Kooindah Waters Golf Club

Central Coast, NSW | User Rating: Rate-4 (4.0) | Add A Review

The abundance of natural wetlands throughout the layout provides a stern test and fair challenge for competent beginners through to professional players.

Long hitters are rewarded on several holes however accuracy, ball control and imagination are the keys to scoring well on this course.

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  • Name: Kooindah Waters Golf Club
  • Region: Central Coast, NSW
  • Address: 131 Pollock Avenue
    Wyong, 2259, New South Wales, Australia
  • Directions: View Aerial Map »
    View Map »
  • Proshop: (02) 4351 0700
  • General: (02) 4351 0700
  • Tollfree:
  • Holes: 18
  • Metres: 6185m
  • Par: 72
1. ElmerPhd | Rated | 10 Aug 2015 | Add A Review

Golf in the Nanny State. Kooindah have introduced new carts that are controlled by the GPS. This means that if you get too close to a green, bunker, water hazard etc. the cart stops and won’t budge until you put in in reverse and move away. It is really annoying. I get enough things beeping and buzzing at me at work; I don’t want it on the golf course. Love the Kooindah but I won’t be back. If this is future of golf I’ll give the game away.

2. Collector | Rated | 03 Jul 2015 | Add A Review

Fabulous course – great variety of long and short holes. Very challenging layout – lots of water, OB and plenty of bunkering.
Played in comp on Sunday – luckily played with a member who could describe some of the tee shots required as there is lots of hidden trouble. Very slow – Sunday social groups mixed in with comp.
Club house and facilities top notch!
Highly recommend getting here for a game, but high handicappers will need lots of balls.
I will be back in summer!

3. jcaj | Rated | 01 Mar 2015 | Add A Review

Played here on 27th Feb with 3 other fellas and we were all very impressed the course. Fairways were in outstanding condition and the greens ran very true and were in great condition. We all rate it as the best course weve played on the Central Coast. Much better and fairer test than Magenta.

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4. Ajshooter80 | Rated | 15 Nov 2013 | Add A Review

what a great place to play Golf !!!


  • club ,course ,facilties


  • not enough time to play again that day
5. corn | Rated | 06 Sep 2013 | Add A Review

I played on 1/9/2013, it had been a couple of years since I last played here. The course was in great condition, no faults at all on the fairways and the greens ran true but not as responsive as they have been in the past (this is possible due to them coring the greens after the round).
I wish I lived closer to the course as I would have taken up the recent membership offer that they had running.

6. GPT | Rated | 17 Aug 2013 | Add A Review

After being a member here for 18 months I’ve had enough. This course is only really useful for 9 months of the year. During the winter months it turns into a bog and is not very enjoyable.

Well worth a game in the warmer months but not good value as a membership when you pay for 12 months but only have a playable course for 9 months of the year.

I can’t believe someone thought it would be a good idea to build a course on swampland.

7. Macka12 | Rated | 28 Jun 2013 | Add A Review

I don’t understand the low or mediocre ratings some give this course. I’ve played it 3 times and I think it’s a really stunning course and one of my favourite courses in NSW. There is water everywhere but that’s the great challenge and adds to the real beauty of the course. It’s not an easy course by any means and strategy plays a big role here but it is a really beautiful course with lots of very memorable holes. It’s definitely a course I’d love to play again and again.

Fairways and greens were top quality.

Word of warning, don’t use yellow balls. My 4-ball had 3 balls’stolen’ from the fairway by crows during my last round and the locals then told us they love the yellow balls for some reason.


  • Beautifully set out
  • Great challenge
  • Plenty of decisions to make off the tee
8. soupy | Rated | 22 Apr 2013 | Add A Review

Nice Course ..2nd time Ive played here. A lot of rain leading up to Sunday , so no carts .. Course was in very good condition despite the heavy rain on Saturday .. Greens great and still quick. Need some work on drainage in spots. Lots of water naturally to contend with. Over all very good ..like to play when dryer.

9. troy7576 | Rated | 24 Sep 2012 | Add A Review

I played Kooindah for the 1st time today.The course is in excellent condition.The fairways were great,the bunkers looked consisitent,the greens rolled true.The greens took me awhile to get used to being that they were a bit on the slow side.A round took my mate and i less than 4 hours to complete which i thought was good considering we had a few balls go in the drink.The pro shop staff was were very friendly.I was that impressed by the course that i booked in to play in the comp the next day.

