Why didn’t I think of that?

07 Dec 2013

New Australian manufacturer, PNP Golf, has brilliant new wedge designs!

Sometimes it is so obvious that you want to kick yourself and say, “Why didn’t I think of that.” You look at a golf club and know by design that it can do more than a standard club. Australian Paul Donahue, a passionate golfer and inventor of the PNP RAKE Wedge Series, has designed short game golf clubs that will lower your scores and are destined to shake up the golf industry.

The New RAKE Sand and RAKE Lob wedge are unlike any wedge in golf. The patented Dual Bounce Rail Design effortlessly combs through thick grass and sand and are brilliant from all shots inside 100 yards. No rough is too tough for these wedges and any lie feels like a clean lie with a RAKE wedge in your hands.

Golf professionals who have had a chance to use the RAKE agree it is something special. “My students are blown away by the ease of bunker and chip shots around the green” said Kathy Jenson, 2013 U.S. Teacher of the Year finalist.

“Technology is winning over technique. The quality of the shots that a novice can achieve through these benefits through impact is astonishing and would take years to perfect with traditional teaching and practice” says Peter Harrington, Head PGA Professional at The Golf School (Palm Meadows), Carrara, QLD.

PNP Golf also offers the Point N Putt putter which targets those who struggle aiming the flat stick. The Point N Putt putter has been proven to improve alignment an average of 16.5% versus the players own putter (test conducted by Sam Putt Lab golf’s authority on putter testing).

All 3 clubs are USGA approved and simply produce results around and on the greens that other clubs can’t. All PNP Golf products come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

For further information or to order products direct from the manufacturer visit www.pnpgolf.com

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