Royal Sydney Golf Club

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The Royal Sydney Golf Club is possibly Australia’s foremost social and sporting institution. The size of the membership, the location and value of the harbour-side property, the elegance of the clubhouse and its surrounds all contribute to the Club’s standing as a prominent organisation. Add to this the quality of the championship golf course, the lawn tennis courts and bowling greens, the number of major tournaments held and the many champions and administrators, have sustained the Club’s national and international reputation.
On the 2 August, 1993 The Royal Sydney Golf Club celebrated its one hundredth birthday.


  • Name: Royal Sydney Golf Club
  • Region: Sydney, NSW
  • Address: Kent Road
    Rose Bay, 2029, New South Wales, Australia
  • Directions: View Aerial Map »
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  • Proshop: (02) 8362 7000
  • General: (02) 8362 7000
  • Holes: 18
  • Metres: 6244m
  • Par: 72
1. Table_talk88 | Rated | 11 Dec 2014 | Add A Review

Nice enough course, fairways were well maintained however the greens were slow and bumpy with winter grass well and truely set in. The first 16 holes were relatively uninspiring especially after playing NSWGC days earlier. 18 is a great finishing hole especially with the clubhouse as a back drop. Overall the clubhouse seems to lend itself to most of the hype.

Also Liked

2. Kimusubi007 | Rated | 31 Jul 2012 | Add A Review

An impressive property right in the heart of Rosebay, Royal Sydney has an aura of grandeur and exclusiveness. The clubhouse has great views of the 1st and 18th and a warm atmosphere.

The course was enjoyable with some impressive bunkering.
Greens had lots of swales and were quite quick.
I must agree with Rockinrez that although a fantastic course with excellent conditioning a found the central holes of 10 through to 17 interesting, challenging and fun, but lacking the wow factor which makes you remember holes.
A great track worth a visit but there are much better courses with more character in other parts of Australia.

3. RockinRenz | Rated | 19 May 2009 | Add A Review

I think the way these traditional golf courses are reviewed is really interesting. Royal Sydney is a great golf course, no doubt. But amongst the top 10 or so in this country of absolute ripper Golf Courses? Not in my humble opinion.

I am on a mission to play every golf course ever listed in Golf Australia’s top 100 (132 at 2008, i’ve managed 74, can anyone get me on Ellerston?). New South Wales is by far my favourite so far and Royal Melbourne certainly deserves a spot high up. But Royal Sydney I could think of at least 30 other courses i’d rather play (Joondalup, Thirteen Beach, Barnbougle, Moonah, The Cut…). There is certainly a great appreciation of the history and the magnificent grounds and the fabulous club house and the tradition etc etc. But the actual golf course i think is ok without being outstanding.

If you get a chance then play it for sure, make up your own mind. Golf course review is so subjective.

4. bucks05 | Rated | 17 Dec 2007 | Add A Review

Have played Royal Sydney half a dozen times, including Friday 14 December and always enjoy the experience here. For me the real delight is in the Club, particularly the clubhouse and heritage listed locker rooms, and playing in the surroundings as opposed to the course per se. Having said that the course is always in great nick, beutiful fairways and quick and true greens. Remember to bring your bucket and spade as there are bunkers the sizes of small European countires. I think the opening holes are a little disappointing 2-5, but the closing three or four holes, particularly the long par 3 17th and the closing hole approaching the Clubhouse and the himalayan green!

5. kelwalker | Rated | 13 Feb 2007 | Add A Review

I was fortunate enough to play this course after volunteering for the men’s and ladies Australian Open Championships in 2006/2007. The course certainly was at it’s best. The fairways were in pristine condition (like carpet) the greens firm and quick, but would hold a spinning ball. Unfortunately the day we played the weather treated us to the same conditions as the first day of the men’s tournament – blustery and heavy rain periodically throughout the day.

The thing with this course is to remain within play. Anything straying from the fairway and unless you play a miracle shot out of the trees you are certainly looking at bogey or worse. The greens are very undulating, but true. It does take a good reader of the green to score well here. The bukers are deep (sometimes you can only see the top of the flag) and not too dificult to get out of with good technique.