P.S. There is WATER everywhere

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10. GPT | Rated | 17 Mar 2012 | Add A Review

My comment from 2008 no longer applies. After playing this a few times now I really like it and even after all the rain we have had lately still in great condition.

11. MickF82 | Rated | 06 Feb 2012 | Add A Review

Played after a week of heavy rain and was impressed by the condition of the course. Green were still quick enough and the fairways had drained ok – only a few wet spots.

The course is definitely suited to stronger players – water comes into play on at least 13 holes and most holes have trouble on both sides of the fairway. If you’re hitting the ball straight you’ll score well, but if you’re spraying it (like I was) you’ll struggle.

If you’re off 15 or less, you’l lprobably enjoy this course a lot. If you’re off 16 or more, you’d be better off going to Wyong or Shelly Beach and saving yourself some serious heartache.

12. Kimusubi007 | Rated | 17 Oct 2011 | Add A Review

Kooindah Waters is called just that for a reason, water is every where!
Basically the course has been artificially created out of a swampland and boasts water on all 18 of the golf holes.
The course itself it presented very well with a resort feel and nice contrast with the yellow sand used in the bunkering. The greens were smaller than i was expecting and every hole created a challenge.
If you hit it straight every shot like no one i know you might survive without losing a ball, however like most mortal players if you miss a fairway of even catch the edge and get a bounce in the wrong direction, expect to reload.
Overall i thought the course was overly penal and am surprised that the course rating is only 72 off the back. Some nice holes with my favs, the 2nd Par 3, 9th Par 4 and the 18th par 4 being the highlights.
Allthough a great day out, something was still missing….. Natural terrain! You can’t beat or even recreate the interest and uniqueness of naturally created courses which follow and harness the natural environment so the course is not so much designed, but emerges of its own accord.
Enjoyed playing here very much.

13. ivan | Rated | 07 Jun 2011 | Add A Review

Eight of us went to play Kooindah this weekend. Unfortunately the enormous amount of rain had reduced the course to a quagmire. I cannot imagine it draining very quickly during the winter months. However the layout was an extreme test of golf. With no run, most par 4s with playing extremely long and taking a drop was the norm. Every hole is flanked by water, so a bag of balls is essential – we lost over 20 between us. We could also have done with a map of the course as blind shots are frequent. It was a chame the fairways were so waterlogged – I’d love to return in drier conditions.


  • Beautiful greens and well-kept bunkers
  • Excellent clubhouse and snacks


  • Waterlogged fairways
  • No map of each hole on the tee
14. Schmuck | Rated | 01 Jan 2011 | Add A Review

Played last week during holidays, Popeye was there in the am doing the PR thing with prospective propery buyers, we stated later that’s why the drinks cart was out of pies & sandwiches!.

Course in good condition all through. If you place your tee shot correctly scoring was attainable. For me that wasn’t often enough (30pts).

Played previous course here 20years ago when it was 13 holes (I think) & the only recognisable area was on 3rd tee with a row of three turpentines cutting across the fairway. (don’t go right of them into the water hazard as 3/4 of us did.

Good value resort course (buy a guide) with many hazards, friendly staff, good clubhouse, facilities etc

15. d_train | Rated | 14 Nov 2010 | Add A Review

I didn’t really like this place. Mind you it was a sweltering hot day and my group played pretty ordinary golf. In our group, the two guys with handicaps in the teens scored low 30s, the two with handicaps in the mid 20s scored 19 and 21 points – so it really did separate players.

Accuracy and confidence are key here, water everywhere so any shot that goes astray has a good chance of finding water or dense scrub that is full of snakes. I lost at least a dozen balls as did a guy I played with (he had to go reload at the pro shop at the turn). It was only once I had calmed down and got used to the place that I started to score (14 points in last 5 holes vs 7 for the 13 before that!).

I think you need to play this at least once to get an idea of what you would do the next time out. Although for 18 holes + a cart for nearly $100 I won’t be back in a hurry.

16. RoyJJ | Rated | 24 Aug 2010 | Add A Review

Played Kooindah Waters last weekend and found it tougher than expected. Course was in perfect nick, and can’t fault the attention to detail, however I struggled off the tee and found it damn hard to score points.

Fairways are not at all forgiving with annoying little swamps absolutely everywhere and strategically placed bunkers acting as a magnet for my ball. I couldn’t even whack my 5-wood down what I thought was the centre of the fairway and not be surprised when I got there.

