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18 Holes
PAR 68
5191 M
1 Reviews
Measures 5191m Par 68 with six par 3s ranging from 119-245m, ten par 4s ranging from 244-374m and two short par 5s ranging from 405-428m. Course has 18 brown sand scrapes with no bunkers and basic golf facilities. Holes are mostly straight and the flags are mostly visible from the tee mound. Fees are $10. Binalong is a small village of 300 people approximately 500m above sea level about 30km northwest of Yass along the Burley Griffin Way and less than 30 minutes south of Boorowa. Remembering that on this website one star denotes "basic golf facilities" and 5 stars denotes "golf at its absolute best", Binalong barely offers basic golf facilities. The nearest 9-hole grass green course is Boorowa and the closest full-length 18-hole grass green course is Harden and Yass. The layout and conditioning at Cootamundra which is still less than 1 hour west of Binalong is above that offered at Harden, Yass and Boorowa.
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Oliver Street, Binalong,
Capital Country, Australia
General: 0262274241