For sale: 5000 golf tees @ $100 (inc ship)

CLOSED: 31 Dec 2012

’Cane-It’ tees are made from bamboo. Bamboo is known to be strong and rather fibrous. That is why ’Cane-It’ golf tees are durable compared to existing products on the market, but with an added advantage over existing timber and plastic products: they shred into finer pieces when mowed. This means it is less toxic for the soil, decomposes quicker and is therefore ’user friendly’ for ground keepers. Because of these features, it is biodegradable and more environmentally friendly compared with timber and plastic products.

Along the way Cane-It Golf Tee golf tee has gained recognition as an eco friendly product, winning first place in “The Green Invention Award”:

’Cane-It’ tees come in 2 standard lengths:

  • tee sizes: long (83mm) medium (70mm) in length
with each packet containing 10 tees:
  • mixed tees (5 long and 5 medium sized tees in one packet)
  • medium tees (10 in a packet)

We are selling a carton that contains 500 packets (total of 5000 tees) Great for corporate gifts, sell in pro shops, or for your lifetime supply of tees!

All spots are now taken, registration is now closed.


  • Price: $100.00
  • Spots: 20
  • Notes: Shipping is included for all addresses in mainland Australia. A representative from Cane it will be in contact with you to arrange shipping. is only a point of purchase process for the supplier and will not accept any responsibility for wrong orders, late shipments or for any other potential reasons.

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