No real complaints though… it is a tough course and the day was enjoyed by all. With all the balls lost it was expensive but great fun!

17. soupy | Rated | 18 Apr 2010 | Add A Review

Nice course ..tucked away you wouldn’t know its was there at the back of Wyong. Course was in good condition , fairways cut a bit soft and hard .. greens good ..course condition well mantained …staff helpful ..dont wear denim shorts as not allowed. You need to be straight as getting of the fairways is deep rough and water everywhere. Take a few extra balls.

18. Tilly49 | Rated | 11 Jan 2010 | Add A Review

Great course and is in superb condition. As with most courses it helps you have the time to play them twice to get a great feel for them. This is a tough course and requires some pretty straight hitting on most holes but others are more forgiving and the rough is not as bad as some course (i.e you can sometimes find your ball). Without having played Magenta this is the hardest course i have played on the Central Coast but such a rewarding experience. Great course!!!!

19. LK77 | Rated | 01 Jan 2010 | Add A Review

I played this course yesterday. I thought it was a terrific layout, with a good variety of holes and a very fair course. You hit a great shot, you’re rewarded, an average shot, you’re not punished severely, you hack it and you’re punished as you should be. As for a couple of other posts criticising the third hole, I totally disagree. There is sufficient room right of the tree jutting into the fairway if you want to take a long iron off the tee. You will then be left with a long approach to the green. If you want to back yourself and attempt to fly it over the trees, you can… the trees are only 150m from the gold tees and 175 from the blacks. I think it’s called risk / reward golf.

20. Marine4life | Rated | 30 Dec 2009 | Add A Review

I have played this course a couple times. If you are not a golfer, don’t waste your time. This is a course for the purist. The best course on the central coast. Only one complaint…. the 3rd hole looks like an afterthought. It is an odd hole and presents to be easy when you look at the length on the score card. However, standing on the tee box, there is only one question in mind. "Where am I meant to hit this?" Out of bounds left, trees covering the fairway and hazards right as well will make most golfers tremble. I think it was made to look so intimdating because of it’s length, but once you get past the mind game, it’s just an easy 3 or 4 iron off the tee and a 6 or 7 iron approach, unless you are feeling frisky and can bomb it over the trees that sit in the fairway about 250 yards from the tee box.

The course is a fine example for other clubs to follow. Although it is not very long at under 6200 meters, it is in fine shape. It rewards the good shots and punishes those who mock the game by hacking up the course and then try to call themselves golfers. The greens are true and there isn’t one hole on the course that looks or plays like any of the other holes. Which happens to be a problem with most courses.

I can’t wait to play it again.

21. Jezza22 | Rated | 07 Dec 2009 | Add A Review

Great course. Played on warm day, plenty of on course water cooler’s around to keep the hydration up.
Very tricky on some holes with the water flanking a few holes, and cross winds make it a great challenge.
Beautiful bunkers, and with great fairways and greens, had a ball.
Clubhouse very nice too.

22. surfrat | Rated | 22 Nov 2009 | Add A Review

Played Kooindah(for the first time) on Thursday 19th Nov and was plesantly surprised how established the course is(being fairly new). Green fees were only $59 and worth every cent, magnificent fairways true greens made for a memorable round. Would recommend this to anyone looking for great value, a great challenge and a class establishment. Troon golf have really got it together with their courses. Five Stars

23. Baffo | Rated | 11 Oct 2009 | Add A Review

Have played here a few times and the more I play, the better my score. It really is an advantage to know where to hit driver or back off and hit iron. The course guide can give you a few more tips on positioning off the tee.

The front nine starts off with a couple of good holes, but the 3rd is probably the worst designed hole i’ve seen, due to the tree in the middle of the fairway and right at the normal landing zone for the average golfer. So unless you can blast your driver over that tree with a slight draw (water right) hit an iron or fairway wood off the tee. The rest of the nine is quite good, some hole require pinpoint accuracy and others are a little more forgiving. The back nine is dominated by water/marshlands and bunkers, lots of bunkers. The marquee hole on this course is probably the 18th as it is visually intimidating no matter what your handicap is. Your drive needs to avoid the water on the left and the host of bunkers long and right. Once you have negotiated the drive you have anything from 215 – 165m to the green with a water carry and a huge green surrounded by a multitude of bunkers. If you have passed that test you may have a putt up to 80 feet. Make par there and you’ve done extremely well.