I have played some of the best tournament courses in Australia and rate Royal Sydney certainly up there amongst them. This is certainly no resort course, but an excellent challenge to your skills as a golfer. If you get a chance to play it then do so and take the opportunity to walk it’s hallowed halls admiring the history in the photographs and other memoribillia.

I had a great time on the course even with the miserable weather conditions.

6. greenside1 | Rated | 22 Nov 2006 | Add A Review

After playing the first two round of the open at this course, my view changed completely. This is a tough golf course.

It is immaculate and superbly maintained, but during the tournament, the greens were so firm and smooth making for a great week even though the cut was just out of reach. Great Course. Reccomend to any and all who can gain acess. Does get a bit noisy..especially when on the 7th.

7. | Rated | 30 Dec 2004 | Add A Review

I really like this place having played it regularly for years. Not the toughest course in the world, but of immense interest for someone of my standard.

Has a nice feel about it, and much more relaxed round than down the round at Kensington. Seems to fit into it’s surroundings.

8. whallop | Rated | 30 Dec 2004 | Add A Review

I really like this place having played it regularly for years. Not the toughest course in the world, but of immense interest for someone of my standard.

Has a nice feel about it, and much more relaxed round than down the round at Kensington. Seems to fit into it's surroundings.

9. Loadsman | Rated | 14 Jan 2004 | Add A Review

It's a thrill saying "I played at Royal Sydney the other day". And I did.

This isn't a resort course, so don't expect a holiday atmosphere. You require solid play down the middle, if you're off target then expect to drop a shot or two every time.

The layout is not huge, even though there are some long holes from the back tees. If you hit the sand (and there is plenty of that) you will have no problems getting out if your bunker play is good. The bunkers are excellent.

Greens are very firm and bang like a drum when you walk over them. Saying this, I hit a five wood to the 202m par 3 17th. It landed on the green and stuck there.

My favourite hole was the 18th. You need to hit a wide drive to the right of the fairway to get a straight shot at the undulating green (a good dogleg to the left), if you ever get the chance to be dragging your buggy up the 18th you will see what I mean. Most second shots end up in one of the bunkers guarding the green anyway. Mine did, along with my two playing partners'. But what a thrill knocking it within 2m of the flag with a crowd watching you from the Club verandah.

What were the poor people doing that day? I was too pumped to care.

Go play there. Use any way possible but go play there...this is Royal Sydney.

10. | Rated | 31 Dec 2003 | Add A Review

Undoubtedly deserved of a an A Grade standard as far as Sydney courses are concerned, but in my opinion this course does not rank with the top echelon of courses around Australia.

It has qualilty finishing, excellent greens and it's location is wonderful for the Vaucluse and Woollahra residents, but it's design and difficulty render it, in Jack's words, "A good member's course".

Its exclusivity I believe has enabled it to retain it's status, not the quality of the golf course. I would not rank Royal Sydney in the top 5 in Sydney, and not in the top 50 in Australia.

For most readers of iseekgolf, accessibility to the course is probably denied, but please rest assured there are much better challenges out there, so don't feel too disappointed.

11. chevychase | Rated | 09 Sep 2003 | Add A Review

Royal Sydney is a unique course in the Sydney golfing landscape. Barely 10 minutes from the Sydney CBD in Rose Bay, Royal Sydney is the closest thing to a "sandbelt" course north of Melbourne. It has undergone some serious changes in the last few years, with re-contsruction of it's greens and the areas surrounding the greens being re-laid with turf; and significantly the re-instatement of bunkers that had been removed over the years. Royal Sydney is not an overly long course, with some very tantalising par 4's and deceptive par 3's. However; as with it's Royal Melbourne sibling, the real examination comes when you reach the greens, which like Royal Melbourne, are superb surfaces. In benign conditions, Royal Sydney is an absolute delight tp play; when the wind blows, it can be a very stern test. This course certainly deserves it's reputation as one of the best courses in Australia.

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