since mid 2004 and the benefits are starting to show. Greens are in better nick, fairways are well maintained and little things (e.g. drinking fountains) now all work. The people in the pro shop are interested in knowing what the users think of the course.

Even in wet conditions the course is playable. My only negative is that some of the bunkers are fairly barren.

The abundant wildlife makes for a pleasant outing and if you're accurate off the tees you get great value for your shots.

My favourite hole? The 17th, 400mts upslope. A par here is always well earnt.

20. David | Rated | 07 Jan 2004 | Add A Review

Yarrambat Park is situated about 30kms north east of Melbourne in the Plenty Valley. I believe it was designed by Tony Cashmore (famous for 13th Beach & The Dunes) For a public course I believe this is of a very good standard. Couch fairways, good greens, bunkers and water carriage holes which you would not normally find on public courses. At 6085 metres off the tips it has a bit of length compared to other public courses. Pick of the holes are the 16th 178 metre par 3 with a dam and 3 bunkers around the green. Also the 18th 370 metre odd par 4 with creek and dam about 150 metres from the green. Plenty of kangaroos and wildlife around the course as well a well stocked pro shop with clubhouse with bar and restaurant looking over the 18th green. With a little bit of improvement I think this course can crack the top 50 public access courses of Victoria. Only negative is that on weekends your bound to have a round which takes you 4 1/2hours but for $23.00 you can't go wrong.

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