Sticking to your New Year fitness resolutions

BY David Chettle
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Have you kept to your promise of this year being the year that you get into the best shape of your life?

Every year, millions of people around the world make New Year resolutions and every year these resolutions get forgotten or pushed back to “next year”. Normally we are “too busy” to get focused on our goals, “too busy” to take advantage of the desire within us that made us make that resolution. The reality is that we all make these resolutions for a reason, and we all have the ability and discipline to see these desires through – if we know how to focus upon success.

Following are a few pointers that have helped many of our clients achieve their physique and health goals. These tips can be applied to any resolutions that you have set.

Tip 1 – Set Specific Goals

You have heard it a thousand times before but have you ever done it? By not writing down your goal, you are merely hoping for something – something ambiguous. By writing down a specific, achievable and measurable goal (i.e. I want to increase my bench press by 10 kg) you are halfway there.

To bring the goal together, you need to set a specific time frame within which to achieve your goal e.g. I want to increase my bench press by 10 kg in the next 10 weeks. Another great tip is to put your goal somewhere where you will see it everyday – it may be in your wallet or on the door of your fridge.

Tip 2 – Find A Reason

You have already made the conscious decision to make a change by proclaiming your New Years resolution – now find a reason and write it down. For example your “goal” may be to lose 10 kg of unhealthy body fat, but that goal needs to be backed up by a reason for needing that change e.g. “I need to lose 10 kg of unhealthy body fat to help me lower my chance of heart disease”.

Identifying a specific reason to make the change will act to fuel your desire – there is a big difference between “wanting” something and “having” to have it. So when you write out your goal(s) add each one the reason that you have to achieve it.

Tip 3 – Accept Mistakes and Take Action

Yes! You will undoubtedly make a mistake or two on the journey to achieving your goal(s). The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that the successful people will consistently measure their progress, realise their mistakes and take action to rectify the cause or problem, then continue towards achieving their goal. Unsuccessful people will do one of two things, firstly they may never measure their progress thus never knowing if things are going to plan. Secondly, they make a mistake and get upset and put off by doing so.

Mistakes can be your greatest allie as they provide information and feedback as to what isn’t working – ask your parents how many times you fell over before learning to walk (didn’t stop you then – why now!).

There you have it! Remember, it doesn’t have to be January 1st to get started – make today the first day of the new you!

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    About the Author: David Chettle

    David Chettle is a Director of The Golf Athlete and Under Construction Personal Training. He is a consultant to Women's Golf Australia, Queensland State Men's & Women's Teams, QLD Academy of Sport, Schools of Excellence in Golf (Kelvin Grove & Hills International School) and the PGA of Australia.

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