Which orthotic is best for golf shoes?

BY Chris Lyons

Many golfers take the time to wear a specific shoe for their running or training but do not consider how beneficial single leg and weight transference stability is in the golf swing.

Within the market place today, there is such a vast range of orthotics, be they custom made or pre-fabricated. It therefore comes no surprise that significant confusion exists within the golfers and the community in general when it comes to which device (or shoe) is best for an individual’s feet.

There are two main groups of orthotics as I mentioned previously:

  • Custom made orthotics which are individual specific devices created according to a plaster cast or 3D scan taken prior to the fabrication and prescription (Fig 1)
  • Full length sports orthotic, which, essentially are generic orthotics, with generic modifications made specific to the client’s needs (Fig 2)

Clinically, I will prescribe a full length sports orthotic, unless significant corrective control is required or if footwear is a cause for restriction. Far too often patients present to my clinic complaining that their orthotic is too hard, this is due to poor orthotic prescription or simply the incorrect type.

Full length sports orthotics are mouldable orthotics, which enhance comfort levels of the orthotic without compromising on foot control as the foot dynamic moulds to the device.

They are made from a special blend of EVA foam, ethylene vinyl acetate. This is a responsive material which enhances shock attenuation, reducing the impact of repetitive shock with walking long distances.

Given that the device is a single piece, it provides a more comfortable contour with the forefoot platform. Turnaround time is dramatically decreased with a sports specific orthotic and they are half the price.

As I touched on earlier in this article, sports specific orthotics are not suitable for every foot-type. Some foot types require specific custom made devices to alter foot mechanics, your sports podiatrist will be able to recommend the appropriate orthotic for you.

Full length sports orthotics are designed to replace the existing insole within a shoe. Therefore, if the insole is secured in the shoe then a low profile custom orthotic will be required.

Single leg and weight transference stability are crucial elements to the golf swing, and well prescribed orthotic will enhance these two areas of your swing and your overall game.

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    About the Author: Chris Lyons

    Chris is a consultant Podiatrist to The Golf Athlete (Brisbane), Optima Sports Medicine & the Hills International Golf Academy. He is also a member of the Queensland Sports Podiatry Group and Accredited by Podiatry Queensland. Contact Chris on (07) 3354 8666

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