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PAR 68
5149 M
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Malky Thank you so Much for your feedback. you will be please to know I have addressed your concerns with the staff member involved and am currently working on a solution to the problems with our booking system. I expect to have these improvements implemented by early September. in the mean time if you would like to come and see me in the pro shop this Saturday 29.07.13 I would like to offer you a pro-shop voucher for your troubles. Regards Jamie GWGC Manager
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Argh! Where do I start with GWPC? Not in the morning!!! Booked and arrived for a 7.30am tee off on Sat 11 May - was rudely told by the young guy at the Pro-Shop that we don't have a booking, that we need to line up and take it from there. Wonder why you have to pre-pay then? That was fine, until we tee'd off at 7.45am as a two - despite asking two others waiting if they wanted to join us - behind many groups of fours. Stuck to "immediately behind the group in front, not in front of the group behind" mantra - came in to the Pro-Shop at 10am after the shorter of the 9's... then was told in a slap-dash sort of fashion, "yeah, you're after these guys on the tee now" for the front 9... still in our two. We putted out our 18th hole at 12.45pm - after a side chat on our 17th hole (the 8th) where the course marshal asked if we had been a hole behind the group in front of us? We were approaching and on the green - the group in front had just tee'd off on the 9th. We were also asked why we weren't in a three or four - politely told the CM that it wasn't our job to manage the players on the course. Word of advice to the management of GWPC - get your house in order, book tee times and fill the sheets so that it maximises the number of players on the course in the optimum spacing. Aside from this, the course is in very good nick, apart from the 10th green, which is the worst on the course. Temporary temporary 13th green was played (yes, it was a temporary temporary green!) which is nearly driveable for most players capable of hitting the big dog straight. If you plan on starting your round any time before 1pm at GWPC, make sure you cancel any appointments that afternoon. Gets 3/5 if you play after 1pm on a weekend.
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No a great day out. I found the manager in the golf shop unfriendly and slightly arrogant - not a great start to the round. The course was busy - seemed to be a lot of Chinese people on the course in very slow foursomes. Tried to get let through but they didn't want to oblige. Therefore a very slow round on a rain sodden course. Not as good as some of the other local courses in the area.
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Played gw yesterday. Condition of course was terrible. Have played the course many times in the past, but dont think i will go back again. As a matter of fairness, people should be told about the temporary greens (10th hole that is impossible to putt on), before they hand over there money. Much to my dissapointment, the most challenging hole on the course, (5th) has been altered. A tricky elevated green, has now been replaced by a flat boring one. A sad demise to a course that used to be a pleasure to play.
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Played here today in a Rotary Charity Day. My mate mistakingly told me that it was a 4BBB at Waverley (private). Little did he know that there was a proper Waverley golf course. Long story short, this is the type of course that starts eating disorders. People throw up everywhere when they look at the fairways, and then they are haunted by the memories, and so on so forth. There really is nothing good about this course. If it weren't for the fact it was for a charity day, then I would have demanded my money back. Everything is overpriced, the staff aren't exactly receptive, and dogleg seems to be the only word in the architect's golfcabulary. All jokes aside, everything is a dogleg with the exception of a few holes (mostly being par 3's, and even then I'm sure the designer tried to dogleg that.) Play here if you are just starting the game...and then don't go back.
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The course was definately the worst that I have seen it, but am told it is in much better condition than it was a few months ago. The course is a great beginners course, offering some longer holes, but overall is quite short. Course is a prepay course on weekends, but gives the additional surprise of charging extra to pay over the phone, and when questioning this I got quite a terse response from the staff member.
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