The clubhouse is fantastic with great facilities and service from staff who cant help you enough.


  • Clubhouse

Also Liked

24. hackin_about | Rated | 03 Aug 2009 | Add A Review

Played here today and i enjoyed the course even though my social group didn’t. Found it a very difficult course. Slightly hitting off the mark and you can probably forget finding your ball. Plenty of water about to donate balls to the course. Haha. I donated about 8. Would recommend to the experinced. Not a course for the faint hearted.

25. STEVE_RICHO | Rated | 15 Jul 2009 | Add A Review

Played Kooindah today, and was not real impressed by it.

They must have had 3 weeks of rain, as the course was extremely muddy. Carts were not permitted. I found myself picking my ball up and every second hole and moving it out of water-logged areas in the middle of the fairway.

Despite the obvious recent rain, the greens were quick. Crazy quick. Holding a bell on the green presented a challenge, even on some putts!

If you play off anything over 10, you will struggle.

Can’t say I’ll be back in a hurry.


  • Not busy at all
  • Great clubhouse


  • Course slopes towards water on basically every hole
  • Will lose a LOT of balls
26. Andrew_S | Rated | 18 Apr 2009 | Add A Review

Played here today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found this course to be challenging without being frustrating. Rewards for bravery and smart play as opposed to brute strength. Severe punishment for mis-hits or poor decisions.

I loved the greens here and my putting today was probably the best it’s ever been. It rained slightly just before tee-ing off but the greens were still very fast and true.

I would thoroughly recommend Kooindah Waters to anyone looking for a fun but challenging day on the course. Definitely a course to come back to. 5 stars!

27. Hogangolf | Rated | 28 Mar 2009 | Add A Review

I played Kooindah today and really enjoyed the course. It is in really good condition. It is very tough and punishes bad shots with the loss of a golf ball. But despite this there are some opportunities to open the shoulders. All the facilities are superb. I look forward to going back some day

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28. bigclaY | Rated | 03 Mar 2009 | Add A Review

This is one of the most exciting courses ive ever hit off on .
i changed the way i look at my game .there is so much water and no one up your A$% i played like i could make every shot and even if i diddent it was so close it made my day playing this Kooindah Waters Golf Club
i lost every ball i had in my bag and the brand new 12 id just bought .
but i still took the match .i will be back with more balls

29. ajp17 | Rated | 07 Jan 2009 | Add A Review

Tough layout with lots of water. Be prepared to lose “LOTS” of balls. Shorter hitters are more rewarded because they can’t reach most of the water so they don’t have to layout. The Par 3’s are short but still provide a challenge. The best hole is probably 15 (536m par 5 double dogleg with water both sides of thge fairway) or 17 (126m island par 3). Great value for money especially for juniors only $37. Well worth the visit. Make sure you get a course guide you need one.

30. pete_the_golfer | Rated | 04 Nov 2008 | Add A Review

Good fun but challenging course. Good condition on fairways and some interesting holes. I would recommend the course to golfers of all standards as low markers will challenged in different ways to medium and high markers. take a group of mates and enjoy yourself – have a bet on nearest the pin on 17.

31. AJD | Rated | 18 Apr 2008 | Add A Review

Tough opening par 5, if your not straight right away it could lead to a long day, some impressive golf holes although a couple of approaches over water to narrow greens leaves little room for error, but a superb combination of holes and a beautiful finishing hole.


  • Layout, greens


  • Narrow greens on a couple with no room for error

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32. GPT | Rated | 25 Mar 2008 | Add A Review

Played here today.Good condition throughout but like others have said I,m sure the designer hates golfers.

I rate a course based on “will I play again”.The answer would be no.

33. cmulhearn | Rated | 14 Jan 2008 | Add A Review

An interesting and very challenging layout. Not overly long but penal on any errant show, particularly off the tee with often water on one side, bunkers on the other. Hard for anyone over a handicap of 18, you will lose balls with a possibility any perceptions you have of being a good player likely shattered. I played in a foursome with handicaps 11 to 21 with our 21 marker winning with 82 nett !!!.

If you want a challenge from your usual home course, this is a great test. Troon courses are always well run and as long as you can look past the construction work, a good course and great day out

34. turkeybrain | Rated | 12 Dec 2007 | Add A Review

I have played this course several times. Each time i play it i become more impressed. Have to think of the tee, some holes are short but the drive need to be straight. Very good test of golf.


