Your Sun In The Sky

BY Bob Skura
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In the same way the sun aligns all of the planets around it, the part of the game that you make most important will align all of your talents. So an important question is, “What‘sun’ do you choose to have your talents revolve around?”

The following is a list of so-called suns that you might choose from. Look it over and decide which item you think has the closest correlation to money earnings on the PGA Tour after scoring average. In other words, which statistic is most likely to bring a golfer the best results if he or she improves in that area?

- Greens In Regulation
- Driving Accuracy
- Driving Distance
- Birdie Average
- Putts Per Round
- Putts Per GIR
- Scrambling Percentage

If you picked birdie average as being the closest indicator of money earnings after scoring average you’d be right. Looking at the top 30 players on the PGA Tour in 2010 as of October 15, the correlation between the category and money earnings is listed below. If you’d like an explanation of how the analysis was done send a request to:

Birdie Average 2.6 to 1
Putts Per GIR 3.7 to 1
Putts Per Round 4.2 to 1
Scrambling % 4.3 to 1
Driving Distance5.0 to 1
Greens In Reg. 5.2 to 1
Driving Accuracy6.4 to 1

So what does this information mean to you?

First of all, whatever you guessed is probably what you’re organizing your talents around because that’s what you see as being important.

Secondly, the statistics show that objectives such as trying to become the most accurate driver of the golf ball or the best putter on the planet in and of themselves will not make you the best player or even maximize your potential. Neither will hitting the most greens or getting it up and down more often than anyone else. So although they are important to your success you need to see them as secondary to the big picture.

Making birdies is as much an attitude as anything else. Having that objective foremost in your mind will cause you to play more strategically. It will make you play to your strengths more often and it will make you see possibilities rather than obstacles. In short it will pull all of your talents into alignment.

So if you want to improve your performance take a look at which sun you’re choosing to have your talents revolve around. If it isn’t the Birdie Sun replace it. When you do, your golfing universe will unfold as it should.

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