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19 Mar 2012 is proud to announce the launch of our new Facebook App the Golf Course Challenge.

Over Christmas, Golf Australia announced the Top 100 Australian Golf Courses. Since then the publication Golf Course Guide for Australia 2012 announced the Top 100 Public Access Golf Courses. We had the idea to create a campaign to create an Challenge App to see how many of the Top 100 golf courses people have played.

The Challenge App will allow you to select the Top 100 Public Access Golf Courses that you have played and rank you either bronze, silver or gold. You can then share your rank with your friends via Twitter and Facebook to see if they can beat your score.

From the site you can access the tee times page on the website. You can even compare your results with everyone that has completed the Challenge App.

How many of the Top 100 Public Access Australian Golf Courses have you played?

Test your friends today! Click here

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