  • Good thinking golf course


  • 18th hole still not in action fully
35. kjgreen | Rated | 26 Nov 2007 | Add A Review

played here earlier in the year and was not overly impressed , it may getter with age but at the moment not overly fussed if i never go back , if i am going to drive a few hours to play golf i would rather head inland to the vintage

36. Jase_the_Ace | Rated | 20 Oct 2007 | Add A Review

I played Kooindah for the second time today, and unfortunately despite an enjoyable day, I left the course more sure than ever that Ross Watson hates golfers in general.

Fair enough – it was a low lying plot of land, and the endless swampy water hazards on both sides of almost every fairway were likely required to provide fill for the residential land plots. However, should your drive miss any fairway by more than a metre or so, it will be deflected further sideways by the endless unforgiving, rock-hard mounds, and find its way into a water hazard. Hardly fair. Then there are the hazards on every other hole that can’t be seen from the tee, so when you stride up the fairway to find your ‘supposedly’ good tee shot, it’s actually in a hazard. Finally, the snap-hook (for right-handers) required off the tee at number 3 in order to find the fairway makes that hole the stupidest par-4 in Australia, in my book.

All of this puts an unfortunate spin on what is otherwise an attractive golf course. I just hope that next time Ross Watson designs a course, he remembers we aren’t all Tiger Woods, and that rough is meant to be played from, not used to deflect balls into water.

37. horrible | Rated | 03 Sep 2007 | Add A Review

played course in april was good but played again sept2 and was very impressed by standard of fairways and surrounding .for a course so young it is a credit to the ground staff.If i had any critism it would be that around several of water greens the greens slope to water and if you hit bunkers tiger couldn’t stop the ball going to water.some rough grass on side of water would at least give you some chance of holding ball up


  • good thinking course which is in great condition. good helpful staff


  • probably in too many spots the ball falls towards water a bit of rough would give you a fairer go
38. Troy | Rated | 29 Aug 2007 | Add A Review

Played this course on 26/08/07. There is lots of water so beware not to overshoot when approaching the greens. Overall a good course and will be well settled in a year or so. A guide in the golf carts will be a also be good idea.

39. WolfCreekIsAwesome | Rated | 19 Jul 2007 | Add A Review

Played this course for the first time today and was impressed, although probably best to wait until Spring/Summer to play when its a bit greener. It is still quite young, there are quite a lot of McMansions going up (hopefully “overkill” doesn’t become the theme), but think the course will be a cracker once it matures in a year to 18 months time.

One tip….don’t bring your hooking or slicing game here because some of the fairways are quite narrow and there is lots of water around, with few get out of jail options available.

And the greens are FAST, I mean fast like Kingston Heath (which I was lucky enough to play a few years ago). Very frustrating but it provides an excellent test!

Other than that, I will be back.

40. martywalker | Rated | 28 Jun 2007 | Add A Review

After much rain on the Central Coast, the golf course was still in great shape. It is great to see a first class course on the Central Coast of NSW and green fees are very affordable, well done Troon Golf. This course will only get better as time goes on. I can not wait to see the club house completed.

I will be back to play this course again.


  • Fast greens, well developed course with some of the surrounding bush land left intacted
  • A course that makes you think and rewards you for good course management


  • A couple of holes could have been designed a little better. Having a tight course is one thing, there is no need to put trees in middle of fairways eg: 3rd hole.
  • Some of the fairways could have been a little more level, a player shouldn't be punished for being on fairways (the rough is fair game though).

Also Liked

41. justinm | Rated | 04 Jan 2007 | Add A Review

I played here on 30/12/06 and was really impressed with the course and itâÄôs condition. Troon golf has delivered another quality course.

The course is built in reclaimed wet lands which results in a fairly flat course with lots of water through it. The water seems to be lurking on every hole. Although the hazards are marked there are still some that are hiding. If you are not a strait hitter then expect to lose a lot of balls. Water is only one issue to deal with as there are a lot of strategically placed bunkers that are very deep with very deep sand. The greens are excellent and have subtle slopes which demands good putting. This is a really rewarding course if you play it correctly and use a def touch when required.

