How to make all your short putts (video)

In the video tip below, Golf Professional Pete Harrington introduces a simple putting drill before we go out to play the course. We all played well that day and we made all our short putts. When a simple drill works this well, its worth having a deeper look to examine why.

Watch the video and read why this works so well below, give it a try before your next round, we hope it helps you play your best too..


Clubface Alignment

The most crucial factor in short putts is your clubface angle, its surprising how many of us don’t aim where we think. We then resort to compensating with our swing which means that we need a bad stroke to hole the putt. With this drill, you will visually see your clubface behind the ball in an open or closed position relative to the driver shaft above.

Club Path

Research shows that most golfers do not have their putter moving exactly toward the target on a 1 meter putt. In the drill, you will clearly see if you are swing right or left of your target. You will then be able to make the small corrections in your swing to get the club moving in the right direction.

Angle of Attack

To putt our best, we must maintain a wide ark which is created by the movement of the shoulders not the wrist. This motion assures us of striking the ball level not on the upswing or the downswing. If you break your wrist during the drill, the club will rise up and strike the driver shaft above which will let you know instantly that you have used your wrists.

Follow Through

We are often taught to take our putter equal back and through as a pendulum. However, on a short putt, taking the putter back half the length of our follow through gives us a pattern which has more intent. This drill restricts the backswing as your driver club head is in the way, the golfer must accelerate the putter toward the target creating a confident stroke with no apprehension.

Author: Peter Harrington (PGA)

As head professional at The Golf School Peter has been a PGA professional for 20 years. Peter brings a wealth of experience to the school as its founder and CEO. He is a master at his craft and a great communicator and motivator. Peter began his golfing career playing around with his Dad and it was there that he quickly showed from a young age an enormous amount of natural ability. Peter quickly became a leading Junior and Senior player in the amateur ranks in Queensland and Australia. After turning professional Peter played on the Queensland “troppo tour” winning over 30 Pro-Ams. He played for over 10 years fulltime travelling throughout Asia and Australia.

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