All the holes are picturesque and there is plenty of opportunity to hit over water. The back nine is definitely easier than the front. It has similarities in itâÄôs design with The Vintage and Laguna Quays with itâÄôs water bunker combinations. This is an excellent course and worth a round. Once the vegetation grows it will be even more testing and harder. The only disappointing aspect of the day was that the course is surrounded by construction at present and it takes away from what is a truly beautiful course.

IâÄôll definitely come back.

42. jacko2251 | Rated | 01 Jan 2007 | Add A Review

I played at kooindah waters todays, and as it was my first top quality course, i was VERY impressed. The greens rolled true and fast, and were quite difficult to stop the ball on with long irons/woods. Bunker/Hazard use was great and for my (a short hitter only driving 230m on avg.) I still had to work my way around bunkers. Excellent service with drinks cart too. Recommended. (found 12 balls!)

Expect to lose some too though.

43. thechopper | Rated | 03 Oct 2006 | Add A Review

Without the help of a guide book expect to lose a few balls.

Water encroaches upon every hole and if you have not been there before and know how to navigate the course, expect a blow out of your score.

It was in good condition for a new course, the green were hard and fast and the fairways were true and consistant.

We payed $70 for the VIP deal which included a hat and 4 balls, good deal...

44. m3nick | Rated | 23 Jun 2006 | Add A Review

I like my golf courses to have some definition within each hole with respect to where it goes. This course was very frustrating in that not only was this not apparent on your tee shot, but you were often no clearer after your second. Furthermore, hazards are fine, but you dont need to hide everything!!! Maybe it will be better playing again with some local knowledge, but it's tough first time out with no course guide.

Greens very good (fast!) and fairways generally good but there are some serious drainage issues which will need attention. Troon usually do a good job of making a golf day a bit special, and early indications are that this course will be no different...maybe just put in some bigger hedges to block out the cheap looking houses on the 4th-7th - spoils the vibe a bit.

45. slats1972 | Rated | 19 Jun 2006 | Add A Review

PLayed last week with some friends. Found the course well set out and a visual challenge. What I mean by that is that every hole seems to have something that gets into your mind before you tee off. A god shot will see you away as usual but you are often left thinking, cant go left, cant go right etc.

Without a course guide (they are coming apparently) it was difficult to deicde a strategy. Also, there were no hazard markers (coming as well) which are needed for disappearing balls.

Overall its a greta course, my negatives are temporary and I guess typical of a new course. The staff were excellent and the course provoking. Looking forward to my next hit now I have had an introduction.

46. chrislum | Rated | 29 May 2006 | Add A Review

Played kooindah waters twice and it gets better. Robs' review is very accurate. My favourite hole is the 3rd. From the tee box is looks like a maze, check it out. The water hazards not established yet but should be very pretty when they are. Use of island greens on alot of holes is very nice design. Must be played from the back tees at just over 6000 metres it does not play long.

47. bongochimpy | Rated | 23 May 2006 | Add A Review

I played this course for the first time this week and absolutely loved it. The course contains a lot of variety and there are few easy shots. A lot of thought is required if you are to give yourself a good aproach to the greens.

The course condition is quite good considering the age of the course and will only improve. Some of the early greens are a bit dry and fast and stopping your ball on them can be a problem. If we ever get any rain this situation will improve dramatically.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing here and can't wait to play again. The course isn't overly hard if you play within your capabilities and think about your shots.

Highly recommended!

48. mike.kav | Rated | 20 May 2006 | Add A Review

Played in early May 2006 on my own. Wanted to try the latest resort course on the coast and was initially a little disappointed. Not by the course, but due to construction still going on, there was a bit of a walk round to the first tee and it spoils the scenic sensation of the course.

Greens were fast and slick, fairways (except for 10 and 11) were nicely in and the rough wasn't too difficult. I'm a high handicapper, but thouroughly enjoyed the play. Most hole will have reasonable water hazards (missing a this time due to drought conditions) but you get a good sense of how the course will be in a year or so.

Fairways were well mown and as previously stated, the greens were FAST. I often had to aim to hit halfway to the hole and even then, I'd often slide past by a foot or so.

Staff regularly patrol the course and the amenities are very good.

There are nets for warming up and the putting green is a very good reflection of what the actual greens will be like. Kudos to the ground staff for that one!

There are no hole layouts marked on the course or the scorecard, so check out the website to get the layouts as it is quite frustrating to think its a dogleg right only to find it is an extreme right (9th hole - you have been warned)

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